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Update: Key expiry breaks most D-I Etch RC1 images

Full CD and DVD images are now available again for all architectures (except S/390).
On Sunday 11 February 2007 21:59, Frans Pop wrote:
> > The expiration of the Debian archive's signing key for 2006 has broken
> > most of the installation media from etch RC1.

This effectively left us without useable full CD and DVD images as the
weekly builds were affected as well.
After some deliberation, we have decided to change the weekly builds to
use daily installer images and udebs from unstable, basically the same as
is done for daily builds.

This means that full CD and DVD images are now available again from [1],
for all architectures (except S/390). The now available images are
virtually identical to what will be released as D-I RC2, so testing and
installation reports [2] are most welcome.

Thanks to Steve McIntyre for making the needed changes in the debian-cd


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