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Weekly Debian Nudes #5

Technoblogical has yet another roundup of large and small and potential nude stuff in the Debian universe.
Read it here


Anyway, these guys go about their happy mission, releasing high quality distributions whenever the holy spirits move them, or, you know, whenever they've been off the spirits long enough, though there be years between releases and the rest of the world has long overtaken them, in terms of functionality at least.

Then, one day, along comes the Dunc Tank, a group whose name apparently derives from some kind of pool games, although it might be nice if they could learn how to spell dunk. Regardless of how you spell it, this Dun[c|k] Tank is made up of some guys who think it might be nice to get the next release of Debian out on time for a change. To this end, and apparently oblivious to the
fact that in the context of the larger group's policy “on time” really just means “when it is ready”, the Dunc Tank resolves to pay certain prominent developers to meet the release goals – specifically December 4, 2006.

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