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Alioth goes Mercurial

Alioth can now host your Mercurial repositories in pretty much the same way as it can host your CVS, Subversion, Arch/Bazaar, Bzr and Git repositories. Quote: Hi all, Due to popular pressure from a certain Mr. Goerzen, and since thatfriendly nagging was expressed in the form of a script and help to setit up, the […]

What made Debian cool

Debian used to be the cool kid among Linux distributions. Because our stuff worked much better, was easy to install and especially to upgrade. Read it here Quote: Getting SELinux strict support into init ramdisks is another big thing I'm too scared of to even attempt… i.e. I doubt that I'll be able to do […]

Ubuntu on the Inspiron 640m

This blog entry tells us about the dificulties and experiences of installing Ubuntu Feisty Fawn Read it here Quote: Except the screen problem (which it might be fixed by the final version of Ubuntu) and the wireless problem (which is something that Canonical must both fix and support, as they need to blacklist a module […]

French parliament picks Ubuntu for Linux switch

When members of the French parliament and their assistants return from their summer break, they will conduct business on PCs running Ubuntu. Read the story here Quote: The French lower house is already using open-source software elsewhere in its IT systems, including the Apache Web server and the Mambo content management system. The parliament members' […]

Candidates for Debian Project Leader sound off have had a look at the different candidates platforms and comment them as well as discuss them in relation to each other. Read here Quote: The Dunc-Tank project, which sought to pay Debian release managers to push Debian Etch out the door on schedule, stirred up a fair amount of controversy among Debian Developers […]

Aptana AJAX Development Environment On Ubuntu

This guide at HowtoForge shows how to install the Aptana IDE on an Ubuntu Edgy Eft system Read it here Quote: The Aptana IDE is a free, open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript-focused development environment for building Ajax applications. It features code assist on JavaScript, HTML, and CSS languages, FTP/SFTP support and a JavaScript debugger to troubleshoot your […]

Make Ubuntu look like OSX

Just found this older guide and thought it could be interesting for you too! Read it here Quote: I have noticed that many people try to imitate Mac OSX Tiger's look with their current operating system. No matter is it Windows or Linux. I'm one of those people and this is my atteption to make […]

Ubuntu is a dream compared to Windoze….

Yet another happy, happy blogger tries Ubuntu…. Read it heer Quote: All in all, installing Ubuntu is very easy! When you’re done, you have a complete, secure, stable, running OS complete with a office suite (OpenOffice), web browser (Firefox), chat client (GAIM) and Mail client (Thunderbird). Ubuntu also starts and shuts down very fast compared […]

Primary school goes Ubuntu

Recently we managed to fund the purchase of 16 new computers in my wife’s primary school. The old hardware were Pentium III 500 MHz boxes running Windows 98. They changed to Ubuntu. Read about it heer

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #31

In This Issue: Faisty Fawn release build-up, Linspire now based on Ubuntu, Statistics of Ubuntuforums, Ohio US Team approved and official + much more. Quote: Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #31 for the week March1st – March 10, 2007. In this issue we cover some of the buzz that isstarting to build up […]

Four weeks with Ubuntu Part 1: Switching is hard

On January 30th I decided to try Ubuntu Linux as my primary desktop. Read the lessons learned. It's found here Quote: Linux has come a long way in the past few years. Contrary to popular opinion, Linux isn’t just for geeks anymore. Installing Ubuntu Linux is better than the installation of Windows XP. As soon […]

Why Ubuntu isn’t mainstream yet

Regardless of the hype and how great a job Canonical and the Ubuntu community are doing, I don’t see Ubuntu replacing too many Windows machines just yet. Read the blog here Quote: # Configuration for Dummies. The rule of thumb in Linux is that if it doesn’t work, you haven’t configured it properly. While I […]

Make your package updates faster in Ubuntu

Although Ubuntu default installation already chooses the closest server to you, it is still a good idea to find a mirror located in your country to speed up software installation and updates. Read the blog help here Quote: The fastest way to do that is by using the Source-O-Matic tool fromUbuntu-NL website. The service is […]

MyDNS with MyDNSConfig Control Panel and DNSMasq on Ubuntu 6.10

In this tutorial HowtoForge will describe how to install and configure MyDNS and MyDNSConfig. Quote: MyDNS is a DNS server that uses a MySQL database as backend instead of configuration files like, for example, Bind or djbdns. The advantage is that MyDNS simply reads the records from the database, and it does not have to […]

Installing and using Another Distro

So I set myself a challenge: install a different distro (Debian Etch) and use it for a minimum of one month. Fairly straightforward – I even decided not to gear the test against itself, I will be using KDE as the desktop wherever possible. The articles starts here Quote: Anyway, some initial thoughts on Debian. […] spreads Ubuntu love

During the 4 day long Flemish education conference, the volunteers spread their edubuntu enthusiasm around the directors and ict-responsibles of all Belgium schools Read the report Quote: The week went on and gave us a really good feeling about it, schools were really interested! People mailed us with questions, came back to thank us, […]

The French Parliament switches to Ubuntu

The French Parliament looks to be the next big Ubuntu switcher according to reports. Recently the Parliament produced an official government report that recommended the use of free software over proprietary software. See it mentioned at The Fridge Quote: More detailed information can be read in French at and There is also an […]

DPL Debate Logs

Here's some logs from the DPL debate on IRC. Quote: —–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—–Hash: SHA1 If I've got this right, some logs of the DPL Debate should be at sources If they move, I'll put Redirects. Other comments will appear on– -vote and shortly, I'm sure. Thanks to DonArmstrong for coordinating the debate […]

Second call for votes for the upload package rules GR

We are now in the second and final week of this vote. At the time of writing, 146 people have voted out of a possible 1013. Hi, We are now in the second and final week of this vote. At the time of writing, 146 people have voted out of a possible 1013. Vote page: […]

Ubuntu 7.04 Alpha 5+ – Updating experiences

I'm writing about how Ubuntu handled an automatic update the week of March 5, 2007. These days the process of keeping your system up to date has evolved considerably so that it is very easy to stay current with fixes and security updates. Read the blog entry here Quote: Linux distributions have also had upgrade […]

Video of Ubuntu on 256MB RAM

Here's screenshots and video clip below are of Ubuntu 6.10 with Beryl Windows Manager installed on a 2002 1.9GHz Gateway Intel Pentium 4 computer with 256MB Memory and an NVIDIA GeForce2 MX graphics card. Read and see it here Quote: Although ease of use hasn't been Linux-based operating systems strong point, things have recently begun […]

Exploring the Debian Installer

Don Parris at LXer looks at the Debian Installer, providing something of an overview of the installation process, revealing one or two potential pain points. Read it here Quote: I have installed various versions of GNU/Linux since 1997. Yast is a great installation tool. Ubuntu and PCLinuxOS have comparable installation processes (different, but still fairly […]

SimplyMEPIS on a Toshiba Satellite

Easy to install and it just works. This blog entry tells the story. Read it here Quote: I had an extra laptop harddrive sitting around that Windows XP could not format. It would slowly arrive at 100% done, and then say it encountered an error. A different windows pc with Vista couldn’t do anything with […]

Fedora vs. Ubuntu: a Performance Look

We have compared the 32-bit and 64-bit performance of Ubuntu and started a performance comparison of Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, but how does the performance of the upcoming Feisty Fawn release compare to that of Fedora 7? Read it at Phoronix Quote: From today's results we cannot call a clear winner due to all of the variables at […]

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #30

In This Issue: New Team: Ubuntu Scribes, Feisty Fawn Herd5 Released, No Beryl or Compiz for Feisty, Weekly Quiz Update and much much more. Quote: Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 30 for the weeksJanuary 28th – Febuary 28th, 2007.We're sorry for the delay in releasing this edition, some of our maineditors are not […]

Backup and Restore Ubuntu System using Sbackup

SBackup is a simple backup solution intended for desktop use. It can backup any subset of files and directories. Exclusions can be defined by regular expressions. Read the blog at Only Ubuntu Quote: Sbackup Features List Backup any subset of files and directories Exclude files and directories by regex expressions Exclude files by type (extension) […]

Ubuntu using wrong strategy?

“Simply put, Ubuntu cannot compete with Red Hat server-side: Red Hat is simply too well established and no one is going to deploy Ubuntu Server, over RHEL, and keep their job at the same time.” Read it here Quote: Canonical Ltd. are the official sponsors of Ubuntu Linux, with Mark Shuttleworth providing the funding, via […]

SimplyMEPIS 6.5 RC1

After lots of Alpha's, here is the first RC of SimplyMEPIS. And there's allready a review available of it! Read it here Quote: “The updated MEPIS Network Assistant adds manual configuration for WPA security as an alternative to the automatic configuration via networkmanager. And the release of alsa 1.0.14.rc3 includes support for new sound chips. […]

How To Install Zimbra Collaboration Suite On Ubuntu

This guide shows how to install the Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) on Ubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) and 6.06 (Dapper Drake) server systems. Read it here Quote: Zimbra is a full-featured, open source collaboration suite – email, group calendaring, contacts, and web document management and authoring. It has a feature-rich AJAX web interface and is compatible […]

8 Months with Ubuntu

This blog takes a look at how it's been to use Ubuntu for quite some time. Read it here Quote: So far I haven’t run into much I can’t do with Ubuntu: The bad: I have a few old applications which use an Access db (I know!) and those I can’t open and have to […]

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