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Ubuntu Linux seen from broadband blog

I would take a break from the regular broadband bashing and instead focus on the new imminent release of Ubuntu Linux, code named as Feisty Fawn.
Read the happy blogger here


I have finally made the switch to Gnome; I am waiting for the KDE 4 release. KDE 4 promises to revolutionise the desktop experience; but till then I wanted something different and fresh from the old and trusty desktop that I have been using for the past three years. Arguably, Gnome has become better from it’s previous avatars but it still suffers from unintuitive interface;it’s a matter of getting used to it. It is lighter on system resources as compared to KDE but that is not the sole argument in it’s favour. I still use KDE’s applications like Amarok (cannot be a better music player than this) and KTorrent for my torrent needs. Gnome still has to come up with something better than them. Using Gnome or KDE desktops is a personal preference and you can use both depending on your mood or preference.

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