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DebConf6 DVDs available

Ben Hutchings announces DVD's with all formal sessions from Debian Day and DebConf, plus the group photos, the video team BoF, and some documentary videos made by Gabriella Coleman. Quote: On behalf of the DebConf6 video team[1] I'm proud to announce theDebConf6 DVDs! [1] They include all formal sessions from Debian Day and DebConf, […]

Debian internationalisation server is available

During the first Debian Internationalisation meeting Casar de Caceres, Extremadura, Spain. a server, dedicated for the Debian internationalisation activities, was setup. Quote: (sent on behalf of Felipe Augusto van de Wiel and Nicolas François) Hello, The first Debian Internationalisation meeting took place from September7th 2006 to September 9th 2006 in Casar de Caceres, Extremadura,Spain. During […]

7 Reasons To Keep Using Firefox

Yet another blogger writes about the wrongness of creating the Iceweasel in Debian. Read it here Quote: Is IceWeasel the solution to Debian and Mozilla trademarks issues? I don't know right now. I really think Debian have the right to fork Firefox or any other Free Software project but, in this case, I think it […]

Oracle Linux has 'tactical value' for Ubuntu

Oracle has the ability to support Linux, and doing so could have “tactical value” for the database company, Mark Shuttleworth –a potential Oracle partner–said Friday. Read it at CNet Quote: “I don't think Oracle is going to make large amounts of money selling support for Linux. I don't think it will ever be a high-margin, […]

Managing Xen With Xen-Tools, Xen-Shell, And Argo

This guide describes how to install and use xen-tools, xen-shell, and Argo on a Debian system. Falko Timme use Debian as usual. Quote: All three packages provide useful tools for the administration of virtual Xen machines. Xen-tools is a collection of Perl scripts that allow you to easily create, update, and delete Xen guest domains. […]

A bit more insight into Munich's Debian

Steve McIntyre visited the LiMux team in Munich and has posted a small report about the visit on his blog. LiMux is the specially tailored Debian distribution City of Munich deploys. Read the report including a couple of pictures here Quote: Jan-Marek and Florian talked us through their setup. They're using FAI to automate installation […]

Debian/OpenSolaris-based NexentaOS Alpha6 released!

Nexenta OS 'Elatte' Alpha 6 is now available. Release Highlights: Nexenta Zones – opens the possibility to create custom zones and pre-install with selected software; integrated BrandZ – allows running Linux userland and much more It also includes SVR4 packaging – to install native Solaris packages (missing drivers, etc.) In addition, Alpha 6 contains: SUN_PERSONALITY […]

Kids say "thank you" to (Ed)Ubuntu team

Weve just installed two donated computers in a community nursury and breakfast/after schol club in Lincolnshire. The kids absolutely love them, most are from underpriviledged backgrounds and many of them have never used a computer before. As a result they will grow up computer literate. Read more on the Edubuntu page or in Ubuntu forums: […]

The Perfect Xen 3.0.3 Setup For Debian Sarge

This tutorial at HowtoForge provides step-by-step instructions on how to install Xen (version 3.0.3) on a Debian Sarge (3.1) system. Read it here Quote: I will use Debian Sarge for both the host OS (dom0) and the guest OS (domU). I will describe how to install Xen from the sources (which I recommend) in chapter […]

Organization to pay Debian developers begins work

Dunc-Tank is on track with its first experiments. The organization has defused active opposition to its experiment within Debian and is now ready to receive donations and to proceed with its plans. Read an article about the status here Quote: For now, Dunc-Tank is proceeding with its plans, thanks to initial donations from Hewlett-Packard and […]

Installing Ubuntu

DailyCupOfTech have an article series about how to get, steting up the computer and installing Ubuntu It starts here Quote: The purpose of this series is to provide the new linux user with a step by step tutorial for installing the Ubuntu desktop on their computer. This series could be easily worked through in a […]

Ubuntu Weekly News #18

In This Issue: Behind Ubuntu: Matt Zimmerman, The Free Desktop turns 10 – KDE celebrates, Topics sought for next development summit, Edgy Changes and more Quote: Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 18 for the week of Oct, 8 – 14 2006. In this issue we cover KDE turning 10, Matt Zimmermantelling all, new […]

Weekly Debian News/Nudes v1

Technoblogical are sorry to see that the DWN is gone, and tries to take over its place. Judge for yourself, but be carefull not to take it too serious… Get all your new news at the sort of unofficial page here Quote: I laughed at the MLM (Mailing List Morons) and their zany antics, wept […]

Reviewed again: The official Ubuntu book

Now LinuxFanatics have had a read through “The official Ubuntu book” and gives a walkthrough, but no real opinion about the book. Read the sort of review here Quote: Another unique thing: Once you’ve installed Ubuntu to your hard drive using the included DVD, you’ll find a full copy of the book in your home […]

Announcing the RC1 for Ubuntu 6.10

The Ubuntu team is proud to announce the Release Candidate for version 6.10 of Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu – codenamed “Edgy Eft”. Quote: The Ubuntu team is proud to announce the Release Candidate for version 6.10of Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu – codenamed “Edgy Eft”. The ReleaseCandidate includes installable live Desktop CDs, server images, alternatetext-mode installation […]

Debian and the Creative Commons

Terry Hancock at FreeSoftware Magazine have blogged long and good about the issues between Debian and Creative Commons Become smarter on the issue here Quote: The problem essentially is this: none of the Creative Commons licenses have a “source” requirement (unlike the GPL, for example), because, being intended for creative content, it was generally felt […]

Installing Flash Player 9 Beta On Ubuntu 6.04

This blogger have decided to throw together a quick how to on how to install it on Ubuntu Edgy. This should hold true however for most flavours of Ubuntu as well. Read the rest here Quote: Treviño from Ubuntu Forums was kind enough to pack the player into a package. You can now get the […]

Planning for Ubuntu 7.04 – the "Feisty Fawn"

Mark Shuttleworth and the folks at Canonical are beginning to look forward as the release of Ubuntu 6.10 is very, very close. Read the announcement here Quote: In the next cycle we'll expand on the brand new infrastructure that haslanded in Edgy as well as branching out in some exciting new directions.This combination of courage […]

How Can Ubuntu Improve?

Matt Hartley at MadPenguin wonders about how Ubuntu can get better and more efficient. See if you agree here Quote: Two Heads are Better Than One. If there are two areas that are in dire need of immediate attention, it’s the ability to configure dual monitors without being forced to edit the xorg.conf file. It […]

Oracle-Ubuntu tie-up coming?

CNet news wonders about whether we will soon see a match between Oracle and Ubuntu in some way. The speculation is interesting: Quote: A trail of breadcrumbs seems to be connecting database powerhouse Oracle with the Ubuntu version of Linux. The most recent crumb was a report last week by Jeffries & Co. analyst Katherine […]

How to back up and restore your Ubuntu machine

There are many, many different ways to back up your Ubuntu system. Here we’re going to look at two of them, one of which is a full system backup and the other is a way to copy folders and files. Enjoy it at arsgeek Quote: All of my backups are done to an external drive. […]

Ubuntu in the UK

TheFridge reports that (1) Free Ubuntu stickers for UK users and (2) Ubuntu will be at LinuxWorld London. I wonder if there is a connection somewhere. It's a free sticker and shown at Linuxworld London Quote: Ubuntu will have an official stand at the show – do come along and see us. In addition to […]

Report from BSP Marathon – Munich, 14 – 15 Oct 2006

Steve McIntyre reports from the recent BSP in Munich. See it here Quote: The Germans I met this weekend were very serious about getting work done, and their efforts are much appreciated. With more people helping to reduce the RC bug counts, we should have no problem releasing Etch in December. Let's keep up the […]

Debian Fights Mozilla's Fire, Thunder With 'Ice'

Here's some more coverage of the Debian-Mozilla dispute over the poor Firefox, this time by See it here, allthoug there's not much news in it Quote: There are two key issues in the dispute: logo usage and patch management. The logo issue concerns Debian's non-use of the Firefox logo with the Firefox browser. Debian […]

Ubuntu, Pearl: 2 true new gems

The Washington Times have shortly reviewed Ubuntu and are recommending it to everybody. Read the short review here Quote: OK, you say, but you don't have a Linux computer. You do now: Get the appropriate Ubuntu Linux distribution (for PCs, for Macs or for 64-bit processors) free via download or postal mail, sent free when […]

Debian Installer – Call for testing

In order improve the quality of the release and reduce the number of nasty surprises afterwards, it would be great if we could get some help testing the installer during this week. It is actually a news item on Debian Times Quote: Preparations for Release Candidate 1 of the installer have now really started. All […]

Running A File-, Print-, Proxy-, DHCP-, AND Time-Server

This article shows how to run a file-, print-, HTTP proxy- DHCP-, and time server for small and medium enterprises (SME) on one single Debian Sarge system. Here on howtoforge Quote: It is very easy to set up, and management is done with an easy-to-use web interface called eBox so once the system is set […]

Automated Installer for USB Flash Thumbdrives

Simple tool to automate installing Debian to a USB Flash drive using Debootstrap and a chroot jail. See its page here Quote: Features: * Base install works on most USB flash thumbdrives larger than 256MB * Simple Partitioning [Single partition for small unencrypted USB thumbdrives, OR two partitions for large and/or encrypted USB thumbdrives]. * […]

Don’t fear the penguin

Here's a nice article about that one should not be afraid to use Linux – the distribution used for the examples is Ubuntu. Read it here Quote: To try them out and see if you want to install, just download a live CD and pop it into your computer. A live CD runs the operating […]

BSP Marathon Cambridge: 28th-29th October

Bug squashing. Important. Now! Quote: On the weekend of Sat 28th / Sun 29th of October, I'm volunteering tohost a BSP in Cambridge as part of the BSP Marathon to help us releaseEtch. Information and sign-up is in the wiki at Please add yourself if you'd like to come along. I hope to see […]

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