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Community Council nominations and confirmation

Mark Shuttleworth have announced the 5 nominations to expand the Ubuntu community council, and voting starts today.

Members of the Ubuntu community,

We have 5 nominations to expand the community council, and voting starts today.

Each candidate is standing individually, so there are 5 separate votes. If a majority of the voters approve that candidate, then (s)he will be confirmed as a new member of the CC with a two year term.

I would urge all formal members of the Ubuntu community to vote. The formal members are those who are currently listed at:

The polls themselves are listed at:

Please vote in all polls where you have a personal opinion on the candidate's contribution to Ubuntu and their competence to sit on our top governing board. There are candidates from a variety of significant communities within Ubuntu, such as the Forums and the documentation team, but once confirmed to the CC they will represent the community as a whole and not any particular subteam – even if they retain a position in one of the other team councils of the project.

The Community Council is our highest governing body of the project, and makes fundamental decisions around our community structure, and code of conduct. They serve to mediate disputes and also appoint the leaders of key community teams.

We specifically have 5 independent candidates because we believe that it's important to have a broad coverage of timezones and areas of expertise on the CC.

I'd like to thank Dennis Kaarsemaker, the CC secretary, for setting up the polls, and the candidates for their willingness to serve. I would ask folks who lead various communities within Ubuntu to draw the attention of their members to these polls so that we get the broadest participation in each of the decisions.


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