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Turning Ubuntu into Kubuntu

This Howto is chapter 20 from Marcel Gagné's new book Moving to Ubuntu Linux reprinted with permission. Read the chapter here Quote: I also introduced you to the concept of desktop environments and told you that GNOME was the default environment for Ubuntu. There is, however, another very popular desktop environment for Linux called KDE. […]

Facts about Debian and Mozilla® Firefox®

Mike Hommey tries to rectify some of the stories about the Debian/Mozilla dispute in this blog entry. The blog entry is found here Quote: There have been quite some comments on the Iceweasel case all over the planets, and I saw several assertions, especially from the Mozilla camp, that I, as the Firefox® co-maintainer, the […]

Ubuntu Linux desktop tests in the VCS

Ubuntu and open source has been tested in the UK voluntary and community sector, and resistance to more general use of the software was much strong at managerial and decision making level. Read the conclusion and download the papers fromhere Quote: From the experiences of the overall East of England FOSS in the VCS project, […]

Position statement clarifying DFSG #2

The vote is over: Results for Position statement clarifying DFSG #2 Quote: Hi, The project decided in favour of further discussion on this topic. manoj Starting results calculation at Sun Oct 15 00:01:14 2006 Option 1 “DFSG 2 applies to all programmatic works”Option 2 “Further Discussion” In the following table, tally[row x][col y] represents the […]

Recall the project leader

The vote is over: Results for General Resolution: Recall the project leader Quote: Hi, The motion to recall the DPL, as allowed by the Constitution (section 4.1.1), failed. manoj Starting results calculation at Sun Oct 15 00:01:49 2006 Option 1 “Recall the project leader”Option 2 “Further Discussion” In the following table, tally[row x][col y] represents […]

Re-affirm support to the Debian Project Leader

The vote is over: Results for General Resolution: Re-affirm support to the Debian Project Leader Quote: Hi, The resolution that passed is: ,—-[Re-affirm DPL, wish success to unofficial Dunc Tank ]| The Debian Project does not object to the experiment named| “Dunc-Tank”, lead by Anthony Towns, the current DPL, and Steve Mc| Intyre, the Second […]

Handling source-less firmware in the Linux kernel

The vote is over: Results for General Resolution: Handling source-less firmware in the Linux kernel Quote: Hi, The resolution that passed is: ,—-[ Release Etch even with kernel firmware issues ]| 1. We affirm that our Priorities are our users and the free software| community (Social Contract #4);| | 2. We acknowledge that there is […]

The future of DWN

As you might have noticed, the Debian Weekly News has come to a stop as Martin “Joey” Schulze stopped working on it as a indirect consequence of Dunc-tank. The question is “now what”? A few of the key persons comments: Joey Hess: Quote: I've considered taking over writing DWN again. However, it's not clear to […]

Getting your Ubuntu box safely up to speed

I began to wonder how well Ubuntu would run on some of my older PCs. But a little research turned up tricks to get Ubuntu sprinting even on antiquated systems. Here are a few basic things I did to adapt Dapper Drake to old hardware. Read it at Quote: As a long-time fan of […]

Interview with Matt Zimmerman

This time behindubuntu have had a talk with Matt Zimmermann, chair of the Ubuntu Technical Board about the work and his life Read it here Quote: How does your long involvement with debian conflict/compliment your work on Ubuntu? Ubuntu keeps me very busy, both personally and professionally, which means that I don't have much time […]

How To Install VMware Server On Debian Sarge

Falko Timme has provided yet another howto at HowtoForge – this time about WMware Read the article for yourself Quote: I want to say first that this is not the only way of setting up such a system. There are many ways of achieving this goal but this is the way I take. I do […]

Beryl and XGL on Ubuntu Linux with ATI card

Lennart Hansen blogs about his experiences with Beryland XGL Read it here Quote: So yesterday I tryed Beryl on Ubuntu Dapper, even though Beryl is only v.0.1 I must say it seems pretty stable and works great on my laptop…

Why proprietary software will always win out

Lets just say that not exactly everyone agrees with Debian's stand on the Firefox/IceWeasel issue and this blog is a good example of it. Read it here at engtech Quote: Recently I came across a news article that made me stop and check the source — I was sure I must have stumbled on to […]

Book Review – The Official Ubuntu Book

Well, there's book reviews everywhere – this time Arsgeek have had a look at The Officiel Ubuntu Book and Read the review here Quote: So should you go out and buy this book? If you’re a Linux/Ubuntu expert then you can probably forgo it. Anyone else who’s interested in Ubuntu either as a primary operating […]

Ubuntu Weekly News #17

In this issue UWN covers the end of the Ubuntu Video contest, the new Bluetooth team, Ubuntu in Indiana schools and much more. Quote: Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 17 for the week of Oct1 – 7, 2006. In this issue we cover the end of the Ubuntu Videocontest, the new Bluetooth team, […]

Book review: Beginning Ubuntu Linux…

FreeSoftwareMagazine have posted a review of “Beginning Ubuntu Linux: From Novice to Professional” It is found here Quote: ProsSo you want to migrate or you know people that do—get this book and that’s really all you’ll need. I can’t stress enough how comprehesive and easy to use this book is. ConsAs I said, this book […]

Wakeonlan from Debian and from the router

the debian user have blogged a short how-to on make wakeonlan work on your Debian box. Read the guide here Quote: Enter wakeonlan. Almost all newer hardware, especially those with onboard NICs (network interfaces), have the capability for that built in. So does for instance the Dell Optiplex GX620 I have here at work, as […]

Quick guide to Guarddog

The following is a brief guide to using the Kde firewall tool ‘Guarddog’ to set up a Firewall suitable for home use on Debian. Read the blog here Quote: GNU/Linux like other Operating Systems has a firewall. The main difference between the GNU/Linux firewall and the Windows firewall is that the firewall on GNU/Linux is […]

Adobe Photoshop CS2 on Ubuntu

This HOW-TO covers up the whole process of installing Adobe Photoshop CS2 on a Ubuntu box in a few simple steps Read it here Quote: This method has been tested only on Ubuntu, but it should work on any other linux flavor. Any questions or feedback leave them in the comments.

Delay of the full etch freeze

Andreas Barth announces the bad news – there's too many release critical bugs to provide a full freeze. Quote: Hi, In spite of much hard work by our many bugsquashers, the current RC bugcount is floating around 250. This is much higher than the number asked forby the release schedule at the point of the […]

Automounting USB storage media

Tuxedup have written a small how-to to automount an USB storage media on Debian Read the blog entry here Quote: USB storage media are an ideal way to transfer files between computers without the need for a network or Floppy Disk. Not only can they hold a great volume of files, but now they are […]

Amazon links Debian with bondage

Some might say that it is only naturally to enjoy bonding if you love Debian, but it might also just be an honest mistake from Amazon. Read the blog and see the evidenceQuote: It seems something about Debian triggers a mechanism in Amazon that makes it serve up ads for bondage films. No, I have […]

Will Ubuntu 6.10 Beta switch this user from Xandros

Testing and commenting the 6.10 Beta, it stays on a seperate partition and perhaps it might replace Xandros. Read it here at reviewlinux Quote: In conclusion, I am so used to using KDE and the GNOME desktop may take me a while to get used too. I do know one thing, the Ubuntu 6.10 Beta […]

Why I installed debian over my copy of vista rc2

Here's a rather fun (and serious) blogging about what boredom can bring a man to do. And enjoy. Read it here Quote: After what seemed like ages I was at the desktop. ‘Pretty impressive’ I thought to myself. Two completely useless sidebar widgets one for the time and a scratch pad. I had trouble looking […]

Behind the Debian and Mozilla dispute over use of Firefox covers and comments the latest Debian issue that has caught the media attention. Read it here Quote: If any of this sounds faintly familiar, it may be because a similar issue arose prior to the last Debian version release, Sarge, and dates as far back as 2004. At that time, the dispute centered around […]

Debian Etch Kernels

This article will show what changes (related to the debian kernel images) can Debian Sarge users expect to see when Etch will reach stable. Read the blog entry here Quote: Users of Debian testing/sid are already familiar with these changes as they are live in Etch for a while.So what changes will you see in […]

Fedora Core 6 vs Ubuntu 6.10

Head to head – which is the better one of the latest version of two of the most populad Linux distributions? Ubuntu is the answer. Quote: Bottom line: Fedora is a great Linux distribution, but not the best. I feel that — now more than ever — there are real reasons why Ubuntu is the […]

Debian and Firefox: Open Source madness!

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols: I want Linux to be as user-friendly as Mac OS X, as powerful as AIX, and without this nonsense of having different names and icons for the same blasted programs. Read the rest of his comments here Quote: Opinion — I love free software. I use open-source programs and operating systems every […]

Ubuntu Seeks Idents on Demo Scene

Mark Shuttleworth explained at Sundown that Ubuntu is looking into ways to include demoscene animation during the wait for Ubuntu to boot. It's here at ohmynews Quote: The project returns to the origins of the demo scene, an identity projected while loading software. As Wikipedia points out “the making of intros and standalone demos evolved […]

Book review: Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks

Ravi Kumar through Slashdot reviews – “A very good book targeted at newbies for installing and configuring Ubuntu Linux” Read it here Quote: If you are a person who has installed and used Linux in the past, this book probably doesn't cover anything new to you. Having said that, it could be an ideal gift […]

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