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Understanding Your Market

This blogger analyses what Ubuntu, SUSE and Linspire does right and wrong in the marketplace. Read it here Quote: If I had a magic wand, I would take Novell’s resources and Ubuntu’s (Canonical) vision and see the birth of a single Linux product. Each entity has half of it right and the other half of […]

Debian Weekly News – January 30th, 2007

This edition of DWN contains Dealing with personal Configuration and Data, Social Committee for Debian, Request for Translation Updates and much much more Quote: —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – January 30th, 2007————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 2nd issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter for theDebian community. Anthony Towns was [1]interviewed by Liz Tay onwhether […]

Howto switch from Ubuntu to Kubuntu or Xubuntu or Edubuntu

This blogger shows us how to switch between the Ubuntu versions Read it here Quote: Wrong desktop environment :-s I recently installed Ubuntu6.10 with the Kubuntu6.10 install cd,Why ? I did not feel like downloading the Ubuntu iso while having the Kubuntu cd ready for usage.After a successful install of Kubuntu its easy to revert […]

What's the best Linux for resellers?

Linux-Watch compares Ubuntu, Novell, Red Hat and Mandriva in their offerings to resellers. Ubuntu isn't the winner Quote: So, which company should you work with? Well, again, consider what you're bringing to the table and what your customers want. For the vast majority of resellers, Novell and Red Hat, as you would expect, should be […]

Ubuntu confab set for Feb. 16 in NYC

Users, administrators, and developers of Ubuntu are invited to attend the second UbuCon on Friday, Feb. 16 — the day after the LinuxWorld Open Solutions Summit Read about it at DesktopLinux Quote: The day's schedule, for what is billed as an “unconference” rather than a conference, will be decided on the day of the event, […]

Debian Installer RC2 kick-off

Frans Pop has announced that with the upload of the new kernel for Etch, they can now start seriously preparing the RC2 release of Debian Installer. Quote: With the upload of the new kernel for Etch, we can now start seriously preparing the RC2 release of Debian Installer. As you all know, this is one […]

Powers and repositories

Lars Risan and Christian Lundestad have posted a paper on the authority and power of software repositories, especially Launchpad and Rosetta, the repositories that contains the source code and translations of Ubuntu. Read the massive paper/blog here: Quote: The basic idea of this paper-to-be is that repositories are traditional and bureaucratic-rational authorities, and that they […]

In serious Vista doubt? Try Ubuntu instead!

Downloadsquad comes with this clear recommandation – and also helps the users a bit along the road. Read it here Quote: What about those of us who've had it up to here with Windows XP but also aren't ready to spend tons of cash on a Vista capable PC, what are we to do? Here's […]

Postgresql and Debian in governmental use

New Zealand electoral roll management system uses Debian and PostgreSQL – read about it here. Computerworld brings the story: Quote: The Electoral Enrolment Centre has consolidated electoral rolls on the open-source PostgreSQL database, replacing a group of disparate databases spread around the country. The updated New Zealand electoral roll management system, dubbed Mike, has been […]

Simply Mepis 6.0-4 Beta 4review

KnoLinux reviews SimplyMEPIS 6.0.4 64 bit and are very, very happy with it. A bunch of screenshots as well. Read it here Quote: To quote myself, something I never do, “I will be back for the 64 bit when available however, as I am still waiting on a distro that will uncork my boat anchor.” […]

Call for Participation for Ubuntu Live 2007

Mark Shuttleworth invites you to join in their first annual business conference – Ubuntu Live 2007 Read it in his blog Quote: After six developer summits, many more sprints and countless informal meetings amongst our developers, maybe it’s time to invite our users, customers and partners to the party? Together with O’Reilly we are thrilled […]

Ubuntu HOW-TO : Installing Ubuntu Edgy from USB

Perhaps you've run into this situation before : what to do with a machine that has no usable CD reader? Now you can install Ubuntu Edgy on it using a USB key as small as 64 mb. You can read the blog entry at Techno Wizah

Install Debian… from Windows?

apcstart have an article about the Debian installer: “Now, thanks to Debian coder Robert Millan it's possible to not only install Linux alongside Windows, but through it as well.” Read it here Quote: It also bodes well for future installs of Linux regardless of distribution. The Ubuntu system, while still being developed, apparently goes a […]

DistroWatch Weekly on Debian useability

The DW reports from Lars Wirzenius experiment on Debian useability. Read it here Quote: Have you ever tried to convert a less technical friend or family member to Linux? Lars Wirzenius, a Debian developer, reports about “Project Ummikko”, which he used as an experiment to test the usability of Debian GNU/Linux and GNOME on a […]

New GnomeBluetooth Repository for Debian

A new repository is created for the GnomeBluetooth. UPDATE: Now it's in english too. The blog about it is here

Conky – a light weight system monitor for Ubuntu

Ubuntugeek shows us Conky: An advanced, highly configurable system monitor for X based on torsmo Read the guide here Quote: Conky is an powerful desktop app that posts system monitoring info onto the root window. It is hard to set up properly (has unlisted dependencies, special command line compile options, and requires a mod to […]

Fourth MEPIS 6.0 beta steps up to a 2.6.17 kernel

DesktopLinux have had a look at the specification and announcement of Beta4 of SimplyMEPIS. No hands-on, though. Read a bit more about Beta 4 here Quote: Analysis — The MEPIS project has released the fourth beta release of version 6.0 of its KDE- and Ubuntu-based SimplyMEPIS-32 and SimplyMEPIS-64 Linux distributions. Beta 4 introduces the 2.6.17-20 […]

Trying out Ubuntu

This blogger tries Ubuntu in an old Inspiron 4000 laptop with 700MHz Pentium 3 and 310Mb of memory Read how it went: Quote: As I used Ubuntu, I could feel myself getting dismayed by just how much work I'd have to put in to get it “just right” for me. But then my XP setup […]

Debian Installer Loader screenshots

The official page for the Win32 installer now boasts a gallery to see the wonder in action. See it at

DebConf7: call for papers reminder

As previously announced, submissions of proposals for papers,presentations, discussion sessions and tutorials for DebConf7 will beaccepted until Wednesday 31 January. Quote: Reminder: DebConf7 Call for Papers———————————- As previously announced, submissions of proposals for papers,presentations, discussion sessions and tutorials for DebConf7 will beaccepted until Wednesday 31 January. If you're interested in doing aDebConf talk but haven't […]

Do we need an Ubuntu installer for Windows?

Avoiding repartitioning? Bringing Ubuntu to a larger, less technologically inclined audience? Making the installation process even simpler than it already is? These are all excellent ideas. However, I feel that there are many flaws with the concept that need to be considered. Read the story here Quote: If progress continues as the developers have outlined, […]

Announcing "Debian-Installer Loader"

Now you are also able to install Debian from Windows, as Robert Millan announces a Win32 loader. From the announcement Quote: This is the announcement of “Debian-Installer Loader”, a win32 loader forDebian Installer. Overall, the process is very simple (it's been inspired by a similarproject with Ubuntu). D-I-L runs on the users' win32 system,auto-detects wether […]

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #29

This issue cover community news, loco news, weekly quiz news, changes in feisty, osdl survey results, “Linux Magazine names Canonical Ltd as one of the top 20 companies to watch in 2007” and much more Quote: Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 29 for the week January 15th – 27th. In this issue we […]

Dual-booting Vista and SimplyMEPIS

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols prepares, installs and compares Vista and SimplyMEPIS 6.0.1 in this series of articles. Here is part one And here's part two Quote: At the end of this, as you can see, I had both Vista Ultimate and SimplyMEPIS 6.01 installed and running successfully on my PC. Well, mostly successfully. For what went […]

Debian HOW – TO : CPU power management

CPU frequency management is one of the keys to power management. Of course the benefits of such power management is obvious for a laptop, but most desktop users should also consider this. This tutorial explains how to properly configure CPU frequency management. Read at Techno Wizah.

Booting Xubuntu 6.10 from a USB flash drive

This tutorial enables a user to install, boot and run Xubuntu from a USB flash thumb drive. Read at PendriveLinux: Quote: By utilizing multiple partitions, the user can save changes and settings back to the flash thumb drive.

Setting Up Yet Another Debian Etch Server

Michael Shurter has made an extensive blog about setting up a Debian server with Moodle. Read it here Quote: A teacher e-mailed me the other day wondering if I could setup a server with Moodle on it for him to test. I was overjoyed at the request because the teacher had discovered Moodle, MySQL, PHP, […]

Using monkey’s audio (.ape) files in ubuntu

Here's a small guide on how to get the .ape-files working on Ubuntu. Quote: To be able to work with .ape audio files, you need to compile and install the “mac” program which isn’t available in the ubuntu repositories. The blog about it is here

Debian tipped for February release

ZDNet have had a look at a poll at and comes to quite a few conclusions based on it. Quote: The long-awaited next version of the Debian open-source operating system is most likely to be released in February, according to members of the Debian community. All taken from ZDNet

Vtiger 5.x on Debian 3.1

After looking how to install CRM Vtiger 5.x on a Debian sarge 3.1, i decided to write some small guide to achieve that goal. this is the result, hope could be usefull for anybody. go2Linux! Guillermo Garron

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