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Knoppix 5.10 and 5.11

Still catching up, here at Debian-News here's the release of Knoppix 5.1 and a bugfix named as 5.1.1
5.10 at Distrowatch and 5.1.1

From the release note of 5.1


(Apart from the usual tons of updates and bugfixes)
Update to Debian etch/testing as base distribution
Linux Kernel 2.6.19(.1) + fuse 2.6.1
cloop 2.05 Realtime Decompression with extended block-buffering for reduction of CD/DVD access latency
Replacing unionfs by aufs for better stability & performance
KDE 3.5.5
OpenOffice 2.1
ntfs-3g (12.12.2006) for full transparent NTFS write support, also tested with boot options knoppix tohd= and knoppix fromhd=. Please note the hints about ntfs-3g below.
ntfsprogs-Update (ntfsresize, ntfsmount, ntfsfix)
integration of 3D desktop beryl+emerald as add-on for KDE (manual start with gnome is also possible), via boot option knoppix desktop=beryl. Please note the hints given below.
Experimental script for creating a bootable flash-pendrive from a running KNOPPIX live session (mkbootdev by Martin Öhler)

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