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Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks by Rickford Grant

Free Software Magazine reviews the book “Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks”. UPDATE: Blogcritics and have also reviewed it.
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This book shows you the solutions to problems. It does it in a very helpful, easy to understand, style. By including the CD with the book, non technical folks don’t even have to worry about that little detail. Together they make quite a complete package.

There are so many features and topics of interest available, it would be impossible to cover them all in one book. But if you are new to Ubuntu, this will be a great book to get you started and guide you along.

The book is also reviewed by blogcritics:


I have read one of Rickford Grant's previous Linux guides (Linux Made Easy, which you can find reviewed here), and remember being less excited about both the featured Linux distro, as well as a slightly more elevated level of hand-holding. Ubuntu Linux For Non-Geeks fixes both of those problems, and is highly recommended for both new Linux users and new computer users in general. It will safely explain what the heck is going on with this whole “Linux” thing, but after that can still be used as a valuable resource tool while you get up to speed with the various applications and settings inherent to Linux.

And then there is


Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks , written by Rickford Grant, is geared toward Linux beginners, but is not written for the complete techno-newbie. You'll probably want to be at a level where you feel comfortable taking control of your system before you take advantage of this book. But if you have been a Windows power user for years, Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks could transform you into a “penguinista” quicker than you can say GNU General Public License.

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