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Making Debian sexy again: Sam Hocevar interviewed

ITwire have a three-page interview with Sam Hocevar about the changes he's looking forward to bring to Debian.
Debian should be sexy again!


Some people are already writing off Debian as a project whose time has passed and predicting that Fedora or OpenSuse will be the number one community Linux soon. What is your response to such soothsayers?

Rumours of Debian's death have been greatly exaggerated. Seriously, all these projects are young. Of course, they look shiny and new, dynamic, have healthy structures behind them, but aren't they all like that at the beginning? Debian is still bigger in terms of people, software, ports, derivative projects, QA efforts. I remember when Gentoo was the next big thing; it's still doing good, but it did not exactly bury Debian. Let's see how Fedora and OpenSuse are doing hen they're 8 years old.

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