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Ubuntu 7.04 Alpha 3 – review

I finally broke down and installed Ubuntu (7.04 Alpha 3) over Fedora Core 6 this evening. I decided to do this after reading about Eric Raymond's rant against his installation of FC6. In the end he installed Ubuntu 6.10 over it. So I decided I'd give it a whirl as well.
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Final Thoughts

This whole experience has been too cool. My complements to the Ubuntu team for putting 7.04 together. If this is an Alpha release then I can't wait for the betas or the final release.
Gnome doesn't suck in this release of this distribution. In fact it's great. I have no desire to change to another desktop manager. I fired up Nautilus, and wonder of wonders, it came up with everything I want on a file browser; I didn't have to hunt down and turn on/turn off one feature. It was configured perfectly.

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