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Upcoming debian meetings

Andreas Shuldei announces a couple of Debian meetings: DevCampFrance2007 and Java DevJam Quote: In the immediate future i am aware of two work/hack meetings: One is in france, and has limited capacity for non-debian-edupeople left. Please let me know on what and with whom you want towork together if you want to take advantage of […]

Debian HOW-TO : QEMU Virtual Machine

Virtual machines applications are rapidly gaining in popularity. Xen, VMware and VirtualBox are all interesting solutions. However there is one that often gets overlook : QEMU. This tutorial will help you install and configure QEMU in Debian, so that you can easily run any other OS inside Debian. Read the article at Techno Wizah

Debian release may slip

Steve Langasek has mentioned to ZDNet that he cannot guarantee that Debian will be released in February. They then conclude it may slip to March. Read here Quote: Now Steve Langasek, one of the two developers working on releasing Etch, has revealed a more accurate timescale. He told ZDNet UK on Monday: “I have to […]

Meetings in the Debian world

Anthony Towns have announced that it is time for some more getting together and productive coordination with the developers and community Quote: Hello, world! One of the things that's been on my mind for a while now — since readingAndreas Schuldei's platform last year [0] at the very least — has beengetting more meetings happening. […]

Ubuntu, openSUSE, MEPIS, and Kubuntu adventures

“Since the whole objective of this personal project was to learn more about Linux, I decided to look on this as an opportunity to try some new version of Linux. With mixed levels of success, I tried the latest versions of openSUSE, simplyMEPIS, and Kubuntu.” Read it here Quote: From all of this, my first […]

10 reasons to love and hate your Ubuntu

It’s been a few months since I started used Ubuntu as my primary workstation. I’ve been trying and “using” Linux since Redhat 5.2 but this time it’s for real. No dual-booting, no wine, no vmware. Read it here Quote: 10 reasons I love it. LAMP stable as a rock. Not that my desktop gets lot’s […]

Reduce your Linux memory footprint

Using Ubuntu, this IBM developerWorks discuss how you can reduce your Linux memory footprint Read it hee Quote: The truth of the matter, however, is that while the Linux kernel can still be configured to be reasonably small and efficient, as new computers have increased in power, many Linux desktop environments (such as KDE and […]

Debian as the research library of Free Software

Andreas Lloyd have written an interesting blog entry that dscuss “Maybe that would the most fitting analogy to what Debian really is: A research library containing all of the Free Software that lives up to set strict criteria.” Read it here Quote: Much like the knowledge of science only can gathered for release in an […]

D-I RC2 — Call for testing

You can help the release of Etch by testing the current *daily built* images for your favorite architecture(s); Quote: The second upload of the 2.6.18-4 kernel is now available and is used in all [1] daily built images of Debian Installer. We are not completely sure if there will be one more kernel upload for […]

Build Your Own Ubuntu

This review of Ubuntu focuses on the ability to change the distribution into exactly what you want it to using Reconstructor Read it at OSWeekly Quote: The Best Solution is Your Solution? One man's gem can be considered another man's junk. The success of allowing Ubuntu fans to custom create their distributions is sure to […]

Ubuntu: 3 Steps to Make it Look Neat

This blog entry shows us three tips on how to make Ubuntu better looking Right here:Quote: Let’s get a more interesting wallpaper,

Install and Configure Auth Shadow on Debian/Ubuntu

Auth Shadow or mod-auth-shadow is a module for apache (and apache2, sort of) that enables authentication against /etc/shadow. The benefits being that any system user with a password can be authenticated for web_dav, subversion or simply an https server. Read it at HowtoForge Quote: The only other way to do this is with PAM. That […]

Ubuntu Adventures on a Dell e1405

This blog tells us about the installation of Ubuntu on a Dell e1405 Scroll a bit down on the page and you'll find: Quote: So, now I have a perfectly functional Ubuntu install that can pretty much do everything that Windows could, and I am extremely pleased with it! The best part about the whole […]

Bits from the Debian GNU/kFreeBSD porters

This is a status update for the Debian GNU/FreeBSD port. This port consists of two architectures: kfreebsd-i386 and kfreebsd-amd64. Quote: Hello, Debian world! This is a status update for the Debian GNU/FreeBSD port[1]. This port consists of two architectures: kfreebsd-i386 and kfreebsd-amd64. Status—— * We have uptodate toolchain (including java on both architectures) and most […]

Beryl + Ubuntu = Beauty

This blogger shows us the beauty of Beryl and Ubuntu. In other news, Distrowatch brings the update that Beryl will not be included in Ubuntu 7.04. It's beautifull:Quote: If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, Beryl is a 3D desktop manager that can replace Metacity or other desktop managers in Linux (specifically Ubuntu in […]

Ubuntu Live Conference

The Ubuntu Live conference is coming to Portland, Oregon (US) between July 22 and July 24, 2007. This will be the first official conference dedicated to Ubuntu. More details are at It's at The Fridge

Debian How-to: NetworkManager

To manage both wired and wireless networks, nothing matches NetworkManager easiness and versatility. The following tutorial will help you install it on Debian and Ubuntu. Read the blog entry at Techno Wizah

Ubuntu 7.04 Alpha 3 Screenshots

Plenty of screenshots at It's here

Share Printer and Directories with NFS, Cups and/or LPR: Debian Serve

Setting up a home LAN on Debian sharing directories with Linux clients and your printer to Windows and Linux clients. Of course, web to all. This tutorial is completely “noob-friendly”. Read it here

Debian Project Leader Elections 2007: Call for nominations

According to the constitution (5.2. Appointment), project leader elections should begin “nine weeks before the leadership post becomes vacant, or (if it is too late already) immediately.” Quote: Hi, According to the constitution (5.2. Appointment), project leader elections should begin “nine weeks before the leadership post becomes vacant, or (if it is too late already) […]

Installing JDK6 on Debian Etch

“I find Debian an outstanding distro for server needs with its latest version Etch nearly been released as of the day I'm writing this. Java 6 isn't available from its repositories and I doubt it would for Etch.” Read it hereQuote: Sun is a great company with obviously many outstanding people working there. But tell […]

HowTo Enable MP3 Support for K3b in (K)Ubuntu

The folks at LinuxAppFinder usually finds good applications for Linux, but have today chosen to show us how to enable mp3 support for K3b Read it here Quote: I frequently hear comments that K3b doesn't support burning MP3's to an Audio CD. These comments are puzzling because K3b is supposed to support the MP3 format. […]

Testing at tweaking Feisty Derd CD3

This blogger finds Ubuntu's latest Alpha stable enough to start tweaking it – see what you can do. And Tuxdom have an article about installing codecs on the Feisty Fawn. Read it here Quote: Since the release cycle is halfway through, and since Herd 3 looks more or less “stable,” it’s probably fair to start […]

FeistyFawn Herd CD3

The third alpha of Ubuntu 7.04, Feisty Fawn is available. Read it here Quote: Ubuntu “Feisty Fawn” 7.04 has two and a half more months to go until it's release date planned in April 19th, and already many exciting features have been introduced. Herd 3, the third Alpha release kicks off the most active period […]

Your recipes needed for the Official Ubuntu Book!

With your contributions of solutions to common problems, one chapter becomes far more expansive and will cover a greater range of areas. Read it at The Fridge Quote: If you are interested in contributing, you should first take a look at this wiki page to see which recipes have already been written. If your idea […]

Debian HOW-TO : Power Management

This article is intended to give general tips on how to properly manage power consumption and its different aspects (CPU frequency management, suspend/resume, and other common functionalities). Read the blog entry at Techno Wizah

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