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Upcoming Ubuntu Events

Matt Zimmermann have posted an overview of the upcomming Ubuntu events around the world. Quote: Hello, We are pleased to announce some exciting upcoming events in the Ubuntuproject. We are looking forward to the release of Ubuntu 7.04 in April07, but our gaze also shifts beyond that to … Ubuntu Education Summit – 3-4 May […]

How to regularly backup Windows XP to Ubuntu, using rsync

This blog covers one of the more exotic solutions – backup Windows XP to Ubuntu, using rsync Read it here Quote: Back in September I revived my MiniITX box to serve as a backup server. I set up BackupPC, ran it once, it seemed to work, and then ignored it for weeks. When I checked […]

Cyrus, Virtual Domains, malware-free exim4 debian config

I love exim4 – and i cannot get on with either postfix or sendmail. The level of sophistication that is required these days to set up a trouble-free email server is, i believe, matched only by exim4's sophistication and ease-of-setup Read here how to do it Quote: postfix is great – and secure – and […]

Subversion on debian like boxes: a quick howto

this post aims to ease your next installations of subversion on Linux (should be usable with different Unix systems). This short how-to will use the xinetd based daemon and not the Apache module Read the blog post here Quote: I prefer this kind of installation…It's quick and clean, sufficient for a small system… So this […]

DebConf8 location: Mar del Plata, Argentina

Today, in a friendly 3-hour long meeting, the location of the Debian annual conference for 2008 was chosen, and it will be the city of Mar del Plata, Argentina. Quote: Hi! Today, in a friendly 3-hour long meeting, the location of the Debian annualconference for 2008 was chosen, and it will be the city of […]

Key expiry breaks most D-I Etch RC1 images

The expiration of the Debian archive's signing key for 2006 has broken most of the installation media from etch RC1. The only RC1 images that should remain usable are the full installation CDs and DVDs, but only when used without a network mirror. Quote: The expiration of the Debian archive's signing key for 2006 has […]

The Fridge, Linspire and Ubuntu

The official news source from Ubuntu, The Fridge, has no less than four articles about the recent Linspire deal. Quote: This partnership makes a lot of sense. As the Linux market keeps on consolidating around Red Hat and Novell, especially now that Microsoft seemingly backs the later, second-tier Linux distribution providers have no choice […]

Trying Knoppix

This blogger tries out Knoppix and is thrilled by it! Read it here Quote: Of all the version of Linux that I’ve tried, I like this the most. Why, because it’s a Live CD and it doesn’t affect my Windows OS installed in my computer. Of course I’m still using Windows, but as an alternative, […]

System Recovery with Knoppix

Often when trying to recover a system, I need to look up some command for copying data to different devices. My 1337 skills are slacking these days, so I compiled a list of commands for data recovery and other commands that I will probably use in the future. Read the blog entry using Knoppix here […]

Debian Project Leader Elections 2007: Second call for nominations

We are one week into the nomination period for candidates for the position of the Debian Project Leader. Quote: Hi, We are one week into the nomination period for candidates for the position of the Debian Project Leader. According to the constitution (5.2. Appointment), project leader elections should begin “nine weeks before the leadership post […]

TrueCrypt in Ubuntu

TrueCrypt is free-as-in-freedom (according to my hearsay understanding of the license), but the TrueCrypt Foundation behind it is apparently kind of secretive and closed with its development processes. Read it here Quote: Overall the process went pretty smoothly. I started working on this in Fedora and got hung up on an error, switched to working […]

Ubuntu Feisty Herd 3 review

Anirudh Sanjeev blogs/reviews the latest alpha of Feisty Fawn and looks forward to the final version as he's pretty happy with it. Read it here Quote: I have a love/hate relationship with ubuntu. I’m primarily a debian user, and I feel ubuntu oversimplifies things a bit. But after reviewing Feisty, I’m convinced that this just […]

Is Debian dead?

It's that time of year again. Dana Blankenhorn writes on ZDNet about the Linspire/Ubuntu deal. Read it here Quote: Linspire, however, acts like a proprietary company, complete with PR drums and spin. This deal is not with but with Ubuntu sponsor Canonical, which quietly handles other important projects from offices on the Isle of […]

Ubuntu embraces proprietary software(?)

Infoworld have a rather unorthodox article attacking Mark Shuttleworth and Ubuntu on their actions against Red Hat Quote: Mark Shuttleworth has developed an exceptional Linux distribution, Ubuntu. Mark spends much of his time, however, deriding Red Hat, his biggest Linux competitor, for waxing proprietary. Funny, considering that it's Mark that is embracing proprietary software – […]

Open-Source Figures Like the Ubuntu-Linspire Partnership

News Analysis: Open-source analysts and movers and shakers have looked at the Ubuntu-Linspire partnership, and they give it a big thumbs up. Read the article from Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols

OpenSSL gets hard-fought revalidation

After a five year journey that included a suspended validation last year, the Open Source Software Institute (OSSI) has announced that OpenSSL has regained its FIPS 140-2 validation and is now available for download. OpenSSL is an open source toolkit that allows programs to securely exchange data in the same fashion as proprietary versions of […]

Handling of (inactive) Debian Accounts

Joerg Jaspert announces that action should be taken on the unused accounts, as Debian gets more and more accounts. Quote: Hi as Debian gets more and more accounts it is only natural that we havemore and more unused accounts. People get MIA, find different interestsor simply lost interest in Debian but did not follow the […]

Car rental agency migrates to Ubuntu

Aging Linux and Unix systems have prompted car rental company Thrifty Inc. to modernize its server platforms and direct investment towards more innovative applications. Read it at Tuxmachines Quote: Solutions First managing director David Kempe said Thrifty now has a fully redundant, two-node cluster running Ubuntu with an IBM FastT SAN. “The central booking database […]

Debian still not ready continues the bashing at the status of Debian Etch. We start with Quote: The latest release of Debian, “Etch”, may slip another month, according to some Debian developers. In the meantime, Ubuntu, a distribution based on Debian, has formed a deal with Linspire that will see that company dump its Debian base for an […]

Ubuntu 6.10 install on Virtual PC

Mauricio Freitas blogs about the experiences gained by doing an Ubuntu install on Virtual PC. Read it here Quote: Back to my test, it looks like Ubuntu doesn't like Virtual PC because it runs on 24 bit per pixel and Virtual PC only supports 16 bit per pixel. The system boots from the live cd […]

Ubuntu? Not for me, thanks

Sam Varghese at ITWire lists a few arguments about why not to use Ubuntu – the recent Linspire deal being one of them. Read it here Quote: Then why would someone not want to use the distribution? I have strong reservations about Ubuntu, its motives and the way it is shaping up. The deal its […]

Running Debian on your Linksys WRT54G* … sort of

I’m the happy owner of a Linksys WRT54GL. OpenWRT is nice, but … well. Debian is just nicer. And I couldn’t resist the idea of running Debian on this little MIPS system. Read the blog entry here

An Interview with Falko Timme

Tom Adelstein interviews Falko Timme about his work – Falko provides many guides for Debian and Ubuntu on howtoForge. Read it here Quote: Falko: I started the “Perfect Setup” tutorials in 2003 as part of the 42goISP-Manager documentation. At projektfarm GmbH in Lüneburg, we had developed the Linux web server control panel called “42go ISP-Manager”, […]

A quick look at KNOPPIX 5.1.1

Beranger have tried Knoppix with Beryl – and is happy for Knoppix and not so happy for Beryl. Quote: To put it straight: KNOPPIX 5.1.1 works great. Beryl works (technically speaking) almost perfectly. Yet I have two more reasons to declare the 3D Desktop metaphor as Defective By Design. Read the rest here

Guide to installing Beryl with Avant in Ubuntu on an Intel i915 chip

Thaks to Arsgeek, here's another guide to Beryl on Ubuntu. Read it here Quote: Here’s a soup to nuts guide on getting beryl with aiglx up and running on your computer if you have an Intel i915 onboard graphics chip. Once you’ve got Beryl installed we’ll add the Avant window navigator as well. With props […]

MythTV Installation Guide for Debian

I am also going to try and record the installation process for installing Mythtv for debian. I have found a few guides, but nothing that remotely compares to Jarod's Fedora Guide. Read what Wilson Stowe tells us: Quote: Table of Contents: Installation of Debian Update Apt-Get Sources Installation of Sound Card Installation of Video Card […]

Ubuntu Linux 6.10 Review

PerformancePC givers Ubuntu 6.10 maximum score on all measurement criterias in this review. Read it =Reviews]here Quote: More than anything, using Linux is changing from a mindset of commercialization and competition to one of scientific curiosity and community—for that alone, Ubuntu 6.10 is worth a look. Stability: 5/5 Look and Feel: 5/5 Software: 5/5 Support: […]

Installing Ubuntu or Kubuntu, 6.06.1 on a Single/Multi -Boot

This guide describes how to install Ubuntu (Ubuntu+GNOME) or Kubuntu (Ubuntu+KDE) 6.06.1 LTS (“Dapper Drake”) on a single or a multi -boot RAID system. Read it at HowtoForge Quote: It is meant as a variation of Ubuntu Wiki FakeRAID HowTo document, but digested and with minimum commentary. Its goal is to allow new Ubuntu users […]

Canonical and Linspire Announce Technology Partnership

Here's the press announcement about that Linspire is to Base Linspire/Freespire on Ubuntu and Canonical to Use the CNR Commercial Software E-Commerce Technology Read it here Quote: Linspire will transition from Debian to Ubuntu as the base for their Linspire and Freespire desktop operating systems. ( This will mean that Linspire users will benefit from […]

Ooh! Ubuntu

This blog entry describes how it is to try out Ubuntu and become a fan of the distribution. Read it here Quote: I have been personally testing the Ubuntu distribution (trying to always approach it as a new user – no programming or command-line configuration) since last fall and I love it. I have also […]

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