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Alioth downtime and remaining problems

Raphaël Hertzog: Due to an unfortunate mistake we lost our gforge database this morning. As usual in those situations, you just discover that the daily dump you expected is no more generated since the last hardware migration. 😐 Quote: Hello, due to an unfortunate mistake we lost our gforge database this morning. Asusual in those […]

Improved ways to suspend and hibernate a laptop under Linux

Last June I wrote about suspending and hibernating laptops under Linux. Since then a few things have changed — thankfully, for the better — so it's time to revisit the subject. Also, a few readers have responded offering suggestions for improving the suspend shell script I wrote back then, and I've incorporated these suggestions in […]

Colonizing a free new world with FreeCol

Colonizing a new world is not a trivial task, even when you're doing it in a clone of a famous game. FreeCol is a free-as-in-free-software Java-based clone of Sid Meier's Colonization that's currently at the 0.5.3 release. But even this far short of a 1.0 release, it is coming along nicely enough to have <EM>earned […]

My sysadmin toolbox

My working day includes a variety of tasks, and most of them take place on the command line, because that approach enables me to do things in the most efficient way. But you can also waste a lot of time on the command line if you don't know what utilities will give you what you […]

Zero Install: An executable critique of native package systems

Zero Install is one of the more promising alternatives to native package systems for Linux distributions, such as RPM and Debian's dpkg. Originally developed by Thomas Leonard, a professor in the Department of Electronics and Computing at the University of Southampton, it begins with a criticism of existing package systems the difficulties of using them, […]

Enable WPA Wireless access point in Ubuntu

I have a Toshiba laptop at home, I was running “Edgy Eft”. But one of the important things about it was its inability to connect to WPA-encrypted Wifi access points. Read the blog entry here

Ubuntu 6.06 on a Toshiba Satellite P20-801

This blogs shows how Ubuntu easily can be setup on a Toshiba Satellite p20-801 Read it here Quote: From the offset I feel it necessary to say that this Toshiba notebook as I have found it is made for Ubuntu 6.06. The installation was distressingly simple and hassle free. The installation took just over 45 […]

How to set up your own local Ubuntu repositories with apt-mirror

If you’ve got a little bit of bandwidth and a bunch of Ubuntu machines to update, it’s almost a no brainer to set up your own local ubuntu repositories. Read it at arsgeek: Quote: I’ve got my own repositories set up and it makes for an incredibly fast install of a new system and updates […]

Debian developers seek new leader

ZDNet has a small piece on the upcomming Debian Project Leader election and the nominees. Read it here Quote: The DPL is the most powerful person involved in the Debian project, which is an attempt to develop a free operating system. Each DPL serves a 12-month term of office, during which they are the official […]

GoboLinux&#039;s recipe for delicious package management

GoboLinux is a unique distribution in many ways. It's built from scratch following the Linux From Scratch procedure and uses custom boot scripts, personalized directory structure, and a simple yet comprehensive source-based dependency-resolving package management system. GoboLinux is perhaps best known for its alternate filesystem hierarchy. Unlike Linux's traditional Filesystem hierarchy, where a program has […]

LightZone for Linux: Quality photo conversion for free

Like many companies, Light Crafts releases its flagship application — the RAW photo converter LightZone — for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. But although the Windows and OS X versions of LightZone cost hundreds of dollars, the Linux version is absolutely free. It is a lucky break, too, because LightZone is a powerful tool […]

Filesystem encryption in mixed environments with TrueCrypt

If you want to encrypt your sensitive files so that no one can access them without your personal password or decryption key, you have several options. But if you want a free, cross-platform, open source encryption application, try TrueCrypt. There are some precautions you need to know before you get started as follows: 1). There […]

New open source advocacy group announced

Ten well-known companies within the open source community have pooled their resources to form an advocacy group designed for companies to adopt open source solutions for their business needs. Its diverse group of members will work with independent software vendors (ISV), system integrators, and members of the open source community to develop comprehensive open source […]

Future of Debian Weekly News

Long story short – Joey Schulze is looking for a sponsor of his work at DWN or he retires from that task. An outcome of Dunc-tank is that when money came into the equation, he had to reconsider his schedules. Read the blog here Quote: I have realised that I cannot afford spending so much […]

Open source software lets Genuitec forgo venture capital

One business that relies heavily on open source software is Genuitec, the company that produces the proprietary subscription-based MyEclipse interactive development environment. This article covers the business model behind this. Low-cost MyEclipse adds functionality to Eclipse, an open source application development software framework. Genuitec co-founder and Vice President of Technology Todd Williams says his company […]

Debian Linux file and print server: NFS, CUPS, LPR

Setting up a home LAN on Debian sharing directories with Linux clients and your printer to Windows and Linux clients. Of course, web to all. This tutorial is completely “noob-friendly”. It's found at DebianTutorials Quote: It requires only reading comprehension and no necessary amount of pre-existing skill. Should you lack confidence, you can find basic […]

Speed Up Firefox or Iceweasel web browser

Started as a fork of the browser component (Navigator) of the Mozilla Application Suite, Firefox has replaced the Mozilla Suite as the flagship product of the Mozilla project, stewarded by the Mozilla Foundation and a large community of external contributors. Full Story

Monitoring Servers and Clients using Munin in Ubuntu

Munin” means “memory”.Munin the tool surveys all your computers and remembers what it saw. It presents all the information in in graphs through a web interface. Its emphasis is on plug and play capabilities. After completing a installation a high number of monitoring plugins will be playing with no more effort. Using Munin you can […]

Business Model 2.0: Linspire Befriends Ubuntu

OSWeekly discuss the Linspire/Ubuntu deal and what it means for the Ubuntu and the Linspire all in all. Read it here Quote: A Reasonable Compromise. Regardless of what I believe, the fact remains that should key developers become angry with Ubuntu’s direction, it could spell trouble. To help curb this, I wonder if it might […]

Xorg 7.1 and New Drivers Make SimplyMEPIS Beta 5 3D Ready

Beta 5 of SimplyMEIPS 6.5 (formerly known as 6.0) is now ready, including so profound changes that the version have changed. Read it announced here and a rewrite here Quote: Beta 5 adds Xorg 7.1, NVidia driver 1.0.9746, fglrx driver 8.31.5, and madwifi-ng 0.92. In addition there are updated lan drivers for E1000, forcedeth, and […]

Debian Weekly News – February 13th, 2007

This edition of DWN covers LDAP and Infrastructure Updates, FOSDEM Schedule finalised, Restructuring Parts of the Debian Website and much, much more. —————————————————————————Debian Weekly News Weekly News – February 13th, 2007————————————————————————— Welcome to this year's 3rd issue of DWN, the weekly newsletter for theDebian community. In light of recent [1]attacks on SHA-1, the[2]National Institute of […]

Debian Linux Adopts OpenVZ Virtualization Software

The OpenVZ project announced its operating system-level server virtualization software technology is incorporated into Debian GNU/Linux giving users full access to OpenVZ software Read about it here Quote: Debian users will be able to provision physical servers to run applications on virtual servers, rather than a full physical server. The OpenVZ project makes available Debian […]

Review: Frets on Fire

You suck on electric guitar. If you are not aware of that now, you will be after playing Frets on Fire — a cross-platform, GPLed music game from Unreal Voodoo, where your PC's keyboard is the instrument and you play lead. Read the complete review

Klik: the un-packaging system

Klik is unique among software installation systems for Linux, in that each package installed through klik is self-contained, isolated from the rest of the operating system. Klik isn't a package management system; rather it's an application that lets you download and run software without installing it. Read more about it here

Ubuntu says no to non-free video drivers for Feisty

For the release, proprietary video drivers are out of the default install, and the PowerPC port of Ubuntu is being downgraded to an unofficial release. UPDATE: Mark Shuttleworth clarifies on his blog. Starting with the update and clarification from Mark Shuttleworth Quote: Jonathan, I’m afraid you’ve misread the announcement that proprietary video drivers will not […]

Ubuntu on educational computers

MassMutual Financial Group donated 100 computers to Springfield Technical Community College yesterday for use by students who cannot afford to purchase a computer. They'll be loaded with Ubuntu. Read it here Quote: The computers were stripped of software and any proprietary information, Copes said. Four STCC students will refurbish the computers, which are about three […]

Installing SugarCRM 4.5.1 on Ubuntu 6.06

Lately I’ve installed a couple of Ubuntu servers with SugarCRM the OS edition, so I thought I’d just write down the procedure for others and myself. Read the thorough description here Quote: I know that the people behind both products recently stated that they’ve teamed up and that SugarCRM should be in the repository for […]

LA hosts laid-back Southern California Linux Expo

If you didn't get to attend the Southern Cal Linux Expo and would have liked to – here's a rundown of what happened – the good, bad, ugly and everything in between. Read more here

Autopackage struggling to gain acceptance

Fourteen months ago, the Autopackage project was small and active, and members sounded optimistic about its success. Now, although the alternative installer project continues, progress has almost come to a halt. The #autopackage channel on sits vacant most days, the developer blogs cover almost anything except the project, and commits to the source code […]

Fight Image Spam With FuzzyOCR And SpamAssassin On Debian/Ubuntu

This tutorial describes how to scan emails for image spam with FuzzyOCR. FuzzyOCR is a plugin for SpamAssassin which is aimed at unsolicited bulk mail containing images as the main content carrier. Read it at howtoforge Quote: Using different methods, it analyzes the content and properties of images to distinguish between normal mails (ham) and […]

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