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Logs from Ubuntu Open Week

There are logs and minutes on topics as community, packaging, teams and distros. Oceans of information.
They are all found here

From the Ask Mark-session


How much influence do you have over the development of Ubuntu – ie/ If 90% of the developers were against a feature, would you override?

EVERYTHING is a negotiation There are plenty of examples of places I don't get what I think is best. I agitate and push hard in many cases because that's my job – open doors, break down walls, challenge thinking. In some cases, with hindsight, I'm wrong (Nekkid people, anyone?).

The community processes are often good at fleshing out an idea and looking it from angles one person would never consider. But, at the same time, I think it's useful to have someone who can take a decision that's tough. Ultimately, though, any push comes at a cost, so I use what weight I have very sparingly.

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