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Ubuntu 5.04 reaches end-of-life for security support

Last week Canonical announced the official date for Hoary Hedgehog’s retirement: October 31st 2006. See it mentioned at TheFridge Quote: On October 31st, after 18 months of hard work, Hoary will reach its End-Of-Life (EOL) which means it will not receive any new security updates from Ubuntu. Users still using this version are highly encouraged […]

Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 Sarge updated (r4)

The Debian project has updated the stable distribution Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 (codename `sarge'). This update mainly adds security updates to the stable release, along with a few corrections to serious problems. Read it at Debian Times Quote: Please note that this update does not constitute a new version of Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 but only updates […]

Making Ubuntu even simpler for newbies

Here's an interview with Rickford Grant, the author of two Linux books, Linux for Non-Geeks and Linux Made Easy Found at Tectonic Quote: FN: Why Ubuntu?I love trying out new distros, and Ubuntu was simply too hot to pass up. Once I tried it, I found it to be pretty much to my liking, especially […]

Make Linux 'gorgeous,' Ubuntu leader says

Now it's time for TechTarget to get some comments and analysis of Mark Shuttleworth's suggestion to make Linux 'pretty' Read it here Quote: It's the user experience, stupid“I agree with Mr. Shuttleworth,” said Matthew Mossbarger, the chief operating officer at Synapse Data and Telecom Inc. “The main edge that Macs and Windows machines have had […]

Install Fireworks on Ubuntu

The blogger David Span have installed Fireworks on his Ubuntu box in order to use it instead of Gimp See here how he did it – Quote: When I installed Ubuntu on my laptop I decided to learn Gimp. Well that didn’t go very well, so I tried a few others. But after a […]

A Linux start-up on the path to profits

Ubuntu has been a phenomenon in the desktop Linux niche. But Canonical Chief Executive Mark Shuttleworth, who founded the project, has his eyes on the more lucrative server market. Read about it here Quote: So it's open after that?Yeah. The desktop is very important to us because there's this opportunity to create something new that […]

BSP in Helsinki, Finland: 11th-12th November

On the weekend of 11th and 12th of November, we're going to have a BugSquashing Party in Helsinki, to help us release Etch. Quote: On the weekend of 11th and 12th of November, we're going to have a BugSquashing Party in Helsinki, to help us release Etch. Information andsign-up is at The location is […]

Installing Asterisk from standard packages on Ubuntu LTS (6.06)

With this procedure you can install the latest version of Asterisk by compiling from source.voip-info shows us how to do it. Read it here Quote: Compiling Asterisk from Source on Ubuntu Ubuntu includes packages for Asterisk and Zaptel, but they may not be up to date, or the newer packages may only be available in […]

Ubuntu 6.10 Solutions for upgrade problems

DebianAdmin have collected some of the common problems and their solutions from Ubuntu forums and they hope this collection will help for some users to fix their upgrade problems. Read the help here

Distrowatch on Ubuntu release and issues

This weeks edition contains a brief look at the difficulties that has followed the Ubuntu release last week. See it mentioned here Quote: According to an informal poll by, almost 44% percent of those who attempted the upgrade process encountered “serious problems” or reported that their upgrades went “really bad”. Ooohhhh, and then there's […]

How to move Ubuntu to a new hard drive

This blogger needed to move Ubuntu Linux from its temporary home on a fairly dodgy 60Gb Maxtor to its new 80Gb Western Digital home. Se how it went! Read it at digital end Quote: All I had to do then was remove the old disk and ensure the new disk occupies the same channel that […]

More comments to Firefox on Ubuntu

titeled “Ubuntu stays Foxy”, Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols comments how Ubuntu still uses Firefox while Debian doesn't. Read it here Quote: In Ubuntu's dealings with Mozilla Corp., Shuttleworth was able to “establish that it really is possible for a distribution that cares about free software and Mozilla to agree on a framework which gives us both […]

Book Review: Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks

As the title states, this is a project-based guide. The book’s structure is to identify and explain features (or software) and move on to a hands-on exercise (project) using those features Read the bloggin' review here Quote: A good book? Yes, especially for geek wannabes. But not the book for a total newbie, and not […]

Moving to Ubuntu 6.10 from Fedora Core 5 on the IBM T41

Till last night, both systems ran Fedora Core 5. Today the laptop is Ubuntu 6.10. When I get a chance, I'll take the desktop to Fedora Core 6, so that I can maintain access to a Fedora system. Read what and why Steve Carl did it Quote: Everything is faster. Firefox, Evolution, menus, terminals. I […]

Full steam ahead for Linux in Munich

The capital of Bavaria plans to complete its current migration of more than 80 percent of its desktop systems by 2008 and says that the first users of open software in the city's administration are pleased with the initial results. Read the rest at Quote: Wilhelm Hoegner, the city's IT director, now expects to […]

The Official Ubuntu Book have also reviewed The Official Ubuntu book and find it a great read. Tom Duff has also reviewed it in his blog. Read it here Quote: The Official Ubuntu Book was well written and covered all topics that is necessary for a new Ubuntu user who is either trying out Ubuntu for the first […]

Adventures in a New Ubuntu 6.10 Clean Install

The blogger Leonivek is telling and showing us how life is with Ubuntu 6.10 – you can follow him in his blog. The entries are found here Day 1. Day 2, Part 1. Day 2, Part 2. Day 3. Or access all from the Homepage. Quote: This will be the first post in a series […]

Edgy upgrade pains and fixes

Desktoplinux covers the current issues wit upgrading to Ubuntu 6.10 – many users report difficulties and malfunctions. Update – Slashdot also covers the problems Read it here Quote: Analysis — Upgrading an operating system is always a chancy thing. An application can stop working, a modem can freeze up, and then, when upgrading to Ubuntu […]

Upgrade Ubuntu 6.06 to 6.10

With the new version of Ubuntu available, I thought it would be useful to walk through the upgrade steps to bring your Drake to an Eft. This article will show you step-by-step how to implement the upgrade along with screen shots along the way. Update: Debuntu also have an articel on this. Read it here […]

Alioth upgrade — done

The Alioth migration and upgrade seems to have worked out mostly okay.You are therefore encouraged to test and use the new and, and report problems if you find any. Quote: Hi all, The Alioth migration and upgrade seems to have worked out mostly okay.You are therefore encouraged to test and use the new and […]

The Perfect Setup – Ubuntu 6.10 Server (Edgy Eft)

This is a detailed description about how to set up a Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) based server that offers all services needed by ISPs and hosters Read the show from Falko Timme at howtofrge Quote: Apache web server (SSL-capable), Postfix mail server with SMTP-AUTH and TLS, DNS server, FTP server, MySQL server, POP3/IMAP, Quota, Firewall, […]

MythTV Ubuntu Installation Guide

With the release of Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft), installing MythTV is now easier than ever. Enjoy the guide. It is found here Quote: Ubuntu is a great basis for a general purpose MythTV box and now comes with the latest version of MythTV (0.20) in its standard packages. This guide focuses on DVB in the […]

Mozilla, Ubuntu and Debian

Here's a brief Q&A by Christopher Beard with Mozillas perspective on the use of Firefox in Debian and Ubuntu. Mark Shuttleworth now also comments it in his blog. Read it here Quote: I understand that Ubuntu is based upon Debian. Is that the same or different than the IceWeasel browser that Debian is shipping with […]

Geeky Fun: Playing Around with Damn Small Linux

What is special is a version of DSL that runs within an existing Windows or Linux session. This old blog entry have fun using it. Read here Quote: I was really fired up about this so-called embedded version of DSL when I found it. Using a GNU/Linux box at home and a Windows box at […]

Installing Debian 3.1 on a HP DL380 G5

The poor blogger at have fought hard to achieve the install of Debian on a HP DL380 G5 Read the entry here Quote: Changing the generation inside the same model (from G4 to G5) means for HP changing completely the system: new case (very cool) new bus type: PCI-Express new raid controller new disk […]

Ubuntu Just Works

Yet another blogger finds the pleasure of Ubuntu 6.06, this time on a HP zt3000 laptop. Read it here Quote: I had thought that the laptop would be kind of a worst case scenario. I've heard of past versions of Linux having trouble with the unusual hardware that sometimes appears on laptops. I figured if […]

Ubuntu makes business moves, but no Oracle deal… yet

On the eve of 6.10's release, Mark Shuttleworth, held an early morning meeting in London to talk about Ubuntu, Canonical, and their business future. Read it here at Quote: Shuttleworth also said that while there had been discussions with major OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) about a preloaded Ubuntu Linux desktop PC, he had no […]

Weekly Debian News #2

Read the news from a somewhat other Debian scene than the one you are used to. The alternative news report is here Quote: The tremendously exciting news this week, of course, is that Gnome 2.16 packages have begun to appear in unstable. As a KDE user I am uncertain why this is exciting, but it […]

Position Statement to the Dunc-Tank "experiment"

On behalf of several developers and key Debian persons, Jörg Jaspert has posted an very critical position statement to Dunc-Tank. Update: DPL Anthony Towns have now responded to the post. Update: Response to the below post is found on the list here Quote: Hi, After a long and ambivalent discussion during the last weeks the […]

Microsoft Could Learn a Thing or Two From Ubuntu

Unlike Microsoft, Canonical releases new versions every six months, despite the fact that these releases are nearly as comprehensive as Microsoft's and the changes more dramatic in structure Read about it here Quote: The company that makes billions of dollars a month and has a $7.5 billion R&D budget is the one that can't get […]

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