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Dell and Ubuntu: deal or no deal?

Have Michael Dell and Mark Shuttleworth come to some kind of understanding that will see Dell machines out on the shelves soon with Ubuntu installed?
Read the thoughts at ITWire


Then Shuttleworth came up with his piece that supported Dell's weasel words. I reacted by casting reasonable doubt on most of his assertions. (As a side note, it's interesting to point out that any time one writes something that is negative about either Ubuntu or Shuttleworth, there are a bunch of fanboys who jump on the writer and use every tactic in the book – even racial epithets – to try and distract people from the facts on offer. Such people believe that the defence in a case should prove a man innocent; they do not go by the ancient laws of justice which say the prosecution should prove a man guilty while the defence only has to prove reasonable doubt. There are lots of such intelligent individuals around.)

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