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Distrowatch weekly covers Knoppix and Feisty release

There's a nice overview of Knoppix as well as a couple of smaller pieces about the Feisty delay and release. Start here Quote: The Debian-based KNOPPIX became such a huge success that many Linux users found it an indispensable and portable tool for a variety of tasks. It could be used to recover files and […]

Comparison of Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and CentOS

This writer takes a look at the different distributions and compares them relatively objectively. The preferred distribution is based on what you need. Read it here Quote: From this small analysis I think you should think about this to makeyour decision about which Distribution of Linux choose to work(Remember there are more that 300 out […]

Hacking Ubuntu to Improve Performance

This is a complete chapter in the ExtremeTech book “Hacking Ubuntu: Serious Hacks Mods And Cusomtizations.” Read it here Quote: The default Ubuntu Dapper Drake installation includes some basic processes that check devices, tune the operating system, and perform housekeeping. Some of these processes are always running, while others start up periodically. Occasionally you might […]

Ubuntu's 'feisty' spin on virtualization covers that the Ubuntu version of Linux is getting more virtualization-friendly, but in a different way than its top rivals. Read it here Quote: Ubuntu's current approach contrasts with the approach of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Novell's Suse Linux Enterprise Server, both of which use the Xen software but not yet paravirt-ops. VMware […]

Two articles about Feistys upcomming release

Titeled “Ubuntu 7.04 arrives Thursday” and “Users Fawn over Ubuntu's Feisty Linux release”, DesktopLinux and The Register discuss what it all is about. Read more at DesktopLinux and The Register Quote: The new desktop also includes plug-and-play network-sharing support with Avahi. This is a system that facilitates service discovery on a local network. Its functionality […]

Guide to installing Ubuntu!

Well, anyone ought to be able to install Ubuntu – but this guide is interesting as it shows us a lot of smart tips during and after the installation. Read it here

Full Circle – the Ubuntu Community Magazine – issue #0

We at Full Circle – the Ubuntu Community Magazine are proud toannounce our first release, issue 0. Quote: We at Full Circle – the Ubuntu Community Magazine are proud toannounce our first release, issue 0. A preview issue of whats to come, Issue #0 contains two articles onthe History of Ubuntu – from Warty to […]

Ubuntu Weekly News: Issue #36

In this issue we cover Mark's announcement on the next Ubuntu release codename and schedule, Feisty Fawn's release parties and a small delay in the release candidate due to problemas with certain ATA chipsets, although the final release is still expected on Thursday 19th. Quote: Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue #36 for the […]

Review: SimplyMEPIS 6.5 64 bit

I am reviewing the 64-bit version on my AMD Athlon 64 x2 system that I built myself. This machine includes 2GB of RAM, 160GB and 200GB SATA drives, and most importantly an Nvidia GeForce 7800GT 256MB Read it at Quote: This release of MEPIS 6.5 is a great piece of work, although I was […]

Debian Jr. Live 20070326

This is a Custom Debian Distribution (CDD) project. Our goal is to make Debian an OS that children of all ages will want to use. Our initial focus will be on producing something for children up to age 8. Get an overview here and see their web site here Quote: The primary goal of the […]

Ubuntu integration with ROX desktop

In this experiment, I configure a fresh Ubuntu installation to run ROX, without using ROX-Session. Read it here – withplenty of screenshots Quote: Initially, I set up a normal full ROX desktop using ROX-Session. But by default you lose all of the above. Yes, you can reproduce these features in ROX with a bit of […]

Video: Ubuntu Running On Sony Ericsson P990i

With a little hardware modification and a special software, we have load a mobile version of Ubuntu in a Sony Ericsson P990i See it here Quote: Sony Ericsson P990i features a 240 x 320 TFT touchscreen display, 2.0-megapixel camera, 64MB RAM, 128MB Flash memory, 60MB built-in memory, 802.11b Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0, a music player, and […]

Debian Etch on a Toshiba Satellite A100-159

Installing Debian Etch on my laptop worked more smooth than this writer had expected. It replaced Ubuntu 7.04 beta. Read it here Quote: The installation process worked fast which meant that I was ready to go after about 30 minutes. There were two things which didn't work well on my system. The first was my […]

Ubuntu Linux seen from broadband blog

I would take a break from the regular broadband bashing and instead focus on the new imminent release of Ubuntu Linux, code named as Feisty Fawn. Read the happy blogger here Quote: I have finally made the switch to Gnome; I am waiting for the KDE 4 release. KDE 4 promises to revolutionise the desktop […]

Why Ubuntu is the perfect system for people who hate computers

It seems a terrible shame to throw away perfectly good old computers just because they won't run a modern version of Windows. What we need is a Granny Linux, something that is safe from both malice at one end of the modem cable and bafflement at the other. Read it here Quote: Perhaps you could […]

Automatix2 Overview Guide in Ubuntu Feisty Fawn With lots of Screenshots

Automatix is a graphical interface for automating the installation of the most commonly requested applications in Debian based Linux operating systems. Full Story

Ubuntu 7.04 (Beta) on an eMac – Part 1: Installation

I have an older G4 eMac with 512Mb RAM. I upgraded the CD-Rom to a DVD burner and am installing Feisty on it. I did however run into issues just getting to the install. Read it in this blog Quote: The desktop appeared and I began a typical graphical install. (make sure to select the […]

Pulseaudio in Ubuntu Feisty – sound over the network

PulseAudio can seamlessly play audio on any networked PC, regardless of what computer you’re actually at. Read it here Quote: This fall, I did a presentation for OSU Open Source club on the PulseAudio sound server, a replacement for ESD with a lot of cool additions and tricks. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to work […]

Adventures with Ubuntu Edgy Eft

A week or two ago I was at Frys and came across The Official Ubuntu Book. I've heard a lot about this flavor of Linux lately and thought it was high time I started working with it. Read the blog post Quote: The other problem I've found is the resolution settings it detected with my […]

nstall multimedia codecs, libdvdcss in Debian Etch GNU/Linux

Once you finish installing Debian, you need to do some housekeeping so as to enable you to play multimedia files which are encoded using proprietary or closed formats such as Microsoft's WMV files or Apple's quick time files. Read it here

Debian Etch on Toshiba Tecra M5

This guide shows the status of the different parts of the machine after installing Etch – and how to get them running. Read it here Quote: I've been using Debian since Potato (that's Linux Kernel 2.2); Debian has always been notoriously hard to get set up, but amazingly flexible once you get there. However, I've […]

Shuttleworth tips Ubuntu "Gutsy Gibbon" plans

With his tongue firmly in his cheek, Shuttleworth went ape in his description of the new features in Gutsy Gibbon. Read another note about Gibbon here Quote: For example, he promised that the next version of Ubuntu will be the easiest one to install yet. “Some folks would say that any monkey can install Ubuntu […]

Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn Release Candidate delayed

The release Date for Ubuntu Feisty Fawn has been delayed due to validation bugs, There is no ETA yet, but the Ubuntu team hopes the delay will be just a few days. Read the short note about it here

Installing VirtualBox On Ubuntu

This tutorial shows how you can install InnoTek's VirtualBox on a Ubuntu desktop. With VirtualBox you can create and run guest operating systems (“virtual machines”) such as Linux and Windows under a host operating system. Read it at howtoforge Quote: The VirtualBox binaries can be downloaded from here: If the PUEL license is ok […]

5 new things in Ubuntu Feisty, and why they matter

This blogger writes about a better installer, Compiz and controls, Beagle, Tomboy and F-Spot and other things that improve Ubuntu 7.04 Read it here Quote: As you may have heard, Ubuntu 7.04, aka “Feisty Fawn”, won't be out on schedule. The release candidate, originally scheduled for Thursday, has been delayed due to bugs with PATA […]

Debian redefines itself with new release discuss the purpose of the Etch Debian release and the comming releases. Read it here Quote: In other words, instead of trying to compete directly with distros like Ubuntu for ease of use, Debian is experimenting with a different approach. While growing aware of the need to work with new users, it is also […]

Ubuntu fanboys on Linux Today arise for wireless input rant

It looks like Stan Beer at ItWire have received comments from the Ubuntu community that doesn't quite live up to the meaning behind the work “Ubuntu” Read about it here Quote: My last article on the experiences of moving from Windows to Kubuntu Linux brought out the best and the worst of the Linux community […]

IBM, Canonical Set to Release DB2 9 For Ubuntu 6.06

Canonical Ltd., the commercial driving force behind the Ubuntu distribution, is planning to announce April 13 that users of its 6.06 LTS release will be able to download and deploy IBM's DB2 version 9. Read about it at LinuxPlanet Quote: “Partnering with IBM enables us to combine the stability and ease-of-use of Ubuntu with IBM's […]

How To Install Internet Explorer On Ubuntu

This guide at HowtoForge shows how to install three different Internet Explorer versions (6.0, 5.5, and 5.0) on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn, Edgy Eft and Dapper Drake desktops. Read it here

Ubuntu 7.10 Release Dates and Mark Shuttleworth About Gutsy Gibbon

In addition to Ubuntu 6-months stable releases and the next version of ubuntu is 7.10 with Code Name “Gutsy Gibbon”. Full Story

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