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Distrowatch and Debian money

This weeks edition of Distrowatch weekly contains comments to Debians issues with Dunc-tank and also Ubuntu's Ship-it
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In the world of Debian GNU/Linux hardly a week goes by without a major war of words erupting on one of its mailing list or the Planet blogs. This time, it was all about Dunc-Tank, an experiment to raise money in order to pay two Debian developers to work full-time on Debian “etch” for a duration of one month each. The proponents of the idea argue that by providing what is effectively a full-time employment for a short period, the project will be able to release Debian “etch” in December this year, as planned. Historically, Debian has suffered from bad press when it consistently failed to meet its own projected release dates; in fact, its current stable version was delayed by over 18 months from the original release proposal.

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