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Mark Shuttleworths reaction on Oracle move

“Fundamentally, though, this is still free software in a proprietary wrapper. The pricing may be different, but it’s still old-school thinking. I don’t think anybody who will consider jumping to Ubuntu from Red Hat will pause very long on the Oracle option.” Read it here Quote: Earlier today, we reported on our discussions with Mark […]

(K) (Edu) Ubuntu 6.10 released

Distrowatch brings us the news that Ubuntu 6.10, formerly known as Edgy Eft, has been released Read it here at Distrowatch or the announcement on the Wiki Quote: The Ubuntu team is proud to announce the release of Ubuntu 6.10,codenamed “Edgy Eft”. This release includes both installable DesktopCDs and alternate text-mode installation CDs for severalarchitectures. […]

Ubuntu wins Linux Award

Ubuntu won the “Best Linux/Open Source Distribution” in the 2006 Linux award. It's posted on TheFridge and not quite up at in time of writing this. Quote: Ubuntu has walked away with Best Distribution at the Linux Awards held in London last night. Maggie Meer of UK Linux magazine Linux User and Developer presided […]

Ubuntu Weekly News #19

In This Issue: Ubuntu 6.10 release candidate out, Mark Shuttleworth's announcement naming Ubuntu 7.04, A feel-good “Thank You!” for Edubuntu, Edgy Changes, Oracle relationship speculation and much more. Quote: Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 19 for the week ofOctober 15 – 21, 2006. In this issue we cover Mark Shuttleworth'sEdgy+1 announcement and BBC […]

Oracle chose Red Hat, not Ubuntu

Oracle announced that the company would be offering specific and full support for Red Hat Linux and taking on the Linux giant head-on. The announcement put to an end the many of the romours about a possible buyout of Ubuntu Linux. Read the comment here at TecTonic Quote: Ellison said that the market was crying […]

Ubuntu update is 'Edgy' on boot speed

Zdnet Australia have noticed that Thursday 26th will be Release Day for Ubuntu 6.10. Included in the article are a run-down of features, with the opening paragraphs dedicated to the init-replacement named upstart. Thanks to TheFridge, the article is found here Quote: Upstart replaces the decades-old “init” software originally created for System V Unix and […]

3D Desktop on Ubuntu Edgy Eft with ATI card.

My goal with this guide is to make it as easy as possible for everyone to install a 3D Desktop on Ubuntu Linux (Edgy Eft) with Beryl and Xgl. Read the blog/how-to here Quote: ..there will be no use of the terminal in this guide so everyone should be able to follow this guide and […]

Install Ubuntu Breezy to External USB Drive

The user DaBruGo on Ubuntuforums have managed to successfully load Ubuntu a number of times on his/her external USB drive. See here how it was done Quote: BACKGROUND: I have an internal hard drive (western digital) already in my system with Windows XP Pro installed (which shows up initially as drive HDA in the UBUNTU […]

How to prepare for and execute your Ubuntu upgrade

Arsgeek helps you to prepare if you’re planning to upgrade from 6.06 to 6.10, which is due tomorrow. Read it here Quote: All that’s taken care of now the only thing left to do is wait for tomorrow to upgrade, right? Actually, I’d recommend upgrading today if you can. Why? Well tomorrow with the official […]

Pretty is a feature

Mark Shuttleworth is at it again in his blog, writing about how to make beautifull things with Open source! Read it here Quote: All of which goes to say that messaging is important – learning how to “show off your best stuff” is an essential skill, and I hope the free software community will take […]

Debian Weekly News still fighting

Joey is still considering his work on the DWN, but it seems there'll be another release next week allthough he's quite demotivated. Read his blog here The good part:Quote: Felipe Augusto van de Wiel and Sebastian Feltel have started to contribute items for DWN. Feel free to do so as well. When there is enough […]

Partitioning – one of the hardest steps in a Linux installation

The blogger Johnny Chadda offers a helping Ubuntu-hand to those who have dificulties when they have lost the good old c: d: -naming of their disks. Read it here Quote: If you happen to use a Microsoft operating system you are most likely to be familiar with finding your partitions using drive letters, such as […]

Damn Small Linux 3.1RC2

The second release candidate of Damn Small Linux 3.1 is ready for testing. Announcement and changelog here: Quote: Cummlative Change log for DSL-3.1RC2 * Converted 54 Lua and Lua/Fltk programs to Lua 5.1.1 Fltk 1.1 via MurgaLua interface* Added right-click to MyDSL Icon for easy UCItool access* Improved Antiword fonts* Changed color escape codes to […]

More comments on the Ubuntu-Oracle liason

Well….two articles with comments: Red Hat isn't afraid of whatever it might be and Mercury News donesn't really know what this Ubuntu thing is. ArsTechnica and ZDNet also covers the potential story. First we have Red Hat brushes off Oracle Linux rumors Quote: In the end we're going to do what the customers want, independently […]

Ubuntu now more popular than Mac OS X!

Well, at least it is when you look at Google Trends and reads the short blog of The Linux Advocate. There's a comment on ZDNet on the matter. It's here Quote: Whats up everyone? I was just taking a look at Google Trends and I found out something interesting. Apparently Ubuntu Linux has not only […]

Munich mayor: Full speed ahead to open source

After some delay, the city is pushing full-speed ahead with its migration to Linux on the desktop, and even mayor Christine Strobl, a newly converted open-source user, likes what she sees. Read it here Quote: “It was no easy decision to migrate our computers to open source software,” Strobl said Tuesday in speech at the […]

Xen on Etch rocks!

Thanks to Debian Administration, The Debian User feels the love of Xen. Read the blog entry here Quote: What I did is the following: I took our old former firewall machine at the company, a Celeron 1100 with 512MB of main memory, and installed Etch onto it. When partitioning the hard drive, I set up […]

Remastering Knoppix 5.0.1 with SURFnet IDS Sensor

SURFnet IDS, a Distributed Intrusion Detection System (D-IDS). The goal is to provide an early warning system which lets system administrators correlate known and unknown exploits to attacks directed towards their networks. See it announced at LiveDistro Quote: If you don't want to do all the steps described below you can download our remastered package […]

BBC interviews Mark Shuttleworth

“This week on Digital an exclusive interview with Mark Shuttleworth….who is now using some of his money to roll out free software across his native South Africa.” Read a bit and hear a lot here Quote: He spoke exclusively to Digital Planet about Ubuntu – a version of the Linux operating system – that he […]

Using and Customizing Templates in

This article is about how to use the templates, in particular the WorldLabel templates, to print the labels you need. Templates make life easier when you use them for letters, documents, brochures, etc. but they really make life easier when you use them for This article is about how to use the templates, […]

Triple booted x60 with Ubuntu, XP and Vista

Actually Arsgeek writes about booting with Ubuntu, XP and Vista and got to repair their MBR too in this short article. It's here Quote: Here’s what I did to install it. (If you’re interested in how to restore grub, see my previous post). Backed up my Ubuntu data and my shared FAT32 drive. Got an […]

Downtime: Hardware upgrade of Alioth

Raphael Hertzog announces that and its related services (svn|bzr|git|arch) will be stopped on Friday 27th october at 15:00 UTC. Quote: Hello, and its related services (svn|bzr|git|arch).debian.orgwill be stopped on Friday 27th october at 15:00 UTC. Soon after wewill do the final rsync between the current hosts (costa.d.o, haydn.d.o)and the new one (a Xen […]

How To Install A PLONE CMS On Debian

HowtoForeg have a short howto that shows how to install and use Plone with Python on Debian It is found here Quote: I assume you have already set up a basic Debian Sarge system. You can set up your system as described on the first two pages of this tutorial: The Perfect Setup – Debian […]

Ubuntu 6.10 Release Candidate Screenshots

Coming out on October 26, 2006 is the final release of Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft — along with all of the Ubuntu derivatives. Phoronix have a bunch of screenshots. Tuxmachines found it for us all and the pictures are here at Phoronix

Distrowatch Weekly on Ubuntu 6.10

This weeks Distrowatch Weekly covers shortly the upcomming release and the report about Munich's Debian. Read the two bits here Quote: Although Ubuntu 6.06 “Edgy Eft” is still going through a last-minute bug-fix session before its official release on Thursday, the project has already announced preliminary plans for the distribution's next release, version 7.04 and […]

UbuntuWorld 2007 in the USA?

Mark Shuttleworth uses his blog to investigate if there is interest in a “user and business” conference in USA. Read the entry here Quote: We’re testing the waters and keen to know what sort of level of interest there is in this idea. So – please leave a comment on this blog post if you […]

Oracle to Release Linux-based Software Bundle?

More rumours about some sort of partnership between Oracle and Ubuntu. This time found at The mill continues here Quote: Ubuntu (Canonical) chief Mark Shuttleworth, told CNET News: “I don't think Oracle is going to make large amounts of money selling support for Linux. I don't think it will ever be a high-margin, high-profit, […]

Oracle Ubuntu Linux deal speculation grows

Stan Beer at ITWire believes it's a fair bet that Oracle is working on incorporating Ubuntu Linux into its own product. Read it here Quote: After a deal earlier this year with Sun Microsystems to run Ubuntu alongside Solaris on low-end SPARC servers, it appears that Ubuntu is emerging as a favorite Linux flavour among […]

Converting .rpm Packages To Debian/Ubuntu .deb

This article shows how you can convert .rpm packages to .deb packages with a tool called alien so that you can easily install them on Debian and Ubuntu systems. Right here at HowtoForge Quote: For example, I recently wrote a tutorial about MySQL Backup And Recovery With mysql-zrm On Debian Sarge. In that tutorial I […]

Howto: ATI fglrx driver+Xgl+compiz on Debian Sid for KDE users

Tuxmachines have made this tutorial with Kanotix, which is very close to stock Debian Sid. So they think it'll work on stock Debian Sid. Read it here Quote: So why not run AIGLX with the ATI driver? Because, as far as I can tell, the proprietary ATI driver doesn't support the “composite” extension. Evidently you […]

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