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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Time for vacation, so no updates to Debian-News for a couple of weeks. Enjoy the holidays, friends! You'll find me at Malta And in the evenings, I'll probably be around here

Vim : Ubuntu (6.06.1 / 6.10)

Some people prefer nano, maybe pico and the old-school peeps will always tell you about vi/vim. Why vim? You might say vim is the MacGyver of text editors- Read it at Ubuntu Tutorials Quote: For those of you that have avoided vim in the past due to its fairly steep initial learning curve I thought […]

Installing the Intel Compiler on Ubuntu Linux

I would like to tell you about how to install the Intel Compiler on a Debian-based system. Installation of this compiler used to be a real pain. Read it here Quote: Most of my regular readers probably know by now that I am developing OpenMP-codes for work. I am also using Linux, more precisely Ubuntu […]

Ubuntu and Beryl Beat Vista

Stephen Schultz at Associated Content is very happy with Ubuntu and Beryl compared to Vista Read about it here Quote: In comparing this to Windows Vista, I should mention, this upgrade required no new computer hardware. Granted, I already had a pretty good graphics card (ATI 800Radeon). But the addition of Beryl did not drain […]

The well-tempered Debian desktop

I've now done an Etch install on the same Thinkpad I recently used for evaluating seven single-CD distros, and this article explains what I did and how it worked out. Read it at DesktopLinux Quote: Bottom line At 15 points, Etch scored just below the lowest-ranked distro in my previous Thinkpad shoot-out — Freespire — […]

SimplyMEPIS-32 Beta1 Release

MEPIS LLC has released Beta1 of SimplyMEPIS-32 Version 6.0-4, aka SystemUpdate1 (SU1). Read the announcement Quote: Warren Woodford of MEPIS said “Over the past two weeks, most of the changes have been available in the MEPIS dev-32 pool. MEPIS testers have been hard at work trying out the packages. With their help, this will be […]

Tux as origami for beginners

Getting close to Christmas, we all need something to do with the family – and making our own Tux out of paper is just the right thing. You'll find the great big PDF-file just the thing to work from!

Ubuntu 6.10 vs Windows

Starting as a review of Ubuntu, this blogger ventures into discussing the pro's and con's of Linux. Read it here Quote: But my main desktop – the one I spend all day on every day? I think it is going back to XP – no, not Vista (at least not now). Why? Because I need […]

Say what? Debian developers are 'childish'

In yet another comment to the recent release discussion, C*net news discuss and look at the effects of Dunc-Tank, but no new reflections are found in the article. Read it here Quote: “This whole affair already hurts Debian more than it can ever achieve. It already made a lot of people who have contributed a […]

Running Ubuntu Linux on Acer Tablet Notebooks

Do keep in mind that this guide is written especially for the Acer Travelmate c300 and c200 series notebooks, but may work for other Tablets. Read it here Quote: I want to share the experience I gained from the switch over to Ubuntu Linux a few months ago. It might be of some help to […]

Ubuntu Certified Professional

Ubuntu is joining the vendor-specific Linux certification scene alongside Red Hat’s RHCT/RHCE/RHCA/RHCSS and Novell’s CLP and CLE, and they are doing so by building upon the “vendor-neutral” LPI certifications Read about the announcement here Quote: From Q1 2007 delegates will be able to prepare for, and achieve, the qualification by attending two five day courses […]

Bandwidth Monitoring Tools for Ubuntu Users

Bandwidth in computer networking refers to the data rate supported by a network connection or interface. Here's a list of the misc. tools to be used in Ubuntu. Read it at ubuntugeek Quote: Bandwidth represents the capacity of the connection. The greater the capacity, the more likely that greater performance will follow, though overall performance […]

Bits from the debian-cd team; more CD/DVDs being built regularly

Steve McIntyre updates us on how it is proceeding with the daily builds of the CD's and DVD's Quote: We now have *lots* of CD and DVD types being built regularly, so maybea quick summary is in order: Daily builds============ * “etch” businesscard for each arch *except* s390 (small image, no packages – just contains […]

Ubuntu Linux 6.10 on the Panasonic Toughbook CF-18 Tablet PC

I recently installed Ubuntu 6.10 on the Panasonic Toughbook CF-18 Tablet PC (model CF-18FDHZBVE) that I had previously installed Ubuntu 5.10 on (you can find that writeup here). Read it here if you own one of those Quote: This model comes in two versions – one with a touchscreen (i.e. you can use your finger) […]

Howtos, Tutorials, & the like for Ubuntu

Every day there are a load of Ubuntu guides, howto's and stuff – Tuxmachines tries to keep up: How to install & play World of Warcraft and Mount Network File systems (NFS,Samba) and 3-4 more guides They're found here

OpenVZ On Debian Etch For Webservers

Virtualization is nice! A good practice for servers, since it makes things more secure, scalable, replacable, and replicable. All this at the cost of little added complexity. Read the guide at howtoforge Quote: This guide is written during an install of a Supermicro machine with 2 dual-core opterons (64-bit), 2 identical disks (for RAID) and […]

Installing Windows and Ubuntu on a PC

By setting up your PC to dual-boot, you can easily take Linux for a test-drive. Scott Spanbauer at PCWorld shows us how. It is found here Quote: Creating a dual-boot setup on a Windows machine is as easy as selecting that option when you install Ubuntu. As you switch between the two operating systems in […]

Weekly Debian Nubiles #6

Ben Hay continues his alternative version of Debian News: “Did you ever get the feeling that maybe all of the adults have left the Debian project for greener pastures (ie Ubuntu)?” There's also mention of the dreaded Linux Hissy-Fit Award Quote: And the important question for this week is, are we dealing with a bunch […]

Ubuntu Edgy…45 days later

…with Ver. 6.10, I decided to spend some time working with the finished product looking more at reliability and software that fists the way I use a computer. Read the blog entry at GeekTimeLinux Quote: Now, back to the crux of this piece. I am writing this post on the UBUNTU machine. In the 45 […]

Ubuntu Weekly News #25

In This Issue: New High Contrast GDM Theme, Kubuntu Community Council Meeting, Mark's Letter to OpenSUSE and much, much more. Quote: Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #25 for the week of Dec 4th – 11th, 2006. In this issue we cover upcoming meetings, the Kubuntu Community Council Meeting, improvements to gdm accessibility, the […]

beryl + ubuntu edgy on dell latitude d600

I decided to write this howto, because I was unable to find installation and setup guide on one place on the Net. Read it here Quote: I spent 5 hours trying to make beryl works on Dell Latitude D600 laptop's ATI mobility radeon series 9000. As you may imagine problem was not installing and setting […]

Debian delayed as contributors get grouchy

This article at ZDNet follows in the footsteps of LinuxWatch with a very critical view at Etch progress and the impact of Dunc-Tank. Read it here Quote: The next version of the Linux distribution Debian was due to be released by December 4, meaning that it is already more than two weeks late. Now one […]

Setting Up A PXE Install Server With Ubuntu

This tutorial shows how to set up a PXE install server with Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft). A PXE install server allows your client computers to boot and install a Linux distribution over the network, without the need of burning Linux iso images onto a CD/DVD, boot floppy images, etc. Read it here Quote: This is […]

Disgruntled Debian developers delay Etch

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols covers the latest blog post by Andreas Barth and focuses on the predictable slowdown in work of several key persons as a result of Dunc Tank. Updated with comments from Andreas Barth. Read it here Quote: It's turned out that Jaspert was correct. The next release of Debian has been delayed because […]

Element14 – yet another Ubuntu help blogger

The blogger support for howto's and guides for Ubuntu is impressive – the latest on the blog is element 14 with guides on Integrate Thunderbird with Active Directory, Local DNS Cache for Faster Browsing and much more Start reading here

Debian Etch: So Easy A Newbie Can Do It

As for Etch, if you've installed *buntu, you can install Debian Etch. In fact, Debian may have found a new home or two or three. Read the entire article at LXer Quote: You know, I think I can get used to running Debian GNU/Linux. In fact, these boxes now running it used to run SUSE […]

Etch release update

On his blog, Andreas Barth mentions progress towards the release of Etch. No dates given. The blog is found here Quote: On Monday and Tuesday last week we did one important step: We sent out the release update that etch is fully frozen now. Preparing that, and then handling the incoming freeze requests took some […]

Distrowatch weekly on Etch release and Knoppix

Knoppix 5.1 and the progress towards Etch release are covered in this weeks news from Distrowatch. And it is found here Quote: Although the days of twice-per-week KNOPPIX live CD releases seem to be a thing of the past, it doesn't mean that the project has been abandoned. In fact, we might be in for […]

Enable Smooth fonts on Ubuntu

Ubuntu Linux has an option for font smoothing that isn’t turned on by default for some strange reason. This makes fonts significantly smoother, enough to be very noticable. Read it here Quote: To enable this option, you need to edit the .fonts.conf file in your home directory. To create and open the file, run this […]

New Debian Installation – positive and negative points

On his blog, Mario Iseli shortly goes through the experience of installing Debian Read it here Quote: Yeah, enough talking bad now – in general I’m very happy and it’s a very good system (compared to other days with unstable ), I think etch will become a really good distribution when I look at my […]

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