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Ubuntu 7.04 Upgrade First Impressions

Technical-Itch reviews the upgrade process from Ubuntu 6.10 to Ubuntu 7.04. Apart from a couple of minor issues with the new desktop effects, everything else went fine. Read full story

Debian 4.0 (Etch) Samba Standalone Server With tdbsam Backend

This tutorial explains the installation of a Samba file server on Debian Etch and how to configure it to share files over the SMB protocol as well as adding users. Read it here

Start up manager-thing new for Ubuntu

If you're up for a walk on the wild side, try StartUp Manager (SUM), a utility created by Glenn Van Loon that lets you change bootloader and splash screen settings in Ubuntu. Read the article at Quote: There are two easy ways to install SUM, once you've verified that it works on your version […]

The Perfect Setup – Ubuntu 7.04

Ubuntu 7.04 haven't been out for many hours before Falko Timme at HowtoForge have an article to support it! Read it here Quote: This tutorial shows how to set up a Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04) based server that offers all services needed by ISPs and hosters: Apache web server (SSL-capable), Postfix mail server with […]

Seven Post-Install Tips for Ubuntu 7.04

PC World have written seven steps you can take right away to prevent common headaches and help yourself enjoy your new surroundings. Here they are Quote: 1. Fix your right Alt key.U.S. users may notice before too long that the right-hand Alt key on their keyboard doesn't work in Ubuntu. This will drive you nuts […]

My experience upgrading from Ubuntu 6.10 to Ubuntu 7.04

Arsgeek have an article about thevery smooth upgrade to 7.04 Read it here Quote: I’ve now been living in Feisty for an hour or two and I’m very much enjoying the experience. I did notice a slight speed increase in booting and shutting down but we’re talking perhaps 7 seconds on each side, so not […]

Linux consolidation: Linspire and Canonical

A small overview article about the effect of the Linspure-Ubuntu deal. Read it here Quote: The two product sets will retain their identity. For example, Ubuntu will continue to default to the GNOME user interface and be developed as a dual desktop/server OS while desktop specific Linspire and Freespire will keep on defaulting to KDE. […]

How to Install Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in Ubuntu

This shouldn't be too hard, as the packages are in multiverse, but Ubuntugeek helps us on the way! read it here Quote: Once it downloads the packages and begins the installation, you’ll get a screen that contains the Sun Operating System Distributor License for Java and hit Enter to continue. You’ll see a dialog that […]

I Vote For Ubuntu On Dell

This blogger lists all the good reasons for Dell to deliver PC's with Ubuntu. Read then entry here Quote: 7. Micheal Dell already uses Ubuntu on his laptop.Perhaps the best reason of all was this update to the Dell website yesterday. If that's not a leading indicator then I don't know what one is.

Ubuntu launch marred by website woes

Ubuntu's website has been flaking out on and off throughout today as its users attempt to download the latest free, open source desktop, laptop, client, and server Linux distribution. Read it here Quote: The longest outage so far appeared to be around lunchtime central European time, which adds water to the theory that higher than […]

Ubuntu 7.04 LTS released

For users wanting a secure, feature rich alternative to Microsoft Windows, Canonical Ltd., the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, announced today the Thursday release of Ubuntu version 7.04. The press releases are found here: Quote: Used by businesses, home users, schools and governments around the world, upgrades to new releases will always […]

Ubuntu Users Get Java Surprise

This will be the first time users will be able to be able to easily download and install this [Java] stack. They're all just an apt-get command away. Read it here Quote: The potential for this release is significant, since adding a J2EE application server to a distro is enough to raise some questions about […]

Giving people Ubuntu envy

A short presentation using Ubuntu gave this effect: “The department’s manager said she wants to shift to Ubuntu after seeing how I did things in my laptop.” Read the entire story here Quote: Come presentation time, I was crossing my fingers when I plugged the LCD projector cable into my laptop. I need not have […]

Debian: some people just don't get it

Sam Varghese at ITWire comments on why Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols seems so unhappy and naive about the Debian project. Read it here Quote: You'd have to wonder why Vaughan-Nichols made what were at times incorrect and at other times naive comments about Debian. Was he playing the troll? Or was he genuinely unaware of the […]

Michael Dell runs Ubuntu

Just for the sake of good order, Michael Dell use a Dell Precision M90 with Ubuntu 7.04 at home. Udpated with Mark Shuttleworths comment. Read it here and here Quote: I just heard that Michael's added a new notebook to his hardware collection. It's a Precision M90 mobile workstation with Ubuntu 7.04 and a list […]

Ultramobile PCs to get boost from Intel

Despite tepid sales of early units, Intel is doubling down on its investment in technology for handheld PCs with new chips and Ubuntu + Red Hat support Read it here Quote: While systems based on the Ultra Mobile 2007 product will fall into Microsoft's Origami fold–and run Windows Vista–in 2008 Intel plans to bring out […]

Feisty minus 24 hours: Checklist for upgrade

Here's a short list of things you might back up before moving to Feisty. Read it here Quote: This isn’t to suggest you’ll have problems, but if you’re planning a clean install (which I highly recommend ), or if things don’t go as you intend, it would be good to have these on an external […]

How To Set Up suPHP On A Debian Etch Based ISPConfig Server

In general, this howto is the same as my howto “How To Set Up suPHP On A Debian Sarge Based ISPConfig Server”, but it contains some small but important modifications for Debian Etch. Read it here Quote: When you've set up suPHP on your ISPConfig server, you are able to run the PHP scripts under […]

Start Downloading Feisty Now – and Get it Faster on Release Day

The secret to the recipe is rsync. How it works is, you download the latest testing release using rsync today or tomorrow, and then when Feisty is released, you update the cd image using rsync. Read here how to do it today

Windows migration assistant – Ubuntu secret weapon

The Windows Migration Assistant (WMA) is yet another reason to try and entice XP users over. Read about it here Quote: What popular distros like this really need is a never-ending desire for higher usability, proficient migration tools (to allow Windows users to move across without a headache) and for everything to just “work”. We're […]

Automatix2 for Amd64 Ubuntu Feisty

Here's a quick review of the updated Automatix2 for Ubuntu Read more here Quote: There are a variety of ways to do what Automatix2 does, but I like its simplicity and ease of use. I continue to lack a lot of free time so I appreciate this program for what it does. If you lack […]

Canonical Signs License Agreement With Open Invention Network

I wonder what this means? “Agreement Provides Intellectual Property Protection to Ubuntu Developers and Users” Read the announcement Quote: Open Invention Network (OIN), the company formed to spur innovation and protect the Linux System, announced today that Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, has become an OIN licensee, providing Ubuntu users and developers IP protection.

Ubuntu 7.04: Finally a mainstream Windows alternative?

ZDNet comments on the potential of the upcomming Ubuntu release and hope that it will take Linux to a new level Read it here Quote: While early experiences with Vista have been largely positive, if Ubuntu can deliver on its promises of effortlessness, and adequate educational software can continue to be ported to Linux, then […]

Mark Shuttleworth interview

The founder of the Ubuntu-project talks in an interview about the integration of proprietary drivers, the One Laptop per Child project and “great applications” from Microsoft Read it here Quote: Though in your original proposal for Edgy Eft, you encouraged the Ubuntu community to “go wild” and integrate all the “cool new stuff” and […]

A Debian developer's thoughts on the state of Debian

Thaddeus H. Black comments the different claims and criticism posted by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols in Linux-Watch Read it here Quote: I think that some open-source users who like Debian will nevertheless always be dissatisfied with Debian because Debian fundamentally is not what they want it to be. Some are dissatisfied with Debian's slow release cycle. […]

Installing Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on an IBM ThinkPad T30

I recently got handed an IBM ThinkPad T30 that was donated to my school, so I thought it was about time I took my own advice and install Ubuntu. Read the blog entry Quote: The best part, running compiz –replace & in Gnome terminal gave me all the fancy Compiz effects. No fiddling with xorg.conf. […]

Configuring Debian/etch on a Dell Latitude D520

The installation is described and a few small hitches was found. I'll describe them here, and what I did to fix it, so I can hopefully save other people the headaches: Read them here Quote: When the system rebooted and I logged in to my new system everything seemed to work fine. The desktop was […]

(Last few) bits from the 2IC

Steve McIntyre have provided an update on the Etch release, Debconf7, Google summer of Code and the recent votes. Quote: Well, it's been a busy year since AJ was elected and blind-sided mewith his offer of the delegated 2IC job. It's not all been sweetnessand light since that point, but certainly a lot has happened… […]

Ubuntu Feisty Fawn launches with server focus

In this interview with, Jane Silber provides a quick update on Ubuntu's latest additions and why she believes Ubuntu should see a strong showing in the server room in 2007 and beyond. Read it here Quote: What are some specific events you've seen over the past six months that lead you to believe you […]

Ubuntu takes on XP in OS showdown

Once it is installed and configured it is easy to see how much ground Ubunto has cut from under XP. Read the article at The Inquirer Quote: Sadly I can't compare the effectiveness of XP and Ubuntu's graphics. This is because any games I might play have to use Windows. I also cannot use the […]

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