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Ubuntu 6.10 reviews and comments post

All the Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) reviews you can dream of. So far reviews from, 2x Arsgeek, Lunapark6, Element14, mo79online,, Manufactured Enviroments, Linuxforums,LinuxPlanet, first impressions at Technical Itch and a review from them, Openaddict, javaride, softwareinreview, synergymx, tectonic + the Ubuntu forums and screenshot tours at TheCodingStudio + several blog entries. are happy, but not too happy:


Back in April, Mark Shuttleworth pitched a vision for Ubuntu 6.10 that suggested the release would be “cutting edge, perhaps bleeding edge.” Now that the release is ready to hit the streets, is it really cutting edge?

In some respects, yes. …But in many ways Edgy seems like a fairly conservative release. The “wobbly window bits” (Compiz/Beryl) are not installed by default, nor did Network Manager make its way into Edgy's default packages, nor the SMART package manager, nor multiarch to provide x86 packages for users on AMD64 systems who need access to 32-bit applications. Beagle isn't even installed by default, though it has already been in other distros for some time.

Edgy is a worthwhile upgrade, if you're looking to run a desktop with the most recent versions of your favorite programs and don't require the long-term support offered by Dapper, but it's not as adventurous as one might have hoped.

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Screenshot tour at Ubuntu/, Kubuntu and Edubuntu

Then there's the first impressions from the blog at technicalitch:


I took the plunge yesterday and upgraded my machine from Ubuntu 6.06 to 6.10. The upgrade instructions were very simple. I was extremely impressed with the upgrade. Absolutely no problems whatsoever.

There's install frustrations here and here from different bloggers.

Review at Arsgeek

Overall, I’m finding my time with Edgy not just fun, but productive. This is a well constructed and well working operating system in which I can get stuff done be it for business or pleasure. It’s easy to work in and work with. I’m hopeful that Ubuntu will help bring Linux more into the mainstream and open the door for other distros as folks become more comfortable with using their computers as computers, and not overblown toasters. This is a great way to make Linux easy and fun without losing any of it’s functionality or Linux’s original price tag which is still attractive at $0.00. You certainly can’t beat that.

Lunapark6 are also happy:


For people that desire a hassle free install with all the latest eye-candy Mandriva 2007 provides a better option. But on the other hand if you want to take the time to install all the eye candy yourself, the GL Desktop has the best graphical app for compiz/AIGLZ that I have yet seen. I will close out this review by saying Edgy Eft is a fine release, perhaps hinting at Ubuntu’s apsiration to get installed onto corporate desktops. This release is certainly not as drastic as Dapper was to Breezy. For at least 6 more months, I will be using Edgy Eft & Mandriva 2007 as my primary workstations and then I will say “Bring on Feisty Fawn!”

Alement13 are absolutely not happy:

First off let me state, this release is supposed to be “edgy”, but i didn’t know by edgy they meant playing with a toy that’s been through a woodschipper, now laced with sharp edges for you to cut yourself on. Also let me state that doing a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade has worked for me many times before but it’s always assumed much can go wrong as to compared to a clean install. As Ubuntu’s base grows, as fanboys on digg, slashdot, and the blogosphere tout the apt-get dist-upgrade as a wonderful feature to trample having to do full installs of Windows, disc after disc, the devs should listen and make sure their crap is together before releasing a product.

Also, are having troubles with it:

First of all, let me say: Ubuntu sucks!…I don't mean that at all though, I'm just hoping it will generate Google hits.

While, Ubuntu (a Linux OS I'm very slowly sinking into, without letting go of Windows XP's hand even for a second) is very good – both in terms of marketing, community and actual product- there is still a long road ahead if it wants to realise it's quest of being the usurper of Windows/OS X.

And we have a happy user at

Switching back to Windows would be a serious step back and I can’t imagine doing so for any reason. Seriously, I can’t even see any advantages that would really matter to me, which I could weigh against the many benefits of running linux/ubuntu (Of course I acknowledge that there are other contexts and other needs for different people). I am certainly not saying that people should try and switch, but I am encouraging people to give Ubuntu a fair shake for a while, there’s lots to win and little to loose, even when once decides to keep using Windows.

And here it is compared to SUSE:


I liked Ubuntu a lot, and I think for a lot of people — especially those who are new to Linux — it would be an excellent choice. In the end though, I like the way SUSE Linux is organized. And for me, it doesn’t feel like I had kid gloves on when using it.

Of course, I want deeper penetration of Desktop Linux, and Ubuntu is definitely a step in the right direction. But I like using SUSE Linux because it doesn’t hide the complexity as much. SUSE has more of the feel of a power tool. And strange as though it is to hear me say that, I like that.

And there's a blog of Oliver Yiptong about Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft Upgrade plus Compiz goodness on AIGLX

Here are things to ponder before upgrading:

1. Its gonna take you some time.
2. You’re going to have to mess with your xorg.conf, which can be some pretty messy affair if you don’t know what you’re doing.
3. Dual monitor support? Fuhgetdhaboutit! X-server is pretty anal about dual monitor setups, at least for ATI people. FGLRX made that a little bit easier, with BigDesktop support and all… but with open source drivers you’re quite at a loss.

Another first impressions at ubuntuforums


I have installed the Ubuntu 6.10 and although I was really impressed with the quality I was completely disappointed by the fact that this distribution is “crippled”…..To be more specific, I think that there should be a means provided to the users to decide whether to install (from the beginning or later) a fully functional version of Ubuntu that is able to play all the common multimedia formats, with all the codecs, library, etc.

Okay, now for some bloggers:

Ubuntu Edgy Upgrades a Disaster for many

Edgy eft, not so edgy

Ubuntu Edgy Eft – Oh dear

Edgy Upgrade Woes

How healthy is your Ubuntu system?

And here's luciphah:


Overall, I've been quite impressed though. My general experience of switching from Windows to Ubuntu has been much less painful than I'd dare imagine. Yes, there are still niggles and issues that, say, my dad wouldn't have been able to resolve on his own. There are a couple of nasties in the new release that could do with being fixed, but then it is only four days old. But I'd be quite happy recommending Ubuntu to someone looking to take the Linux plunge. Linux on the desktop is, in my opinion, getting very close.

And yet more bloggers:

  • Ubuntu user fails to convert girlfriend

  • Ubuntu on the Desktop – My Experiences
  • What’s bad about Ubuntu
  • Switched to Ubuntu
  • Arsgeek is at it again –


    I’ve had a pretty good experience with Edgy Eft (6.10) now for five days. However there are two problems I’m encountering that have really stumped me. These issue aren’t show stoppers (yet) and if they can be resolved without funky workarounds I’d be a real happy camper.

    Review at Linuxforums


    Dapper Drake was a huge step forward since Breezy Badger. Edgy Eft doesn't impress as much but still brings its lot of innovations and improvements over its predecessor; its artwork is a tiny bit better, its software selection is more up to date, its package manager is better than ever and its new upstart makes it really fast to boot. Of course it doesn't have the desktop and the artwork of Fedora Core 6, or the integrated 3D effects of Mandriva 2007, but it's still in my opinion the best Linux distribution there is and as with every single one of its releases, it just proved it once more.

    Blog heaven – here

    Could Ubuntu Be The ONE?

    LinuxPlanet looks at Ubuntu from a SUSE user's perspective


    Ubuntu 6.10 is a good candidate for people just getting into Linux. Installation is straightforward, although you might need to collect your DNS, Samba (Windows) share, and printer addresses before setting up networking.

    Experienced Linux users will appreciate the Synaptic package manager and the ability to easily use apt-get from the command line. It's good to see very current package like Firefox 2.0 and 2.0 in this release.

    And now also have a review/impression of a clean install:


    Everything else appears to be working fine with the clean install of Edgy 6.10. I’m glad I did the clean install now. If you’ve had problems with the upgrade from 6.06 to Edgy 6.10, which seems like a lot of people, then a clean install may be worth trying.

    And now we have a huge review at Openaddict


    Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft is an excellent Linux desktop that's very polished and stable. Hardware detection is excellent and installing software is a breeze with the Synaptic package manager. If you're looking for a distro that “just works”, give Edgy Eft a try. You'll like it.

    Those are my thoughts. Any comments?

    And here's a review from Penguin Pete


    But Ubuntu has a halo on it that is too big for just me to dislodge, and I wouldn't want to. It is popular for keeping true to Free Software ideals, keeping it small and simple, and selecting the best packages for each function. Ubuntu's installed software is sparse, but refined. It has come up recently as being a versatile distro, working as both a server and a flashy desktop. I left it running all night, and my offspring was happy enough to play games and surf the web on it in the morning. On the one out of three machines to successfully run it, it never crashed, albeit it was laggy.

    And at they seem happy:


    One thing that I disliked is the replacement of the sun’s Java with the gij (some gnu kind of java). I know this is because of the licensing issues, but I had to replace it manually.

    For the conclusion, my impressions from the ubuntu 6.10 are quite good and I am really glad that I switched and would recommend this to everyone at least to try it. The usability is really on a high level.

    Software in review writes:


    While still far from perfect, Ubuntu 6.10 “Edgy Eft” is both an improvement over the so-called “long-term support” release and a decent operating system in its own right. It's in a much better place than any other free-of-charge operating system has been before now, but I don't think it'll give any commercial operating systems a run for their money.

    And here's what they have to say at synergymx


    Does it compare to Vista or OSX? I think on many levels it does. While it is missing the eye candy of Vista or OSX, the functionality is right on the money. I would go as far as to say it overtakes Windows XP. Ubuntu labels itself as Linux for human beings, and they are definitely on the right track!

    And then for tectonic on Kubuntu


    Linux desktop-users may make up a small fraction of the total at present, but I agree with Mark Shuttleworth's comment that widespread adoption of Linux on the desktop is just a matter of time.

    And with Kubuntu Edgy Eft, it's one step closer.

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