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Keeping your Ubuntu/Debian machines clean

I tend to install a lot of stuff on my Ubuntu machines….so my machines also start getting cluttered with stale files, old versions and orphaned files. Here are two quick ways to help clean up your system. Read it at arsgeek Quote: First, you can use a built in apt-get feature called autoclean. Open a […]

Debian Installer RC1 and more release adjustments

Steve Langasek have provided an update on the progress of etch and in short words: “We hope to still release in December 2006.” Quote: Congratulations to the Debian Installer team for publishing their firstRelease Candidate for Etch![1] This means it's time for two things: toask users to begin more extensive testing of Etch as a […]

VMware and Xen Management with BixData

BixData is a system, application, and network monitoring tool which allows you to easily monitor nearly every aspect of your servers. The newly released version 2.6 is the only application that has the ability to control both Xen and VMware virtual machines. You can control both VM Hosts (the computer that's running the VM software) […]

Ubuntu Weekly News #21

In This Issue: Ubuntu Developer Summit Mountain View, gNewSense announced, KDE 4 packages available, New teams and much, much more Quote: Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 21 for the week of Oct29 – Nov 11th, 2006. After a long absence, we are back. In this issuewe cover teh Ubuntu Develop summit in Mountain […]

Getting started with ParallelKnoppix, a live CD for clusters

In an excerpt from the newly published book Linux Live CDs, describes how you can start up PK on multiple nodes to run a cluster, and customize PK to add or remove applications. Read it here Quote: To start PK, power on the computer with the CD in place. At the boot screen, just […]

Simply Mepis 6.0 – a Linux Distro that works

Titeled “Simply Mepis 6.0 – Simply a solid option for a Linux Distro that works “, here's a thorough review by the blogger KnoLinuxguy of SimplyMepis. Read it here Quote: Overall I will have to put this pretty clear, as I know there are a ton of Mepis lovers out there who are probably ready […]

Comparison: Mac over Ubuntu in a landslide

Zdot have blogged a comparison and by far prefer Mac over Ubuntu, so there might still be some work to do for the Ubuntu folks. Read it here Quote: Why? Because things in Ubuntu almost work, and on a Mac things Just Work. Ubuntu’s close enough to working that the “almost” takes a few months […]

Transition of Icedove/Enigmail complete

A few days ago, I got the new ‘icedove’ package, which succeeds the not-so-free Mozilla® Thunderbird® in Debian. The Debian User blogs about it: Quote: But integration like this is a story of its own. I’m still looking for a good lightweight ‘groupware’ package which one could install to share the calendars and address books […]

Ubuntu's Missing Link

Our friend chadm at Linuxappfinder have blogged about the missing menu link after many graphical apps are installed Read the entry right here Quote: If you spend any time browsing Ubuntu Forums it won't take long to run across the post of a frustrated user who doesn't know how to launch the application they just […]

Debian Etch loves the Slug

The NSLU2, aka “Slug,” is a sub-$100 device based on an Intel IXP4xx processor has gained much-improved Linux support, thanks to a new Debian installer that targets the device Read about it at Linuxdevices Quote: Among the most interesting hacks of the Slug is Peter Korsgaard's original work to get the device to run full […]

Install Ubuntu on Dell Dimension e510

Every time I tried to install it, I was met with many obstacles. I received messages such as “I’m not going to start X, and I won’t tell you why” and “I won’t display this resolution for other unnamed reasons” from my beautiful new Dell. Read in this blog how it was done. Quote: Before […]

Ubuntu for your parents, uncles and aunts

During my visit to India last month, I promised myself that I would accomplish one important task. I would do everything in my power to eliminate the tech support role that I was playing to my parents. Read how to achieve it right here Quote: So there you have it. The above is only a […]

Setting up a Debian Sarge guest in VMware

Albert MacSweeny blogs about how to set up a Debian 3.1 (Sarge) guest with Java 1.4, Tomcat 5.0 and Oracle XE installed. Read the lengthy blog entry Quote: To get started, I downloaded the free version of VMware Server here. You need to go through a brief registration process to obtain a serial number. Once […]

What really happened to Ubuntu's Edgy artwork

Back at the beginning of the Edgy development cycle, much was made of the formation of a new, dedicated Art Team to develop a fresh look for the backgrounds and splash screens of the startup process. :Quote: Although some in the volunteer community had speculated that Shuttleworth or higher-ups at Ubuntu had been dissatisfied […]

Ubuntu Developer Summit report reports about the discussions regarding improvements, driver controversy, and bling on the recent UDS Read it here Quote: Binary drivers The announcement that Ubuntu will ship binary drivers by default in Feisty is getting a lot of negative commentary from users and Ubuntu members alike. Of course, there's also a vocal contingent that […]

Linux: should you make the switch

This article in the non-IT press (The Pacer) covers that due to Debian and Ubuntu, it is now easier than ever to switch to Linux. Read the nice article here Quote: Probably the most famous of these are Debian and Ubuntu. Debian is a very popular version of Linux originally created by a Purdue grad […]

Debian Installer etch RC1 released

Frans Pop and The Debian Installer team is proud to announce the first release candidate (RC1) of the installer for Debian GNU/Linux Etch. Quote: The Debian Installer team is proud to announce the first release candidate (RC1) of the installer for Debian GNU/Linux Etch. Improvements in this release of the installer include: * This new […]

How To Triple Boot (XP, Vista, Ubuntu)

A triple boot system isn’t that much different from a dual boot, but since Windows Vista is using a new boot loader called winload it screws up with your typical GRUB installation. Read the bloggin' how-to here Quote: And it is pretty annoying going up and down through several boot menus to select your desired […]

Ubuntu should reconsider

In yet another comment to the plans for next Ubuntu release, Libervisco finds that Ubuntu is becoming more and more of a disappointment lately. Read his comment heer Quote: Also, by including proprietary video card drivers in Ubuntu for these desktop effects Ubuntu as the leading GNU/Linux distribution is telling video card manufacturers that the […]

Why I finally switched to Ubuntu

I reinstalled Ubuntu, and this time, I looked around for the guides that said specifically: “for absolute beginners/noobs/idiots”, and walked through their instructions. Magically, they worked! Enjoy the blog entry here Quote: My first two months of using Ubuntu were pretty… difficult. Installing Linux on a laptop (for complete beginners) was supposedly a relatively complex […]

Edgy pushed user over the edge

Days of frustration with Edgy, the latest release of Ubuntu Linux, have driven Alastair Otter to resort to an earlier version of Ubuntu Linux. And frankly, he's quite happy there. Read it at TecTonic Quote: But, after my recent experience with Edgy I am more than happy to stick with something a little less cutting […]

Distrowatch on Ubuntu and Debian

This edition of Distrowatch weekly covers potential issues with non-free in the next Ubuntu release as well as an article about what to expect in Etch. Read it here Quote: As has been discussed countless times on many Linux web sites, these drivers do indeed provide many exciting features for the end users, but unfortunately […]

The four most trendy Linux developments

Generating the most buzz is the head-to-head battle between Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (SLED 10) distribution and Ubuntu 6.06 Read the article here Quote: Novell seems to have had a bit of an edge in features that appeal to the enterprise, according to my colleague Don Marti, editor of Network World's LinuxWorld Web […]

Cloning Ubuntu in 7 steps

The SystemImager concept is that an image server retrieves a golden client's entire system image and deploys it to any number of client systems. This blogger shows us how to use it on Ubuntu. Read it at Openubuntu

Is Ubuntu set to become non-free?

Ubuntu's next version is aiming for some pretty good features such as a bullet proof and network roaming. There's one change that bothers me to no end though: composite by default. Read the bloggers opinion here Quote: To recap: “Only free software, unless absolutely required”. I don't think that I am alone when I […]

Customizing Your Ubuntu Linux Desktop

I'm going to show you how to make your system truly your own. I'll show you how to change your background, your colors, your fonts, and anything else you need to create a desktop as individual as you are. Read the chapter from “Moving to Ubuntu” Quote: As I've already mentioned, working in the Linux […]

Ubuntu install and configure OpenSSH (SSHD) server

I am totally impressed with new Ubuntu Linux server. Default installation did not install any single service This gives pretty good control over box. Read about it at

Report from the Ubuntu Developer Summit

Ubuntu developers and other interested parties from all over the world have swarmed to Google's offices in Mountain View this week for the Ubuntu Developer Summit (UDS) to plan out the next release of Ubuntu. Read about it at Quote: Shuttleworth has indicated that desktop effects, via Beryl, will be a high priority for […]

Oracle must eat Red Hat or fork

TheRegister have interviewed Mark Shuttleworth and have in typical fashion made a sensationalist article about it. Read it here Quote: Oracle's decision to trigger a Linux turf war has thus far produced the exact results Larry Ellison desired. Red Hat investors freaked out, and Red Hat customers gained a new avenue for putting pricing pressure […]

Sun, Ubuntu Cross-Certify for JEE5 Server Deployment

Sun Microsystems' President Jonathan Schwartz and Mark Shuttleworth promised to do a lot of business in the coming months. Their promise is holding quite true six months later. Read it here at,1895,2054477,00.aspeWeekQuote: The Java Community Process, which governs Java development, on Nov. 7 sanctioned the final JEE5 specification. GlassFish is the first Java application […]

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