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Debian Etch release is very close

Andreas Barth mentions April 1st as release date, but quality is still more important than dates.


we're almost at the release now, but before you start to party, there
are still a few important steps missing. So we thought we'd give you an
overview of our current status.

Most release critical bugs are resolved now. If you are able to help us
with one of the remaining bugs, be welcome, and be fast.

The most important step that remains to be done is to finalize the release
notes, skim through the update reports and – well, fix the last remaining
few blockers. Etch is of a very good technical quality, and we just need to
polish a few remaining issues.

In order to have the time to do so, we are going to move the release for
another week or so. Our secret plan was to announce the release on April 1st
(that would have been fun, don't you think so :) ), but well – quality is
more important.

– Andi Debian Release Team

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