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Mark Shuttleworth interview

The founder of the Ubuntu-project talks in an interview about the integration of proprietary drivers, the One Laptop per Child project and “great applications” from Microsoft
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Quote: Though in your original proposal for Edgy Eft, you encouraged the Ubuntu community to “go wild” and integrate all the “cool new stuff” and not a lot has come through from this.

Mark Shuttleworth: Well, I disagree. For instance in Edgy we rewrote the Init-System from scratch, for the first time in something like 15 years. So that was a very fundamental bit of engineering, that other distributions are now looking to adopt, like Debian or Fedora. Just because Compiz – which is done by Novell – was not ready, you can't say that either Edgy or Feisty were a failure.

Beranger comments:

When is Launchpad going to be released as Open Source? The same babbling as always!
«Well at this stage, there is no real drive to do so, for a couple of reasons. First it's an infrastructure which is designed to run as a centralized infrastructure. It wouldn't help to have two or three Launchpads out there. It's designed to be like a consolidation and aggregation of information from other places.

Second we continue to release pieces of it where we think those will help communities. So we gave pieces of the translation infrastructure to the GNOME community, we constantly have fed back up patches and changes to the Zope community. And in fact the Zope community just adopted Launchpad as their own bug tracker.

We will release all the pieces of Launchpad one-by-one as it makes sense to do so, as we see a viable community to release the code to.»
When you're a billionaire you can't actually be open-minded and you can't really think open-source. When it's not beneficial to Mark The Emperor, open source is not needed. It «doesn't make sense», right?

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