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Ubuntu 6.06 LTS on a Packard Bell iMedia 1307

With the added graphics card, Ubuntu and Swiftfox, the iMedia 1307, in spite of being roasted, was turned into something decent; it is definitely not an embarassment.
Read of the attempt to rescue an overheated computer here


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a set of desktop computers in a more wretched state than those I saw this morning. They had been sitting in an unventilated storage unit that had no climate control whatsoever; it’s important to note that this has been one of the hottest summers I can recall as well. My colleague and I bundled them into the back of a Volkswagen Golf for a rather bumpy ride back to the office; at that point, the damage had been done by the conditions, it was difficult to see how it could be much worse.

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