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Business Model 2.0: Linspire Befriends Ubuntu

OSWeekly discuss the Linspire/Ubuntu deal and what it means for the Ubuntu and the Linspire all in all.
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A Reasonable Compromise. Regardless of what I believe, the fact remains that should key developers become angry with Ubuntu’s direction, it could spell trouble. To help curb this, I wonder if it might make sense to merely provide a link to install CNR on the Ubuntu desktop?

It's simpler than trying to offer two versions of the same distribution, and at its core, it offers true choice. Those who seriously dislike having proprietary applications mixed with open source software will greatly appreciate the lack of tools that are designed to install proprietary software. Even though CNR is converting to open source, we need to address the needs of Ubuntu users from all sides, not just the sides that are most convenient at that moment.

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