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Understanding GRUB

At some point Linux users may have to dabble with GRUB. I know this from personal experience when I trashed my Ubuntu install a few months ago. Many people may end up re-installing Ubuntu from scratch, but such drastic measures may not be necessary if you can master a few tips and tricks using GRUB. […]

Logs from Ubuntu Open Week

There are logs and minutes on topics as community, packaging, teams and distros. Oceans of information. They are all found here From the Ask Mark-session Quote: How much influence do you have over the development of Ubuntu – ie/ If 90% of the developers were against a feature, would you override? EVERYTHING is a negotiation […]

Ubuntu begins its transformation

Next April, the Ubuntu Foundation will complete three years and six releases of its GNU/Linux distribution. It will also be the point at which the project begins to acquire a distinctly commercial hue. Read the article at itwire Quote: It may be argued that it is time to move on and that software projects cannot […]

Installing Rails on Ubuntu Dapper / Edgy

Here's a comprehensive overview of the steps you need to take for installing Ruby on Rails on your Ubuntu box Read it here Quote: This method was tested on both Dapper and Edgy systems. It may work on other Ubuntu releases as well. It's also possible that it works on Debian.

Installing Popular Applications on Ubuntu With Automatix2

Although Ubuntu comes with lots of applications that can be installed on your desktop, there are still some applications that are available only from third-party repositories. Howtoforge helps Quote: Finding all these repositories and installing these applications manually is very time-consuming, but fortunately some people have created a script called Automatix2 (which is the successor […]

Life With Edgy

This blogger tells ud that “3 out of 4 of my computers run Ubuntu Linux. Breezy was all right, Dapper was great; when Edgy was released, I wondered, “Could it get any better?” Read it here Quote: Overall, however, the upgrade has been about as problem-free as can be expected – in the case of […]

MythTV Ubuntu Installation Guide

Ubuntu is a great basis for a general purpose MythTV box and now comes with the latest version of MythTV (0.20) in its standard packages. Read the how-to here Quote: This guide focuses on DVB in the UK (Freeview), but much of it should be applicable to anybody installing Myth.

SCALE 5x – Registration Now Open

SCALE 5X, the 2007 Southern California Linux Expo has opened for attendee registration. Early bird registration runs through January 24th. Join us for over 40 seminars and tutorials. Presentations from Chris Dibona, Ted Haeger, Don Marti, and more! Expo floor will include exhibits by IBM, Dell, Google, Krugle, Ingres, Trolltech, and others. SCALE 5x will […]

Installing Ubuntu have a massive article about hot to install and set up Ubuntu, taken from the book Ubuntu Unleashed Start here Quote: Not that long ago, the mere mention of installing Linux struck fear into the hearts of mortal men. Nowadays, it is a different story entirely, and Ubuntu is one of the easiest distros […]

Ubuntu a la Mac

Despite the fact that this blogger works with Mac OS X, he can’t help but want to try other operating systems when he has the chance. Read how it went with Ubuntu here Quote: This was about as easy as installing Mac OS X. In fact, it was less annoying because there weren’t constant entreaties […]

Technalign chooses Kubuntu for TaFusion Linux

Canonical has announced that TaFusion Pioneer Linux will be based on Kubuntu (Dapper). Read the announcement Quote: TaFusion Pioneer is targeted at new Linux users, and is available in the United States through many retail computer stores. Providing compatibility with many existing, proprietary applications, TaFusion Pioneer enables migration to Linux with the minimum of effort. […]

How to setup a Ubuntu development server

As is starting some real work on his final school project, he wants to install a Ubuntu development server here at home. Read the first and second part Quote: In this first part I will show you how to install Subversion over WebDAV. All of this will be done in such a way that […]

Get CPU / System Load Average on Ubuntu Linux

The how-to geek examines one of the ways to get system information on an Ubuntu box Read it here Quote: One of the useful pieces of information that a system administrator might need is to know what the overall system load on a server is. There are a couple of ways to get this information, […]

installing Knoppix on an 8-year-old notebook.

In the December edition of Linux Gazette, Edgar Howell's _third_ experience installing Knoppix on an 8-year-old notebook. Read it here Quote: Since this machine had been in use at one time, the partitioning was irrelevant and so it was time to re-partition. And because it has far too little memory for current software, I gave […]

Preview of Debian Etch 4.0

Etch will be the next stable version, and is scheduled to be released in December 2006. Here is what you can expect with Etch. Read it here Quote: Debian has made great strides in making Etch user friendly. The best improvements can be found in the new graphical installer, hardware detection, desktop environments, and upgraded […]

Create a bootable USB disk with DSL

The team at Damn Small Linux has made it easy to create a bootable Linux USB disk and shows us how to do it Read it here Quote: To start you will need to download a copy of DSL to your PC. A link to the DSL web site is provided at the bottom […]

Ubuntu 6.06 LTS vs. 6.10

This blog contains a small overview over the differences between the two latest Ubuntu releases. Read it here Quote: To sumarise it, LTS is suitable for those who like having a stable operating system with minimal maintenance effort, while the normal release is for those who like to keep updated with the latest software release, […]

Damn Small Linux: operating system

Subtitled “A versitile operating system ideal for older computers”, here's a small overview article about DSL. computeractive has the story: Quote: As the demands of all operating systems increase, Damn Small Linux (DSL) is a refreshing change and worth considering by anyone with an old computer. The subject of the Computeractive feature introducing Linux, DSL […]

DSL 3.1 Screenshot Walkthrough have a bunch of screenshot for our pleasure of Damn Small Linux. You can start here

Ubuntu on Sun's CoolThreads T1000

Small pizza-box with absolutely no printed documentation included…It doesn't have video output, keyboard or mice connectors or CD/DVD players Read about that challange here Quote: My laptop has Kubuntu 6.10 so setting up the required software for netboot would have seemed to be easy. But it wasn't, mainly because T1000 and my laptop refused to […]

Installing Ubuntu on a machine with no CDROM drive

Yesterday this blogger had to install Ubuntu on one of the older machines in the computer room. It's a 1U server without CDROM drive. Read how it can be done here Quote: machine is new enough to have two USB ports). This however proved impossible due to the BIOS lacking functionality to recognize and boot […]

Resurrecting “Debian package a day” ?

Lucas Nussbaum have blogged about missing the site for “Debian package a day”, and it looks like some reliable people are backing his efforts – interesting! Read the blog entry and the comments here Quote: It would be nice to resurrect this. A team of editors could work on this, and readers could submit new […]

Housekeeping utilities for Debian packages

Bruce Byfield discusses some lesser-known Debian package management tools in a article: debfoster, deborphan and debsecan Read it here Quote: The answer is that these utilities allow for more conscientious system maintenance. Orphaned packages and system vulnerabilities are both potential security risks, so you can never know too much about them, even if your […]

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