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Deep into Munich’s Linux F/OSS migration

Linuxworld have posted seven pages with details and insights about LiMux; Munich's flavour of Debian.
They start here


LiMux futures

Munich faces the same issues that other adopters of free and open source software must deal with: the specter of constantly re-arising software patent issues, application conversion and migration issues, and the gradual weaning process from historically used applications.

There’s an additional dependency on core application providers, both the fruits of the Debian community (known for its deliberative conservatism), the evolution of OpenOffice, as well as the myriad other applications that are in use today, and might be envisioned for the future. Migration from existing applications, and the training processes needed to bring users to a comfort level for the mainstream choices made for Projekt LiMux is a huge part of both the budget and effort behind the migration in Munich, a step that may help to ensure its success.

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