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Installing the Intel Compiler on Ubuntu Linux

I would like to tell you about how to install the Intel Compiler on a Debian-based system. Installation of this compiler used to be a real pain.
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Most of my regular readers probably know by now that I am developing OpenMP-codes for work. I am also using Linux, more precisely Ubuntu Linux (even more precisely: Kubuntu Linux 6.10). When it comes to compilers for this platform, the Intel Compiler is one of the few affordable choices available – at least if you need OpenMP-support. Affordable in this case used to mean free for private use, cheap for academia and very reasonably priced for everyone else. I am being told by my students that Intel has changed that and the compiler is no longer free for private use, only an evaluation license valid for 30 days is available. I find this decision unfortunate, but of course I don't know the logic behind it.

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