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Linux: should you make the switch

This article in the non-IT press (The Pacer) covers that due to Debian and Ubuntu, it is now easier than ever to switch to Linux.
Read the nice article here


Probably the most famous of these are Debian and Ubuntu. Debian is a very popular version of Linux originally created by a Purdue grad named Ian Murdock, and named for himself and his wife, Deb (hence, Deb-Ian). Ubuntu is an African word meaning “humanity;” Ubuntu and its sister project, Kubuntu, are subtitled “Linux for Human Beings.” Both versions run primarily in graphical mode, and Ubuntu in particular makes it so users hardly ever have to see the command line. Both Debian and Ubuntu use special package managers that help users get Linux programs without running into all sorts of dreadful dependency problems. In other words, if you download one program and you need another to make it work, you’ll know this up front instead of finding out later when it crashes and burns. You’ll also very rarely have to compile any source code using either of these.

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