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Making wireless work in Ubuntu

This article is excerpted from the newly published book The Official Ubuntu Book and is found at Read it here Quote: Simply click on the Network-Manager icon to see all available wireless networks, and click on the network to connect to it. If wireless authentication is needed, be it WEP, WPA, or 802.1x, a […]

How to set up a VoIP service

In this howto I will show you step-by-step how to successfully set up a long distance calls service in your Cybercafé, using open source software: Xorcom Rapid, Asterisk PBX and *starShop-OSS. The main element is *starShop-OSS, an open source application designed to monitor and bill, in real time, calls made via Asterisk PBX. This service […]

Ubuntu cannot exist without Debian

A few days ago, Mark Shuttleworth blogged about his view on the relationship between Ubuntu and Debian. See the entry here Quote: I’m of the opinion that Ubuntu could not exist without Debian. So it’s absolutely my intention to see that Ubuntu is a constructive part of the broader Debian landscape. It’s vital that Ubuntu […]

Debian Weekly News 37/2006

This weeks edition of DWN contains Secure APT Key Management, Alioth Incident Report and CD/DVD Creation Report Quote: —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – September 12th, 2006————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 37th issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter forthe Debian community. Debian will be [1]present at the [2]Wizards ofOS conference next weekend in Berlin, Germany. […]

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS on a Packard Bell iMedia 1307

With the added graphics card, Ubuntu and Swiftfox, the iMedia 1307, in spite of being roasted, was turned into something decent; it is definitely not an embarassment. Read of the attempt to rescue an overheated computer here Quote: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a set of desktop computers in a more wretched state than […]

Bits from the 2IC

Steve McIntyre have posted yet another update, this time with entries about The Google Summer of Code and discussion focussed on issues pertaining to the forthcoming Etch release Quote: Hey people, me again; time for another update… The Google Summer of Code[0] is over, and final reports have beensubmitted. Most of our students worked well […]

Ubuntu 6.10 Knot CD2 screenshots

OSDir have posted a bunch of screenshots for you. They are here

Setting up Subversion and websvn on Debian

This howto will illustrate a way to install and configure Subversion and websvn on a Debian server. With Subversion you have a powerful version control system for your software development, and websvn is an easy-to-use webinterface to your SVN repositories written in PHP.

Password protect Grub Bootloader

This short tutorial will show you how to password protect your Grub bootloader rendering your machine unbootable to the casual snoop. DebianTutorials show you Quote: There is a lot more to securing your Debian system than just password protecting Grub but physical security plays a large role in the overall scheme of securing your computer. […]

First call for votes for the assets handling constitutional amendment GR

Long title: The following ballot is for voting on a General Resolution to address the procedures related to handling assets for the project. Quote: FIRST CALL FOR VOTES FOR THE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT GR ====== ==== === ===== === === ============== ========= == Voting period starts 00:00:01 UTC on Sunday, 10th September, 2006 Votes must be […]

Ubuntu Weekly News #13

In this issue, we cover Scott James Remnant's init-replacement upstart going live, Edgy getting GNOME 2.16 and KDE 4 alpha packages, Melissa Draper's interview with the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia and much more. Read it here Quote: Welcome to the latest Ubuntu Weekly News, covering the happenings andevents in the Ubuntu community from September […]

Joey is scared for Etch release

Debian Etch is not ready for release, concludes Martin “Joey” Schulze in this rather serious blog entry. Read the entire entry here Quote: Last weekend I ought to install etch on a desktop system that ran a different distribution — to replace it. Before we could install a new system, the data of the old […]

Millionaire cosmonaut takes on Microsoft covers the struggle of Ubuntu and Mark Shuttleworth against the Microsoft machinery. Read it here Quote: With quirky names for its programs like “Hoary Hedgehog” and “Warty Warthog,” Ubuntu–an African word that means caring for your community and humanity for others–is meant to be simpler to use than other Linux systems. PC World magazine […]

Xgl and Compiz bling for Dapper

By now, if you haven't seen Compiz and Xgl in action, you probably have heard of it. You may even be wanting to set it up yourself. If so, this guide is here for you. TecTonic has an article for you. Quote: But fist, some warnings with regards to things that can go wrong. If […]

Distrowatch weekly news

This weeks editon contains an Ubuntu book review and items on how ready Etch are for release. Read it here Quote: How good will be the upcoming release of Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 “etch”? If you believe Joey Schulze, one of the most prominent Debian developers, then “etch” is not ready for release: “I'm scared by […]

SimplyMEPIS 6.0-1 Linux Bootable DVD

The SimplyMEPIS 6.0-1 bootable DVD not only includes hundreds of bug and security fixes, but the 1,900 packages of the three SimplyMEPIS Extras CDs, as well. See the announcement Quote: SimplyMEPIS 6.0-1 DVD edition has been cover-mounted on the October 2006 issue of Linux Magazine from Linux New Media AG. The issue went on sale […]

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS ISP Server Setup with DTC

Install of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS Server with the DTC control panel to provide a secure virtual hosting platform for Email, Webmail Anti-spam and Anti-virus with usage statistics. Read it here Quote: This system uses the LAMP install of Ubuntu and Domain Technologies control panel. Remote access with sshFirewall security with Shorelines ShorewallDNS Sever: Bind9FTP server: […]

How To Combat Viruses Using Your Postfix Configuration

In the Postfix guide, Amavis and ClamAV are installed from Debian stable. Read it here Quote: Debian Sarge is just far too old. Having played with the new Amavis-new 2.4.2, it's changed significantly in the Debian package where /etc/amavis/amavisd.conf has been completely replaced, so we are going to leave amavis-new alone and just leave it […]

Debian etch beta 3 graphical mode installation

Debian etch beta3 installation using graphical interface. Screenshots for each step. This article contains nearly 50 images of this installation process. Read Full article here

New Ubuntu Dapper/Edgy Binary Repository for E17

Ubuntu users can now use another repository to install e17 from. The service is hosted on Albin 'Lutin' Tonnerre and Maxence 'Sp4rKy' Dunnewind will maintain the packages. Read it announced here Quote: To use the repository add this line to your /etc/apt/source.list, depending on your distribution version: * Binary Repository: deb dapper e17 […]

Building A Virtual Server (VPS) With Debian 3.1 (Sarge) And OpenVZ

In this HowTo HowtoForge will describe the steps to be taken to prepare a server for OpenVZ virtual machines on Debian 3.1 (Sarge) 32Bit Linux. Here you are Quote: With OpenVZ you can create multiple Virtual Private Servers (VPS) on the same hardware, similar to Xen and the Linux Vserver project. OpenVZ is the open-source […]

event-report: First Colombian Mini-DebConf Report

Alejandro Rios reports from the event, where 14 Debian enthusiasts from all over the country joined the in. Quote: As announced on [1], we had the first Colombian Mini-DebConf[2] atAugust 19th and 20th 2.006. 14 Debian enthusiasts from all over the country joined the event, and weeven got the help from Luciano Bello from Argentina, […]

How To Fight Spam Using Your Postfix Configuration

In this guide you will learn how to tweak your virtual Postfix setup to better combat SPAM by stopping the mail before it hits SpamAssassin, using RBL (Realtime Blacklists) and RHBL (slightly different), greylistings and Helo Checks.

Ubuntu Server Edition (6.06)

In this review, Nepotismia have a look at the Server version of 6.06 from an administrators perspective. Read more here Quote: In general, I found Ubuntu 6.06 Server to provide a good range of software for use on production machines. The various packages generally seemed to be in a much more ready-to-run state than I've […]

Test of SimplyMEPIS 6.0 have tested the latest SimplyMEPIS, but it seems like they prefer Ubuntu. The review starts here Quote: If you do not care about proprietary applications, but want something easy and simple to use, then I recommend Ubuntu. If you do care about proprietary components, then Ubuntu is still worth considering, but so is SimplyMEPIS […]

Bits from the CD team

Steve McIntyre announces some news, some plans and a plea for help. Quote: It's been a while; here's some news, some plans and a plea for help. Work towards etch================= We released etch d-i beta 3[1] a couple of weeks back. So far, thingsseem to be going generally OK in testing. Daily builds of businesscard […]

Forbes on Ubuntu

The mainstream press have got their eye on Ubuntu – this time Forbes Magazine writes about Mark Shuttleworth and Ubuntu. Read it here Quote: Canonical has burned through $15 million of Shuttleworth's money in two and a half years. He says that it will take him at least another two years to even know whether […]

Ubuntu Edgy Eft + GNOME 2.16.0 Screenshots

With GNOME 2.16.0 shipping today, the nightly LiveCD images of Ubuntu have been updated to this new stable version of GNOME. Pictures at phoronix

Ubuntu Basics

Quick and dirty – Arsgeek goes through some of the Ubuntu basics for you – Wallpaper, Fonts and Themes See it here Quote: We’ll just touch on a few things up there, this won’t be an exhaustive guide but you should find it useful if you like things like screen savers and themes. This was […]

Security incident on Alioth

Raphael Hertzog explains why Alioth's web server was unavailable for most of the 5th of september. Quote: Hi, Alioth's web server was unavailable for most of the 5th of september. It wassimply stopped because we discovered that some script kiddies were running anIRC proxy. After thorough investigation, we discovered that they exploited apmwiki security hole[1] […]

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