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A Debian developer's thoughts on the state of Debian

Thaddeus H. Black comments the different claims and criticism posted by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols in Linux-Watch
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I think that some open-source users who like Debian will nevertheless always be dissatisfied with Debian because Debian fundamentally is not what they want it to be. Some are dissatisfied with Debian's slow release cycle. Others are dissatisfied with Debian's refusal to distribute non-free firmware. Yet others are dissatisfied because, when they want a new feature, they may be asked to implement it themselves and then submit their implementation as a patch to Debian's bug-tracking system. You may be dissatisfied with Debian's naming of software which commercially is called by another name!

It seems to me that all of these dissatisfactions somehow descend from a fundamental misconception of Debian's nature, purpose and mission. Debian cannot be something which it fundamentally is not. Debian would be foolish to try.

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