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Is Ubuntu set to become non-free?

Ubuntu's next version is aiming for some pretty good features such as a bullet proof and network roaming. There's one change that bothers me to no end though: composite by default.
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To recap: “Only free software, unless absolutely required”. I don't think that I am alone when I say that a 3D desktop is not an absolute requirement, so it looks like Ubuntu is abandoning it's own philosophy for Feisty Fawn. The arguement is that new converts are clamoring en masse for the 3D desktop. Enabling it by default will make many users switch from Windows or OSX to Ubuntu. There are two flaws in this reasoning:

1. A 3D desktop—while great eye candy—will not solve some of the major problems new Ubuntu recruits have. Things like mp3 support, dvd and wmv playback, etcetera. Thát's what is holding back most Windows converts. The 3D desktop is just a very good looking bonus.
2. User's rarely switch on their own. Most do because long time Linux users recommend them Ubuntu or even help them install it on their systems. What will happen when these long time users switch away and start recommending something else? Something more free? Ubuntu is drawing in the new crowds but it's partly doing so because the old hands recommend it.

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