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Ubuntu Weekly News #22

In This Issue: Feisty on the Schedule, New LoCo teams announced, New Ubuntu Customization Kit release, Ubuntu-based PBX announced and much much more Quote: Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 22 for the week of Nov12th – 18th, 2006. In this issue we cover the new Feisty schedule, newLoCo teams, Ubuntu-uk auction, changes in […]

Ubuntu Rescued My Laptop

A few weeks ago I started seeing the “Blue Screen of Death” on my Sony Vaio PCG-K35 laptop every 10 minutes or so, making the computer nothing more than an overpriced 7 lb. Ubuntu comes to the rescue Read about the installation here Quote: Wow. That’s all I can say- Wow. Ubuntu installed like a […]

Getting Wifi Working With Ubuntu Edgy On My Powerbook

This blogger continues setting up his Powerbook with Ubuntu goodness. Read it here Quote: See my post from yesterday on how I setup a dual-boot of Mac OS X and Ubuntu Edgy on my Powerbook. Geoff Arnold left me a comment asking if the wireless connection worked. It didn't. I went a googling.

Debian Miniconf at 2007

This is a call for participation in the sixth Debian Miniconf which willbe part of the (LCA) 2007 conference run by LinuxAustralia in Sydney. Quote: Hi LA, This is a call for participation in the sixth Debian Miniconf which willbe part of the (LCA) 2007 conference run by LinuxAustralia in Sydney. LCA2007 […]

Linux-Vserver on Etch, the easy way

Linux-Vserver is an open-source system used to separate a single physical server into multiple virtual servers. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to install Linux-Vserver on Debian Testing (Etch), the easy way. Read it here at howtoforge Quote: Most tutorials mention that you need to compile your own kernel in order to use Linux-Vserver. […]

Midterm report from the Dunc-Tank

Steve Langasek have posted the first of his two formal reports to the Dunc-Tank board on the release management funding experiment. Read it here Quote: Has the hard work paid off? Well, shows a sharp decline in release critical bugs affecting testing over the same time period, following the peak resulting from Dunc Bank's […]

Set Up Ubuntu-Server 6.10 As A Firewall/Gateway

Scope: creating a firewall/(mail)gateway for a small network (say 10 to 15 users or so on a PIII 450MHz, 512 MB ram and two identical network interface cards, broadband connection, fully featured, for a bussines environment. Read it on Quote: Expected audience: (beginning) sysop. This tuto leads towards a solid 'ready to go' sytem. […]

Dual Boot: Mac OS X Tiger and Ubuntu 6.10

I have a 1.5GHz G4 Powerbook. Until Saturday, I'd just been running the latest Mac OS X Tiger release on it. It's got an 80GB internal disk. I decided that I wanted to make it a dual boot system. Read it here Quote: From talking with someone else who'd already done this, I was under […]

DSL v3.1 RC4 is now ready for testing

The 4th release candidate for Damn Small Linux is now available for testing. Here's the announcement Quote: Cumulative Change Log: * Improved mount tool for “after boot” pendrive support.* Fixed reported issues with mount tool – sort order & missing devices* Fixed incomplete Lua conversion of dslMirrorSel.lua* Fixed incomplete Lua conversion of icontool.lua* Updated .jwmrc […]

Ubuntu Install CD Customization

The process of customizing or “remastering” Ubuntu install CDs is not especially complex, but it is a little tedious and finicky. This page documents all the problems you might find; if it doesn't, please edit it! Read about it here

Book review: Ubuntu Hacks

Joseph Hall blogs and reviews Ubuntu Hacks by Jonathan Oxer, Kyle Rankin & Bill Childers Read it here Quote: For those not familiar with Hacks series by O'Reilly, let me get you a little up to speed. Each book is a collection of 100 tips and tricks pertaining to a particular subject. The subject is […]

Dell + Ubuntu ==> Disaster

Ubuntu6.06 LiveCD is perhaps the only distro on earth which doesn’t give you a chance to specify where to install its Grub Loader – it installs itself on the default boot disk’s MBR – something that will nicely mess up Dell’s special MBR Read about the disaster here Quote: Dell pre-installs two hidden partitions on […]

Enhance Your Mail Server With ASSP

ASSP stands for Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy. The ASSP server project is an Open Source platform-independent transparent SMTP proxy server that leverages numerous methodologies and technologies to both rigidly and adaptively identify spam. In short ASSP is the most kickass solution that is both free and works great. It reduced spam to an absolute minimum for […]

Debian Jr. development revived

Ben Armstrong are trying to revive the work on Debian Jr. – and more particularly how to arrange an account for a child of 1 to 3 years of age. Read his blog containing a brief status and ideas Quote: Getting started with live.debian.netTo that end, last week I was inspired to follow the Debian […]

Distrowatch covers Etch delay

This edition of Distrowatch weekly covers the annoiuncement of the potential delay of the next Debian release. Read it here Quote: Rarely does a new product generates as much excitement in the Linux community as a new release of Debian GNU Linux – a comparatively rare event on the distributions' release calendar. With version 4.0 […]

The Rising Star Of Ubuntu

Given the recent Novell+Microsoft, RedHat vs. Oracle, and Sun Java Open Source news, Ubuntu is out there marching to it's own drummer. It is a grassroots effort that seems to be growing. Read the blog at LinuxToday Quote: So, how will Ubuntu do in the rough and tumble world of Linux and commercial support? It […]

Adopt an Debian orphan

There are a lot of orphaned packages around….. But, since we are talking about free software, every good developer is encouraged to pick one and try to push it a bit further. Read the article at Free Software Magazone Quote: Unfortunately, its development was discontinued in 2004. I tried to survive with it, but eventually […]

Installing Nvidia Drivers in Etch

Naturally it is possible to use Nvidia's own installer, however I prefer to avoid bypassing the package management system where possible, and you should too. Read it here at Technoblogical

Using Ubuntu Linux 6.10

The blogger skunkwork entertains us whti his ecperiences with Ubuntu 6.10 compared to Windows XP Read it here: Quote: I am a proficient Windows XP user and more, but after seeing what’s Vista going to be with all the issues in relation to implementing security and the way Microsoft wants to license it, I decided […]

KVM in Debian

KVM is a Kernel-based Virtual Machine for Linux, it has a kernel module that enables a modified Qemu to use the Intel VT extension for full virtualisation, with the benefit of making the virtualisation very fast. Read the howto in this blog Quote: It will be available in Debian once the ftp-masters clear the backlog, […]

Call for help with the Debian FAQ (updates and review)

So, if you are looking for something to do that might actually help the nextrelease (besides testing the latest d-i, fixing RC bugs and doing NMUs)I bring you one right to your lap: improve our documentation by helpingupdate The Debian GNU/Linux FAQ. Quote: Hi everyone, We are (as our RMs recently announced) not very far […]

Racoon Roadwarrior Configuration

Racoon Roadwarrior is a client that uses unknown, dynamically assigned IP addresses to connect to a VPN gateway (in this case also firewall). This is one of the most interesting and today most needed scenarios in business environment. This tutorial shows how to configure Racoon Roadwarrior.

Ubuntu to add proprietary drivers

Reluctantly, the Ubuntu developer community has decided that with the next version of Ubuntu, it will be including some proprietary drivers. Feisty Fawn's emphasis on “multimedia enablement” appears to be the culprit. Read it from Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols Quote: Thus the goal is that while Ubuntu will be shipping “proprietary drivers in the short term, […]

Linux desktop domination "just a matter of time"

Here is a brief Q&A between's Chris Preimesberge and Suttleworth Read it here Quote: South Africa native and current London resident Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical Ltd. and the Ubuntu Linux distribution, told Friday in an interview that widespread adoption of Linux on the desktop — so long-awaited by many people — “is […]

Debian Etch: Not just for experts

Steve wanted to give Etch a try and now has the problem of which distro to use as his default – FC6, Slackware 11, Ubuntu Edgy, and Debian Etch Read the report on the small test here: Quote: When Debian Sarge was released a year or so ago I decided to give it a try. […]

Portable Linux on windows xp

This blogger wanted a portable OS that could run Firefox – he chose Damn Small Linux and now carries it around with hím. Read it here Quote: Only problem: it’s Windows CE. Designed for PDAs and mobile devices, won’t run anything but CE apps. Especially won’t run Firefox. And also there is the (not even […]

Ubuntu Developer Summit report

In this final report from the UDS, look at plans for the Ubuntu and Kubuntu desktops, the future of PowerPC, and how Ubuntu is working with local community teams. Read about Desktop plans, PowerPC's future, and community Quote: Shuttleworth says the biggest challenge for Ubuntu right now is “the chicken and the egg” problem […]

DebConf7: registration and call for papers

Moray Allan have posted that they invite submissions of proposals for papers, presentations, discussion sessions and tutorials. Submissions will be accepted until 31 January. Quote: DebConf7 Registration——————— Registration is now open for DebConf7, which will take place inEdinburgh from Sunday 17 to Saturday 23 June 2007. To register, go to and create anaccount on […]

Ubuntu Developer Summit, Mountain View

Murray have blogged about the UDS, primarily from a Gnome perspective Read about it at the blog: Quote: Canonical (or Ubuntu, or even Google, not sure) sponsored travel and accommodation for “upstream” participants, including several people from GNOME and associated projects. Now that’s really working with upstream. We were new to the Ubuntu Summit way […]

Kubuntu Dapper Live CD Optimization

Krzysztof Lichota shows us how we can change and optimize the Kubuntu liveCD Read it here Quote: Tools * Bootchart * Squashfs module instrumented by me to dump information about page reads * Script to remaster live CD in various ways (version 1.0.1 – contains cutomization directory for optimizing plain CD, use directory ./customize-dir-examples/sort-by-first-access/) * […]

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