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Microsoft, Novell, and now Ubuntu join to boost Apple and Debian

Newsforge comments the entire chaos between Microsoft, Novell and Ubuntu with a: “I don't know about you, but suddenly I'm starting to think Debian ought to be my GNU/Linux distribution of choice”
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Microsoft is apparently getting ready to do something with Linux. We don't know what, but if the company's past history is any guide it won't be pleasant. Novell either is or isn't involved, and may or may not survive its attempt to cuddle up with The Beast in its den, so I must avoid it, too. The jury is still out (drinking) when it comes to Ubuntu; I would rather have my Linux 100% Free, but I also want my computers to be fully functional in a world where — let's face it — Windows and proprietary software still wag the dog. So maybe I won't move from Ubuntu to Debian, although I am sorely tempted.

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