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Enable WPA Wireless access point in Ubuntu

The Ubuntu Geek is busy – this howto is only one of many updates on his site this week. Go hereto enable the wpa wireless access point Quote: I have a Thoshiba laptop at home, I was running “Edgy Eft” (Ubuntu Linux 6.10) But one of the important things about it was its inability to […]

MySQL is NOT abandoning Debian

“MySQL AB apologizes for any miscommunication that may have implied that the MySQL database does not run on the popular Debian Linux operating system, or that the company does not offer technical support for MySQL Enterprise subscribers using Debian.” Linux-watch clarifies: Quote: Moving on to the specific point of commercial support, she said, “For paying […]

Crossing the OS Divide With Ubuntu

This user discovers that Linux and Ubuntu is an alternative to Windows XP Linuxinsider: Quote: Linux is fast becoming my operating system of choice because it lacks the software bloat and high overhead plaguing both Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Latest News about Microsoft and Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) Latest News about Apple computing. Those words do not […]

Learning Ubuntu made easy

Add to the list of helpful sites. This project, not associated with Ubuntu, combines the best of Linux screencasting tools and video-sharing portals to offer audio/video clips that lead new users through common tasks. Read about it at enterpriselinux Quote: The founders of, Richard Smith and Michael Felczak, serve on the board of […]

My first day with Ubuntu

This user at tells us about his first experiences with Kubuntu/Ubuntu. Read what happends Quote: The first thing that I noticed was that many programs were already installed on my new Linux system. Some of them, like Firefox and Open Office, were applications that I was using on my Windows operating systems as well. […]

Yo Mamma Likes Ubuntu

My mom’s become an evangelist to some of her friends. She told me that last week she and her lifelong friend had been on the phone talking about how they love their new Ubuntu systems and comparing cool features they’ve discovered. Read it here Quote: Tired of this trend, I decided to install Ubuntu on […]

How to enable DVD playback : Ubuntu

DVD playback is not a feature that is installed by default due to license restrictions. This tutorial will show you how to install DVD playback capability on your Ubuntu linux machine. Read it here Quote: note: in some areas this is not legal. If that is the case for you you can 1) continue to […]

Switch Ubuntu Server to use Internet Repositories Instead of cdrom

If you install Ubuntu from a cd-rom, when you try to use apt-get to install new software it will prompt you for the cdrom every time. Kinda frustrating! Read it here Quote: There’s an easy way to fix this problem. Run the following command to open the sources.list file. You can use a different editor […]

Accessing Windows Or Samba Shares Using AutoFS

You already installed Linux on your networked desktop PC and now you want to work with files stored on some other PCs in your network. This is where autofs comes into play. This tutorial shows how to configure autofs to use CIFS to access Windows or Samba shares from Linux Desktop PCs. It also includes […]

Installing VMWare Server on Ubuntu LTS on Dell 6400 (e1505)

So today I decided to install Linux on my Dell Inspiron 6400. Then I decided to make it even more interesting by installing VMWare on top of it so that I could install Windows XP Pro on top of that. Read about it here Quote: Downloaded VMWare from Extracted the .tar.gz and attempted to […]

MySQL drops support for Debian Linux or not?

Looks like a misunderstanding, but Slashdot reports on that MySQL drops support for Debian (but it's only for the binaries) Read it here Quote: Update: 12/13 20:52 GMT by J : MySQL AB's Director of Architecture (and former Slash programmer) Brian Aker corrects an apparent miscommunication in a blog post: “we are just starting to […]

screen: Keep Your Processes Running Despite A Dropped Connection

I guess you all know this: you are connected to your server with SSH and in the middle of compiling some software (e.g. a new kernel) or doing some other task which takes lots of time, and suddenly your connection drops for some reason, and you lose your labour. This can be very annoying, but […]

Ubuntu Weekly News #24

In This Issue: Ubuntu Open Week, Technalign Chooses Kubuntu, New team members, LoCo News + much more and Mark Shuttleworth says nice things about them Okay, first praise from Mark Shuttleworth Quote: Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 24, for the week ofNovember 26th – December 3rd, 2006. In this issue, we cover UbuntuOpen […]

Debian: server yes, desktop no

Rick Lehrbaum at Desktoplinux have had a good long test of Debian 3.1 R4. Read about it here Quote: I recently decided to retire Red Hat 7 after seven years of loyal service as a firewall/router-OS on my home LAN. Like a red-headed stepchild grown old, it had become cranky from extended neglect, and no […]

Running AIGLX and Beryl on Debian

After seeing some eye candy on Bud's desktop last Sunday, this blogger wanted to try AIGLX and Beryl on his Debian Etch notebook. Read how to do it here Quote: Debian Etch now has xorg 7.1 with built in AIGLX, so there was no need to install anything. I “enabled” AIGLX by following “Prerequists”, “xorg.conf” […]

Ubuntu reflects current state of Linux art

More people are downloading Ubuntu open source operating system than both Red Hat and Novell products combined. IT Business in Canada examines. Read the article here Quote: I ended up installing a version of Ubuntu, the Linux distribution that was almost unknown two years ago but has become the downloader's favourite. Started by South African […]

How to gracefully reboot your Ubuntu/Debian system if all else fails

Here are two ways to first try and kill just the process on your current terminal (thus allowing you to get back into your machine and at least attempt a ’shutdown -h now’ command) and if that fails, to bring your machine down in a more graceful manner than a hard shutdown. Read it at […]

Ubuntu on Playstation 3, anyone?

Thanks to TuxMachines for spotting this one – screenshots of Ubuntu on PS3. It might be correct, it might be a hoax. The utterly short notice on tuxmachines And here are the screenshots

DSL 3.2 RC1

The first release candidate of Damn Small Linux 3.2 is out and is ready for testing. Read the announcement and changelog: Quote: * Updated madwifi-ng modules.* Updated busybox with >2GB file support.* New Cron – A perl cron, with new boot option 'cron' and toggle from control panel.* New boot option “checkfs”. Usage: dsl 2 […]

Debian repository caching

There's about a dozen programs out there to lazily cache Debian repositories. What these do is act as a proxy to Debian apt repositories, serving apt on local Debian machines. Read how to do it your own way Quote: And then I realized there's an out-of-box solution. Plug any caching HTTP proxy into some web […]

Debian powers Australias largest satellite network

Some 75 towns across New South Wales have started accessing the Internet through Linux-based satellite routers in what is said to be largest network of its type in Australia spanning upwards of 800,000 square kilometres. Read it here Quote: “In 1999 when Telstra began its satellite service we used routers from the US but they […]

The Dos and Don'ts of Hiring a Developer

Matt Hartley ad MadPenguin comments on Mark Shuttleworth's issues since he posted on OpenSUSE's lists. Read it here Quote: Look, Lets Live and Let Live Here. When all is said and done, Shuttleworth made a public apology about this incident. And by doing so, he has actually done what should have happened in the first […]

Distrowatch: Debian delay

Distrowatch: “With the release critical bug count well above 100 and the upcoming holiday period, it doesn't look like the new release will be out before January.” Read it here

Etch frozen!

Andreas Barth: We just edited the generic freeze file, so that all packages now need to be hand-approved in order to go to testing. Quote: Hi, we just edited the generic freeze file, so that all packages now need to behand-approved in order to go to testing. Wait, that didn't come out quite right. Let's […]

How to disable locking on lid-close (laptop) : Ubuntu (6.06.1 / 6.10)

Recently a friend of mine was asking how to disable locking (prompting for a password) after resuming from closing the laptop lid. Read it here Quote: Well after a little bit of digging & searching through the Ubuntu Forums I think I have found a solution. Below are steps to disable screen locking when you […]

Create a bootable USB disk with DSL

The basic steps include download the DSL image, create the Live CD, provide the USB disk, and run the application. With success, you will have a bootable Linux distribution to take with you. Read it at Netliving Quote: Now you can take Linux and your data with you on a bootable USB disk. The process […]

Comparison of Linux LiveDistros

This page compares LiveDistros based on the GNU/Linux operating system. Read it at Quote: LiveDistro is a generic term for an operating system distribution that is executed upon boot, without installation on a hard drive. Typically, it is stored on bootable media such as a CD-ROM (Live CD), DVD (Live DVD), USB Flash Drive, […]

Key-Based SSH Logins With PuTTY

This guide describes how to generate and use a private/public key pair to log in to a remote system with SSH using PuTTY. PuTTY is an SSH client that is available for Windows and Linux (although it is more common on Windows systems). Using key-based SSH logins, you can disable the normal username/password login procedure […]

HOWTO: Banshee 0.11.3 on Ubuntu

Banshee 0.11.3 was released today and features a bunch small new features and bug fixes, but also includes some pretty big performance enhancements. It's at the blog at Linux revolution Quote: If you're a Banshee user, it's definitely worth upgrading to this new release for the speed improvements alone (switching to your library doesn't take […]

Weekly Debian Nudes #5

Technoblogical has yet another roundup of large and small and potential nude stuff in the Debian universe. Read it here Quote: Anyway, these guys go about their happy mission, releasing high quality distributions whenever the holy spirits move them, or, you know, whenever they've been off the spirits long enough, though there be years between […]

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