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Quick guide to Guarddog

The following is a brief guide to using the Kde firewall tool ‘Guarddog’ to set up a Firewall suitable for home use on Debian.
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GNU/Linux like other Operating Systems has a firewall. The main difference between the GNU/Linux firewall and the Windows firewall is that the firewall on GNU/Linux is built directly into the kernel and is called Iptables. This means that it does not use systems resources like a Windows firewall would e.g. Norton Firewall. Because of this there are a number of distributions who’s sole aim is to act as a firewall. This basically means you can turn your home computer into Firewall/Router and then have other computers connect to the network through it. For example the following distributions are all designed to act as nothing more then Firewalls; Smoothwall, IPCop and Trustix.

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