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Terrible Ubuntu Traits

Andre Gerber goes through the misc. disadvantages and troubles he's found with Ubuntu. Read it in his blog here Quote: About a week of continuous Linux usage (I felt very proud of myself), I saw that I needed to print a photo. Wait. Let me clarify: I didn’t NEED to print the photo, but I […]

Ubuntu, King of Distros for 2006

A short article at OSNews goes through the evidence that Ubuntu is above all other Linux OS'es in 2006. Read it here Quote: According to Google Trends, but also according to Distrowatch, our own statistics here at OSNews and overall sense of the industry during 2006, Ubuntu has a big leap in mind share ahead […]

Ubuntu for non-geeks

Yet another review of Ubuntu for non-geeks is available in the blogosphere. Read it at Quote: Enter Ubuntu Linux for Non-Geeks. It reads like one of David Pogue's excellent Missing Manual books — a fast, crystal-clear topical tour of the amazing collective accomplishment embodied in Ubuntu. I learned something new in every chapter, and […]

Install Sun Java on Debian Linux.

Installing the Java Runtime environment or Java Software Development kit on Debian Linux. Enjoy. Read it at Johan Louwers blog Quote: At this point in time there are some discussions in the Debian development community together with Sun Microsystems to try to change some of the legal boundaries of Sun Java to make it possible […]

Mandrake co-founder rolls Debian-based distro

Gaël Duval, co-founder and former developer of Mandrake (now Mandriva) Linux, has introduced the first test release of a new distribution derived from Debian and Ubuntu. Read about it at DesktopLinux Quote: Ulteo is contains bits from Ubuntu 6.06 and Debian GNU/Linux, according to Duval. Currently in early stages of development, Ulteo promises to bring […]

Debian-Installer etch RC1 Screenshot Walkthrough

The Coding Studio have grabbed a bunch of screenshots of Debian-Installer etch RC1 It starts here Quote: The Debian Installer team is proud to announce the first release candidate (RC1) of the installer for Debian GNU/Linux Etch. Debian-Installer is a program for installing Linux distributions. It is the official installer for Debian GNU/Linux. It is […]

Test of Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Herd 1

“Overall, I was impressed by the beta, but I did run into crashes and problems (pretty much immediately after installing”. Read the rest at blogs.zdnet. Update: Tux Magazine also looks at it. Read it here Quote: In the past I've found Ubuntu to be rock solid, but I found this particular beta flaky at times. […]

Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Herd 1 screenshots

Phoronix have taken a bunch of pictures of the future. They start here

The people behind the Debian project

On, Steve Kemp is examining if we're interested in seeing the faces of the developers and other key Debian persons. You can go here to see the faces – Reas about the site here and the planning here Quote: Multiple times we’ve talked about having a Debian-Developer-Gallery. That could be something like all […]

Edgy Woes During Monitor Upgrade

…So when I recently purchased a new Dell 1907FP LCD monitor to replace my old CRT monitor I was expecting a fairly painless exercise. I’ve had some good things to report on Ubuntu Edgy 6.10 recently. I’ve performed both an upgrade from Ubuntu 6.06 to 6.10 and a clean install of Ubuntu Edgy 6.10. Both […]

Book review: Moving to Ubuntu Linux

Free Software Magazine have had their hands on Moving to Ubuntu Linux by Marcel Gagné and gives it a rather positive review. It's on their site, right here Quote: ProsYou should buy this book because it is written by an author who has a lot of experience showing users how to learn to use GNU/Linux, […]

Postfix with dkfilter (DomainKeys Implementation)

DomainKeys is an anti-spam software application in development at Yahoo that uses a form of public key cryptography to authenticate the sender's domain. dkfilter is an SMTP-proxy designed for Postfix. It implements DomainKeys message signing and verification. It comprises two separate filters, an outbound filter for signing outgoing email on port 587, and an inbound […]

Debian Package of the Day

It's alive! Again – Lucas Nussbaum tries to resurrect Debian Package of the day. We have covered Steve Kemp's building up the momentum and now it's back online Quote: I’ve decided to try to resurrect Debian Package a Day. It was originally created by Andrew Sweger, then David Moreno Garza gave it another try, but […]

2nd Call for Talks for the FOSDEM Debian Developer's room

Wouter Verhelst calls for Talks/papers for the FOSDEM Debian Developer's room Quote: Hi all, (from the “if the people can send this type of mails tothis list, so can I” department…) About a month ago, I sent out a first Call for Talks to thedebian-project and debian-events-eu lists[1]. In the mean time, I did […]

Ubuntu Herd 1 released

Herd 1 is the first in a series of milestone CD images that will be released throughout the Feisty development cycle. Read the release announcement …and all the rest at distrowatch Quote: The Herd images are known to be reasonably free of showstopper CD build or installer bugs, while representing very current snapshots of Feisty. […]

Bonager for Ubuntu

Bonager monitors how many reboots are left until your Ubuntu install will automatically initiate an fsck scan on boot up. It will warn you when a scan will be forced on your next boot and will allow you to postpone it. Read it at arsgeek Quote: It’s got a very intuitive interface – a simple […]

How to Install Anyting on Ubuntu

This system is called the package manager and on Ubuntu you'll meet it in the form of apt-get, aptitude, Add/Remove…, Update Manager and Synaptic. All these programs are frontends to the same package manager built right into Ubuntu. Read it here Quote: Having problems installing something on your new Ubuntu operating system? This is a […]

Set Up Ubuntu-Server 6.06 LTS As A Firewall/Gateway

Includes: Shorewall, NAT, Caching NameServer, DHCP Server, VPN Server, Webmin, Munin, Apache (SSL enabled), Squirrelmail, Postfix setup with virtual domains, courier imap imaps pop3 pop3s, sasl authentication for road warriors, MailScanner as a wrapper for SpamAssassin, Razor, ClamAV, etc. Samba installed, not configured. Read it here at howtoforge Quote: Scope: creating a firewall/(mail)gateway for a […]

Of hypocrisy and the FSF

Libervis have an article about the Free Software Foundation's position of not recommending but still using Debian. Interesting. Read it here Quote: The Free Software Foundation has an official list of Free GNU/Linux distributions. That is, distros that don’t include any non-free software in the mainline distribution image or package repositories. With that in mind, […]

Ubuntu 6.10 reviews and comments post

All the Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) reviews you can dream of. So far reviews from, 2x Arsgeek, Lunapark6, Element14, mo79online,, Manufactured Enviroments, Linuxforums,LinuxPlanet, first impressions at Technical Itch and a review from them, Openaddict, javaride, softwareinreview, synergymx, tectonic + the Ubuntu forums and screenshot tours at TheCodingStudio + several blog entries. are […]

Create your own Debian Live CD with Live-Package

The Debian Live Project has created Live-Package, which allows the Debian user to create a customized Live CD with ease. Read it here at netliving Quote: Live CD’s allow you to use an operating system on a PC, without installation to the hard drive. This is great way to try new Linux distributions. It’s also […]

How to clone an installation : Ubuntu 5.10 / 6.06.1 / 6.10

How nice would it be if you could clone your current installation and fairly easily reinstall to just about the same stage you were before you changed Read it here Quote: The first thing to remember is that Ubuntu uses the APT package management system which handles installed packages and their dependencies. If we can […]

How To Compile A Kernel – The Debian (Sarge) Way

Each distribution has some specific tools to build a custom kernel from the sources. This article is about compiling a kernel on Debian Sarge systems. Read about it at howtoforge Quote: It describes how to build a custom kernel using the latest unmodified kernel sources from (vanilla kernel) so that you are independent from […]

Install and Use the gFTP Client on Ubuntu Linux

Using ftp from the command line can get tedious after a while. There’s a client for Ubuntu called gFTP that gives you a GUI based ftp experience. Much easier. howtogeek helps us

Locking Down Ubuntu

This article will review the basics in general security and explain how to apply it to two Linux distributions–Ubuntu and Kubuntu. Read it at Quote: A program is only secure if it has no vulnerabilities. Even the most popular software can have a hidden one. When someone fixes the vulnerability,a new version of the […]

Autoresponders to accompany Virtual Users and Domains with Postfix

This guide focuses on making Yaa! (Yet Another Autoresponder!) work with Debian Sarge and the virtual users on Postfix tutorial Read it here Quote: The first thing to understand about the guide is that it uses the Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) and as a result any of the auto responders that you could use by […]

Running Kubuntu Edgy Eft

Last week, I decided to ditch the old version of Mandriva I've been running for about 18 months on my primary machine, a Toshiba laptop, and give Kubuntu a try there too. Read the article here Quote: Secondly, in a final frenzy of rage with Telkom ADSL, I purchased an Iburst account today. On Windows […]

Ubuntu is an ideal Windows replacement have a very praising article about Ubuntu and how to use it. Basically it is an overview article about Ubuntu. Quote: The developers of Ubuntu version 6.06 have created an easy-to-use alternative to Windows. As Linux requires password access and employs a rigid set of rules to safeguard against unauthorized installations, it does not […]

release update: open blockers for the freeze

Andreas Barth have posted an update about progress towards soft and hard freeze for Etch. Quote: Hi, during the last weeks, we achived some more progress towards the release.Please keep up that good work! There are a few items that should be resolved prior to the hard freeze, forthe very good reason that we don't […]

Using Debian live

Make-live is a brilliant Debian application for creating an up-to-date Debian live CD and Ben Hay explains us in his usual way how to use it. It actually is quite seriousely, allthough he likes zombies, but: Quote: Anyway, once you've installed make-live (apt-get install live-package) you can just type “make-live” to automagically build an iso […]

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