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Sucky reviews – why Fedora isn't Ubuntu

Dave Jones, RedHat developer, writes an interesting rebuttal in his blog to a review of Fedora Core 6. Read it here Quote: Update: I was informed after writing this entry that Ubuntu does not:1. Enable ati/nvidia binary drivers by default2. Enable patent encumbered mp3 or other codecs by default I stand corrected. It does however […]

Weakly Debian Nudes #4

Theese weekly news from Ben Hay have now started to contain actual items on Debian and comments to the Linux world. The perspective is still questionable, though Weakly Debian Nudes Quote: But on to the famed “Linux Hissy-Fit Award” and we find that for the first time in living memory the recipient is not connected […]

Ubuntu 6.10 LAMP Server Installation with Screenshots

In about 15 minutes, the time it takes to install Ubuntu Edgy Server Edition, you can have a LAMP server up and ready to go. This feature, exclusive to Ubuntu Server Edition, is available at the time of installation. Automatic LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Read Full Article here

Cleaning up a Debian GNU/Linux system

Allthough I bring their feed, I have to put this article from Debian-Administration up here – it begins “You arrive at a Debian GNU/Linux server which has some history of neglection.” Read the rest of the story and tips here Quote: Let's suppose someone else neglected it but if your new-year resolution is to stop […]

Beryl debuts a dazzling community-built 3-D desktop find Beryl impressive, but, predictably, unstable using an ubunyu box as their testsystem. Read it here Quote: Since Edgy comes with the latest version of X.Org's server, which has OpenGL built-in, I didn't have to make a choice about which way to add OpenGL to X. As a matter of fact, since I am […]

Debian & Ubuntu HOW-TO: Custom Kernel Compile

You want to compile your very own Linux kernel ? No ? Well you should ! In this blog is a simple receipt. Read the blog entry at Techno Wizah

How To Compile A Kernel – The Ubuntu Way

Each distribution has some specific tools to build a custom kernel from the sources. This article is about compiling a kernel on Ubuntu systems. It describes how to build a custom kernel using the latest unmodified kernel sources from (vanilla kernel) so that you are independent from the kernels supplied by your distribution. It […]

Canonical to distribute Sun's Java

Canonical will distribute Sun's open-source Glassfish software for running Java on servers with the Ubuntu version of Linux, the companies plan to announce Wednesday. Update: two more articles on the subject. Read about it at C*net Ubuntu, Sun get closer Quote: That means Sun will now certify Ubuntu and Canonical will support Ubutnu running on […]

A pirate’s Ubuntu testimony

My dad, aka. the pirate, just came to me and said he was much more happy with the computer now as it is running Ubuntu Linux than he have ever been when it ran Windows. Enjoy the blog here Quote: My dad is not very good at these pestilent computers, as he calls them. In […]

Ubuntu Summit: Inside the Googleplex

TecTonic have posting directly from the Developer Summit: Morgan Collet, one of just two South Africans at the week-long event. The Ubuntu bloggers are busy, too. Read it here Quote: The results of this discussion will be documented on the Ubuntu wiki once the assigned “drafter” has an opportunity to take the text from Gobby […]

Top 6 Download Manager for Ubuntu 6.10

If you can find the blog below all the adds, here's a list of packages that can be use as download manager for Ubuntu Edgy Eft. Read somewhere around here Quote: Download Manager Features: Pausing the downloading of large files. Resuming broken or paused downloads (especially for very large files). Downloading files on poor connections. […]

Reasons Why Ubuntu Fails06Nov06

This blogger lists a bunch of reasons for why Ubuntu won't make it into mainstream – btw, he's an Ubuntu user. Quote: Before I start, I would like to say that I am an Ubuntu user. I love it and I use it as my main OS. When I need to use Windows XP it […]

4 ways to run Root privileged processes without a password

Arsgeek seems to love Ubuntu – their articles about it continues with “Ubuntu Tricks – 4 ways to run Root privileged processes without a password.” Read it here Quote: First, a note from your author. While some of these processes may be a bit time saving and knowledge is good for it’s own sake, I […]

Damn Small Linux 3.1 RC3

The third release candidate of Damn Small Linux 3.1 has been released See the announcement Quote: Cumulative Change Log: * Improved to support Poormans via Bootfloppy installs.* Improved to support Poormans via Bootfloppy installs.* Improved dsl-hdinstall & dsl-installboot to support Poormans via Bootfloppy installs* Updated mkdosswapfile to support Poormans via Bootfloppy* New boot […]

Sun certifies Ubuntu on its servers

Sun will certify Canonical's Ubuntu Linux on its x86 servers, the company has said. Techworld brings us the word: Quote: Earlier this year, Ubuntu became the first Linux distribution to support Sun's UltraSparc T1 processor, also known as Niagara, which powers Sun's CoolThreads servers, the Sun Fire T1000 and T2000. The closer alignment with Sun […]

In gratitude to apt-proxy

We use apt-proxy on one machine in our intranet, which runs Sarge and also does some selective DNS forwarding, a thing we never could do right with proprietary software, at least not at the time we needed this feature. Read about it at The Debian User Quote: Of course apt-proxy has its problems, like any […]

Deep into Munich’s Linux F/OSS migration

Linuxworld have posted seven pages with details and insights about LiMux; Munich's flavour of Debian. They start here Quote: LiMux futures Munich faces the same issues that other adopters of free and open source software must deal with: the specter of constantly re-arising software patent issues, application conversion and migration issues, and the gradual weaning […]

Is the MEPIS Desktop in Need of a Makeover?

Distrowatch covers the question from MEPIS to it's community – re-design the graphical desktop environment in SimplyMEPIS. Read about it in Distrowatch weekly Quote: So this is a call to you graphic designers out there, and anybody else who would like to tackle the MEPIS desktop makeover. Please give us your comments and ideas, and […]

Ubuntu's offical Launch in China

Mark Shuttleworth was in Beijing last week for Ubuntu’s official China launch. The event was overwhelmingly successful. However, the reason for the success is questionable… Read the comment here at ZDNet Quote: …was it because Ubuntu, one of the top distros in the world, has really caught on in China, or was it simply because […]

Switch from XP to Ubuntu

Bill de hÓra blogs about how the change to Ubuntu went and how it is working today Quote: ConclusionMost of this was written back in September. After about 6 weeks of heavy use, there's nothing that has me wanting to move off Ubuntu. It's remarkably solid and well-designed, and maybe no more than 2 years […]

How To Compile A Kernel – The Ubuntu Way

Each distribution has some specific tools to build a custom kernel from the sources. This article is about compiling a kernel on Ubuntu systems. It describes how to build a custom kernel using the latest unmodified kernel sources from Read it here Quote: I have tested this on Ubuntu 6.10 Server (“Edgy Eft”) and […]

Yet another Knoppix review have had their hands at Knoppix and highly recommend it to everyone. Read the stuff here Quote: In the end Knoppix looks like a good solid Linux for someone who wants to switch from Windows, but if you ask me you get a more clear glimpse of Linux using distributions like Ubuntu that make […]

Using sudo to Keep Admins Honest? sudon't!

The consensus among many Unix and Linux users seems to be that sudo is more secure than using the root account, because it requires you type your password to perform potentially harmful actions. Enterprisenetworkingplanet:Quote: People praise sudo, while demeaning Windows at the same time for not having any separation of privileges by default. The answer […]

Remaster Knoppix From Hd Install HowTo

How to remaster Knoppix directly from an operating 'Knoppix type” HD install instead of from a special system accessed by chrooting into it. Read it here This allows a much easier setup and you can boot directly into the remaster and operate from it, checking and improving the system as the customization progresses.

Managing Xen With Xen-Tools, Xen-Shell, And Argo

This guide describes how to install and use xen-tools, xen-shell, and Argo on a Debian system. All three packages provide useful tools for the administration of virtual Xen machines. Xen-tools is a collection of Perl scripts that allow you to easily create, update, and delete Xen guest domains. The xen-shell provides a command-line interface to […]

Debian HOW-TO : 3D Desktop with AIGLX & Compiz

You've got this Debian machine, and yet you want to use the famous "3D desktop" everyone's talking about ? On Debian Etch (or Sid), it is surprisingly easy to configure a "3D desktop", as Etch now ships with AIGLX & Compiz. Read the blog entry at Techno Wizah


Our script to build the LiveCD is based off the Debian Live project. Initially we hoped to work off Ubuntu's scripts but all we could find were ways to alter and existing LiveCD, rather than generate one from scratch. Their website is And there's also interesting stuff at their page with HowToCreateYourOwnGNULinuxDistribution

Update Ubuntu 6.10 With Slow/No Internet Connection

The users with slow/no Internet connection are left as it is almost impossible to conveniently add more applications to Ubuntu without decent Internet connectivity. See a solution here. Read the howto here Quote: One of the biggest hurdles for the already popular distribution Ubuntu in gaining still more popularity all across the world, is the […]

Sun, Ubuntu maker certifying Linux on x86 servers

Sun Microsystems and Canonical have nearly completed work to certify that the Ubuntu version of Linux runs smoothly on Sun's x86 servers, sources familiar with the situation said. C*net brings it here Quote: Ubuntu became the first version of Linux to be certified on Sun's UltraSparc T1 “Niagara”-based servers, joined later by Gentoo. About 5 […]

Weekly Debian Nudes #3

The brand new and now also DWN-competing Weekly Debian News/nudes are available again – oddly enough, this week it contains items about Debian! Read it here Quote: Firstly, and this is the bit where we get to the actual news, Debian Weekly News has returned, although indications are it will no longer be a weekly, […]

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