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Midterm report from the Dunc-Tank

Steve Langasek have posted the first of his two formal reports to the Dunc-Tank board on the release management funding experiment.
Read it here


Has the hard work paid off? Well, shows a sharp decline in release critical bugs affecting testing over the same time period, following the peak resulting from Dunc Bank's successful campaign of identifying latent release-critical bugs in etch. Unfortunately, we have no statistics that track the number of RC bugs closed or opened over time, which makes it hard to judge how large of a dent my own work has made in the overall bug count. It's also totally guesswork to try to judge whether Dunc-Tank has encouraged others to help with the release overall, or discouraged them from doing so. What I can say is that, even though the past month coincides both with the tail-end of the Dunc Bank mass bug filings and multiple archive-wide rebuild efforts, the bug count is moving in the right direction, and I am seeing many maintainers being responsive to bugs in their packages and a number of active NMUers. If not for the buzz-kill of Lucas Nussbaum's latest round of build failure reports :), we would be down from over 300 RC bugs to less than 200 right now, which probably represents at least twice that many RC bugs closed.

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