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The future of DWN

As you might have noticed, the Debian Weekly News has come to a stop as Martin “Joey” Schulze stopped working on it as a indirect consequence of Dunc-tank. The question is “now what”?
A few of the key persons comments:

Joey Hess:


I've considered taking over writing DWN again. However, it's not clear to me that DWN is still relevant enough to be worth the large amount of work it takes to maintain it. A lot of communication is done on Planet Debian, wikis and in other forms that were not around when DWN was started, and that may be a better way to keep up with what's going on in Debian than DWN.

Martin Zobel Helas:


I had a nice discussion recently how we could relaunch DWN. Idea was, that if we would get more contributors for, we could easyly produce a weekly summary out of that.

….and there are probably also other ideas out there. You could also subscribe to the feed from Debian-News, but we don't follow the mail lists as detailed as Joey did.

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