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Three Ubuntu Books, reviewed by Groklaw's luvr

Groklaw member luvr review three Ubuntu books, “Moving to Ubuntu Linux”, “The Official Ubuntu Book” and “Ubuntu Unleashed,” Read the review Quote: Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Ubuntu had not only correctly identified the hardware, but even installed working drivers for it—all without any help from me! To get it connected, I only […]

Ubuntu Member Writes Open Letter to FSF

Ubuntu User and Member Ryan Lortie Writes Open Letter to Free Software Foundation dealing with the goals of the FSF and how to accomplish them. Read it here Quote: Your Defective By Design campaign is brilliant. I've actually heard people other than hackers (albeit, still geeks) talking about it. Your new Bad Vista campaign also […]

Ubuntu: 32-bit v. 64-bit Performance

While 64-bit support is now considered common for both Intel and AMD processors, many Linux (as well as Windows) users are uncertain whether to use a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system with there being advantages for both paths. Read about it at Phoronix: Quote: Looking over the results 64-bit Ubuntu was able to provide a […]

My First 12 Hours On Ubuntu

I want to write about my first 12 hours on Ubuntu Linux. I’m not what you might consider a “power user.” Read about the experience here Quote: I feel like the past 12 hours on my computer (not consecutive) has been time spent in a foreign country where everyone speaks another language. Fortunately I’ve gone […]

How to setup gnump3d for a streaming media server : Ubuntu

One of the first things I setup long ago when I first switched to Ubuntu was a streaming media server. I decided early on to just dive in and see what I could do. Read it at Ubuntu Tutorials Quote: At this point (years later) I have a dedicated media server running on my fiber […]

Kubuntu Edgy Eft experiences

Better late than never, this blogger at have a look at Kubuntu and is happy – but sees room for improvement. Read it here Quote: Beside that, Edgy Eft makes a really good impression. Installation took all in all maybe 30 minutes, plus 1 or two hours installing the complete set of applications and […]

Upgrading Ubuntu Dapper to Edgy? I Don't Think So!

There's still people out there that haves problems upgrading to Edgy Eft – Payton Byrd at ittoolbox is one of them. Read it here Quote: Apparently self-inflicted root-canal would be easier. Things went swimmingly for the first 6 hours as it downloaded 800+ MB of packages, then began installing them. Then I got a warning […]

Running Ubuntu Linux on Acer Tablet PCs Part II + III

Here's the two last articles about how to get Ubuntu running on the Acer TabletPC Here's Part II and here's Part III Quote: In the end, it was completely worth the time and effort put into getting all the tablet and computer features offered under Ubuntu. The stability of Linux and its memory management ability […]

DIY Custom Ubuntu LiveCD

Reconstructor give you the ability to create a custom distribution of Ubuntu so that it runs the way you want it to out of the box. Read about it here Quote: Reconstructor uses the solid Ubuntu foundation, and allows for extensive customization. For example, create a custom Live CD with blender, inkscape, etc. included for […]

Book Review: Ubuntu Linux For Non-Geeks

“My verdict? I love this book. But a troubleshooting section might have come in handy. I give it 4 out of 5.” The full review is found here Quote: Overall, The Ubtuntu community needed a book like this. If you already have joined the Ubuntu movement, this book still has something for you. If you […]

Debian Desktop – call for tests

Debian Desktop is a Debian's subproject created to be a joint effort ofall groups involved or related with the desktop to give our users abetter environment to use and easier to install experience. Read about it here Quote: What will be into Debian Etch Desktop ?The desktop (task: desktop, installable through aptitude or tasksel): X […]

etch is ready for the laptop

Here' s praising blog entry about Etch installed on a Asus W3 and a Sony Vaio SZ Read it here Quote: Congratulations to the Debian-Installer team, you’ve made a great job guys: I wanted to have a 100% encrypted partition for my laptop and had nothing to do but telling d-i so. The graphical interface […]

Edgy Eft on Dell XPS M1210

This blogger bought a new laptop and setup Ubuntu 6.10 on it. Needed some customization to make it really usable. Read it here Quote: The following tutorials have been cut and pasted from other peoples sites. The links to the original pages have been provide. I just wanted to make sure they were all in […]

Debian still very popular

Allthough the stats at Distrowatch shows a slight decline, the alexa data shows that it is still very popular There's a blog and graph here Quote: Debian is doing just fine, more visitors than ever before. We're just lacking the release peaks in our graph.

DSL 3.2 RC3

The third release candidate of Damn Small Linux 3.2 is out. Read the release announcement Quote: Cumulative Change Log: * Updted Broadcomm 10/100 module b44.o* New allow boot option desktop=xxx to override backup.* New alsa.unc and automated Alsa sound card detection.* Added qemu-img, dsl-windows.bat and updated readme.txt for dsl-embedded.* Fixed Stats missing processes.* Fixed Emelfm […]

Installing Debian Etch

Switching from Fedora to Debian, this blogger writes about his experience with installing Etch Read it here Quote: Feeling adventurous I decided to use the graphical mode of the installer. I found it a little confusing, at each stage you can double-click on an item or click on the continue button to cause the action […]

On Setting up an Ubuntu Server

Here's a blog entry about setting up Ubuntu Server on a Dell PowerEdge 2950 Read it here Quote: For a project I'm involved with, we're setting up a shiny new server to handle hosting of lots (and lots) of Drupal sites in a shared hosting environment. We were able to pick up a decently speced […]

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #27

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 27 for January 1st – 7th, 2007. In this issue we cover the Kubuntu Developer Meeting, Google & Edubuntu, CD/DVD image testing, upcoming meetings, upcoming events, feisty fawn changes, and much more! Quote: Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 27 for January 1st – 7th, 2007. In […]

How To Create A Local Debian/Ubuntu Mirror With apt-mirror

This tutorial shows how to create a Debian/Ubuntu mirror for your local network with the tool apt-mirror. Having a local Debian/Ubuntu mirror is good if you have to install multiple systems in your local network because then all needed packages can be downloaded over the fast LAN connection, thus saving your internet bandwidth. Read it […]

Using Firestarter : Ubuntu (6.10)

This howto describes the use of the Firestarter firewall on Ubuntu Read it here Quote: I realize that my earlier post was a bit short. There are those days that I try to put out a tutorial (based on my daily goal) and end up not having a lot of time. I apologize for the […]

Damn Small Linux 3.2 RC2

DSL v3.2RC2 is now ready for testing. And we've got screenshots to prove it! Here's the announcement Quote: Cumulative Change Log: * Added wpasupplicant.* New Mouse Config Lua GUI.* Added default tone generator for XMMS.* Improved MyDSL download via the Lua GUI.* Moved powerdown to use standard rc scripts.* New dsl-dpkg.unc and adjustments to core.* […]

Knoppix 5.1 screenshots

Subject says it all: Enjoy the screenshots of the latest Knoppix distribution Have a look for yourself

Official Ubuntu Metapackage for Non-Free Packages

For Feisty Fawn when it comes to us all: This package enables the multiverse/universe repositories (after a warning), after which it installs various non-free packages such as Flash and various codecs Read about it at OSNews.

Dunc-Tank continues to make splash provides an overview and comments on the neverending discussion of the good and bad of Dunc-Tank. Read it here Quote: Reports of death are greatly exaggerated Exactly how serious the controversy over Dunc-Tank has become is hard to determine. On the one hand, Debian has always conducted its business publicly, and with a heightened […]

Knoppix 5.10 and 5.11

Still catching up, here at Debian-News here's the release of Knoppix 5.1 and a bugfix named as 5.1.1 5.10 at Distrowatch and 5.1.1 From the release note of 5.1 Quote: (Apart from the usual tons of updates and bugfixes)Update to Debian etch/testing as base distribution Linux Kernel 2.6.19(.1) + fuse 2.6.1 cloop 2.05 Realtime Decompression […]

Debian-Administration: Two years

The – in my humble opinion – best Debian site celebrates that it has reached the two-year milestone Read about what they are doing here Quote: Now that we're at the end of the year it seems like a good time to celebrate our second anniversary! It is a little hard to believe at times, […]

New Beta 2 Available for 32 bit SimplyMEPIS

On Jan 3rd, the second Beta release of SimplyMEPIS-32 6.0-4 is available for download from the usual sites. Read the announcement Quote: Beta 2 fixes a monitor detection bug that was introduced in Beta 1, and also improves monitor and display card detection based on feedback from MEPIS testers. Other updates since Beta 1 can […]

Why Ubuntu Is Number One (Ubuntu Phenomenon) wonders why Ubuntu has become so popular and finds that simplicity is the key Read their thoughts here Quote: Ubuntu is a good Linux distribution. Like openSuse, Mandriva, Xandros and many other distributions it is a good desktop alternative to existing systems. I also use Ubuntu for couple of years, and …. I am […]

Moving to Ubuntu Linux reviews the book “Moving to Ubuntu Linux” over two pages and seems content with it. Read it here Quote: Conclusion The book is well written for the anyone who wants to experiment with Ubuntu or is tired from the security issues with the Windows operating system and want to make Ubuntu Linux their main […]

Ubuntu Founder On Microsoft “Challenge”

Falguni Bhuta ad interviews Mark Shuttleworth about the Microsoft “challange” Read the interview here Quote: Q: So are you saying that if Microsoft finds a way it’s going to be hard for Linux stay as a free piece of software? A: Microsoft is going to claim that deploying Linux anywhere, unless you pay Microsoft […]

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