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Full steam ahead for Linux in Munich

The capital of Bavaria plans to complete its current migration of more than 80 percent of its desktop systems by 2008 and says that the first users of open software in the city's administration are pleased with the initial results.
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Wilhelm Hoegner, the city's IT director, now expects to stay within the migration budget of 35 million euros. The largest share of that budget — 38 percent — is set aside for training courses, but apparently these courses do not have to be as intensive as initially feared. Nonetheless, Hoegner is skeptical that Munich will be able to serve as a model for other cities considering migrating to Linux. While there is close contact with the city administrations in Vienna and Paris, which are also currently migrating some of their computers, and delegations from South Korea to Africa have already dropped by the LiMux Project office, “politicians do not know enough about Open Source and are afraid of making a mistake,” Hoegner complains.

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