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Triple booted x60 with Ubuntu, XP and Vista

Actually Arsgeek writes about booting with Ubuntu, XP and Vista and got to repair their MBR too in this short article.
It's here


Here’s what I did to install it. (If you’re interested in how to restore grub, see my previous post).

Backed up my Ubuntu data and my shared FAT32 drive.
Got an external DVD drive and a hard drive ultrabay adapter for my laptop.
Put a 60 GB hard drive in my adapter.
Booted from my external DVD drive and installed Vista on my 2nd hard drive.
Grumbled a lot about how Microsoft really doesn’t care about the MBR or Grub.
Reinstalled grub.
IM’ed a friend with self-props about how cool and amazing I was.
Spent about 20 minutes booting into my various OSes for the delight of other just as geeky office mates.
installed Office 2007 beta.
Started learning the new UI’s of both the OS and Office 2k7

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