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Hands on: Making Ubuntu even easier

In this article, we expand on a previous article that examined the update of a fresh Ubuntu Dapper Drake installation to make it more desktop and multimedia-friendly, by looking at the automated options. Read it here Quote: System builders could do this work for you on a pre-installed system, but most people will be installing […]

Desktop Linux distributions

This handy reference guide includes the ones we think are especially interesting for desktop Linux users — from Arch Linux to Zenwalk. They cover Damn Small Linux, Knoppix, SimplyMEPIS and Ubuntu. Read the short comments here Quote: The name says it all. Damn Small Linux (DSL) is a Linux that can fit into a credit-card […]

Review of book – Ubuntu Unleashed have had their hands on “Ubuntu unleashed” and here you find their impressions. Read more here Quote: It would be nice to spend a week (rainy fall days come to mind) with this book at my side (propped open, of course), my Ubuntu laptop before me and a cup of coffee nearby and explore […]

Bug Squashing Party in Utrecht, NL, 29 Sep – 1 Oct

Live in Holland? Then help Debian to move Etch forward on 29 Sep – 1 Oct Quote: Hi all, In the weekend of Friday September 29th, Utrecht is joining the BSPMarathon[1] held throughout the autumn to help making Etch the bestrelease ever. It's going to be held at Utrecht University, TheNetherlands. We've already got quite […]

Ubuntu Desktop Even More Cost-Effective?

Well, it's a press release, so it doesn't have to be true – but “Userful Corporation announces the wide-spread availability of its multi-station Linux software that enables Ubuntu users worldwide to easily add multiple workstations to their existing computers.” Perhaps your lift will improve if you read here Quote: Userful's Multiplier software is ideally suited […]


Basically, Dunc is an experimental project to try out ways of funding Debian development. Not paying for servers or bandwidth, or reimbursing expenses and flight costs, but actually paying people to sit down and do useful Debian work rather than some other day job. Quote: Yodel! While it's not part of the Debian/SPI umbrella, I'll […]

A conversation with Anthony Towns

ITWire have interviewed Anthony Towns, DPL about the project and the efforts needed to progress Debian. The four pages starts here Quote: Towns sees bigger changes happening in other areas. “Debian has a very strong emphasis on internationalisation, and supporting users and contributors in every part of the globe. We've seen earlier this year how […]

Debian Weekly News 38/2006

This weeks DWN contains Status of GNOME 2.16 in Debian, Report from Come 2 Linux and Local DebConf7 Team Meeting and much more Quote: —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – September 19th, 2006————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 38th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter forthe Debian community. David Barker [1]thanked the project for thewell developed […]

Linux on old hardware have an article about which distributions to use on your old hardware – naturally Damn Small Linux is one of the best options. Read it here Quote: There are however distros created especially for old hardware PCs. Here ia a few most interesting ones: Damn Small Linux – a very popular low-resource Linux, based […]

Securing Your Server With A Host-based Intrusion Detection System

This article shows how to install and run OSSEC HIDS, an Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System. It performs log analysis, integrity checking, rootkit detection, time-based alerting and active response. It helps you detect attacks, software misuse, policy violations and other forms of inappropriate activities.

Is Ubuntu Linux a Sensible Alternative for Mac Users?

Perhaps Ubuntu isn't the best thing for all users – thinks it should be used with caution. Read about it here Quote: Does Ubuntu Linux make any sense for Macintosh users? In my friend's case, I would say no, and I did. He's an experienced, but not especially tech-savvy, non-power user, and the geek […]

Ubuntu Weekly News #14

In this issue they cover the release of Edgy Eft Knot 3, the passing of Rob Levin of Freenode, announcement of the next development summit for Ubuntu, changes in Edgy, Ubuntu in the news and much more. Quote: Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #14, for the week ofSept, 10 – 16, 2006. In […]

Debian Network Utilities and tools With Examples

This is a list of debian network utilities and tools for administrators and users to check the network related traffic, monitor network. This includes installation of each package with man pages.This full list devided in to two parts which is part1 network tools and part2 network tools

Indonesian Ubuntu distributes DVD versions

CNet Asia have an article about the Ubuntu community in Indonesia, who compiles DVD's of Ubuntu software to those without internet access and a bunch of other activities. Read it here Quote: Due to expensive Internet access, the Indonesian Ubuntu community has had quite a unique approach to distribute the whole Ubuntu software package in […]

Ubuntu needs your input

Ubuntu needs to find out quite a bit about their customers, users and how the world is put together – so give them some input in their surveys. Read more about what they want here Quote: Who our potential customers and users are, what they need and how we can recruit them. Who our current […]

Final report from the meeting in Extremadura

Christian Perrier have posted the final report from The first Debian internationalisation meeting from September 7th 2006 to September 9th 2006 in Casar de Caceres, Extremadura, Spain Quote: The first Debian internationalisation meeting occurred from September7th 2006 to September 9th 2006 in Casar de Caceres, Extremadura,Spain. This meeting has been organised as part of the […]

(K)Ubuntu 6.10 Knot CD3 screenshot tours

OSDir have posted a bunch of screenshots of the upcomming Ubuntu releases Here's Kubuntu Here's Ubuntu

Zenoss network monitor on a Ubuntu Server

The title says it all – HowToForge use the LAMP server from Ubuntu server CD Read it here Quote: Dapper+Zenoss min requirements: 150mb+232mb=382mb ram, 1400mb disk (900mb used, 500mb free for data). This install tested on vmware server 1.0.1.

How to stay connected

TheFridge have aa article about the different places to connetc using Ubuntu – and use Mark Shuttleworth as their case. Read it here Quote: Using off-line email reading and replying means that you do not have to remain hooked-up permanently to the internet. You’re free to download the email from your service provider, then to […]

How To Combat Viruses Using Your Postfix Configuration

In this guide you will learn how to tweak your Postfix/Amavisd setup to give better virus protection. If you want to achieve business grade virus protection you need to do a few small things so that there is less chance of the latest greatest script kiddie invention getting through. Therefore this tutorial shows how to […]

Ubuntu 6.10 Knot CD3

The Ubuntu developers are moving very quickly to bring you the absolute latest and greatest software the Open Source Community has to offer. The Edgy Eft Knot 3 is the third alpha release of Ubuntu 6.10. Get it here And learn more about it here Quote: The new init system, upstart, has now been turned […]

Adding source lists using apt-setup

apt-setup is an interactive program that simplifies adding sources to apt’s sources.list. It knows about all the major debian mirrors and can help you select one. See the guide here

Debian and Ubuntu: uneasy coexistence

Sam Varghese at ITwire comments the relationship between Ubuntu and Debian by using the different stakeholders statements in this article. Read the comment here Quote: Friction between Debian and Ubuntu has been developing for some time; last year, the founder of the Debian project, Ian Murdock, was concerned enough to call for timely release cycles […]

Interview with Daniel Holbach

BehindUbuntu has interviewed Daniel, who is spending most of his Ubuntu time in Ubuntu's DesktopTeam, doing package maintenance and working on Desktop bugs. Read the interview here Quote: How much time do you spend working on Ubuntu? It must be 50+ hours per week (if you count the weekends, etc.) It varies a lot though. […]

Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks by Rickford Grant

Free Software Magazine reviews the book “Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks”. UPDATE: Blogcritics and have also reviewed it. Read it here Quote: Pros This book shows you the solutions to problems. It does it in a very helpful, easy to understand, style. By including the CD with the book, non technical folks don’t even have […]

Speed up Ubuntu boot process

This thread at the Ubuntu forums seems usefull as: This HowTo is for those who complaint ubuntu boot-up speed is pretty slow but not willing to install any alternative tools to speed up. Read the guide here Quote: The way I use here is not the altimate solution by any means but it does make […]

Automatix: Making Installation a Snap in Ubuntu

MadPenguin have tested the latest Automatix and its usefullness on Ubuntu. Read the review here Quote: Is it Safe to Use? There have been some concerns in regards to the safety of using Automatix while having other package mangers installed. Should you be concerned? Not at all. The source code is open and free for […]

Status of GNOME 2.16 in Debian

Interested? Here's a page to follow how it goes with the integration. Follow the progress here Quote: The plan is to push everything in experimental as soon as possible. The biggest changes are those needed for GTK+ 2.10, and once they are finalized we can move GTK+ to unstable along with all modules and engines. […]

Ubuntu Upstream Hug Day

A fancy title for forwarding bugs from Ubuntu's bug-tracker, Malone, to any upstream projects, as for example Debian on Sept. 13th Read the announcement here Quote: The BugSquad is always looking for new volunteers and we’d love it if you joined us. We’ll be meeting in the #ubuntu-bugs IRC channel on When, you ask? […]

Ubuntu: Community Building for Human Beings

At the 2006 Open Source Convention, Jeff Waugh, describes the process by which Ubuntu's team went about creating a community with shared values and vision. Read the intro here Quote: Waugh also addresses Ubuntu governance. Ubuntu's team based approach provide structure and peer review. By comparing it to other projects Waugh is involved in, such […]

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