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Comparison of Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and CentOS

This writer takes a look at the different distributions and compares them relatively objectively. The preferred distribution is based on what you need.
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From this small analysis I think you should think about this to make
your decision about which Distribution of Linux choose to work
(Remember there are more that 300 out there, I am only taking 4 of

If you want to have the latest software available, like Compiz/Beryl
support the latest MySQL or PHP then you should go after Fedora or
Ubuntu on its non LTS version.

If you want to have the most tested / stable and do not care about
the versions of your packages, but prefer stability rather than the
latest versions, then your option is CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu LTS.

This apply for Servers and Desktop applications, it is up to you to
choose the one that fits your needs, it is also good to test some of
them before you go after one.

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