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Disgruntled Debian developers delay Etch

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols covers the latest blog post by Andreas Barth and focuses on the predictable slowdown in work of several key persons as a result of Dunc Tank. Updated with comments from Andreas Barth.
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It's turned out that Jaspert was correct. The next release of Debian has been delayed because developers have stayed away from working on Debian because of their objections to two of the developers being paid.

As Barth wrote, “So, looking at the status changes during the time I spent full-time on release issues I think it worked well. Of course, not everything is perfect, but there is a clear improvement. On the other hand, there was a large disadvantage of the whole experiment.”

Please note that as a result of the article, Andreas Barth has updated his blog with

Update: There are media rumours floating around that “[Etch has] been delayed because some developers have deliberately slowed down their work”. This doesn't reflect what I said.

The blog is found here

Another update from Andreas Barth:


That sometimes journalists have obvious reading problems, well, isn't a too new thing. One has to deal with that, e.g. by appending more text to the cited blog entry.

If someone inside the Debian community fails for the same is way more disappointing for me. I have never stated that “[I] couldn't compensate this” – that is just totally wrong. I think that dunc-tank helped us with release of Etch, but the help could have been greater if some people wouldn't behave as childish as they do. And I also try to look both ways, and not be singled-minded about it.

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